Fatigue pendant la grossesse, comment se rebooster

Pregnancy and fatigue: 5 ideas to give you a boost!


At first and third trimester, pregnancy & fatigue go hand in hand, Nothing more normal. If this is your case, as long as this fatigue does not affect your state of health, there is no need to worry. However, baby needs you to be in top shape at least as much as you do. This is why we have concocted a little easy-to-follow recipe for you, enough to limit the impact of fatigue on a daily basis and take full advantage of your maternity months.

Fatigue du 1er trimestre vs fatigue du 3e trimestre

Being pregnant doesn't mean being tired all the time, but it's better to admit it, be tired often. Fortunately, expectant mothers are happy to take advantage of little care and attention from those around them. Nevertheless, the fatigue is intense and sometimes irresistible. This is especially the case in the first and last trimester, but for different reasons.

In the first trimester: " Stupor and Trembling "

From a physiological point of view, the first trimester is that of great upheavals. From the first days of pregnancy and implantation - even though you do not yet know that you are pregnant - your body to ensure the future of pregnancy - begins to secrete certain hormones in large quantities. Among them, the progesterone. This is its effect calming and sedative that suddenly makes you want to go to bed early.

On the other hand, some changes in blood sugar/insulin lead to moments of sudden fatigue during the day and unpleasant hypoglycemia. At the same time, your body consumes more energy.

The nausea and vomiting when they exist, add to your exhaustion. In question, the physical effort required and the fact that you do not keep what you absorb. Let's take a minute here to think of all the future moms who suffer from it throughout their pregnancy. Courage to them!

Finally, and because it is one of the greatest shocks of a lifetime, even when it is desired and expected, the aftermath of the news of a pregnancy in the making adds him too, his dose of psychological fatigue.

In the third trimester: " Sleepless night "

During the last three months of pregnancy, the fatigue becomes more physical and psychological than hormonal. From the 7th month, baby is growing and growing faster and faster. Its weight pulls on your back and makes your painful lower back. To this unpleasant sensation is added that of heavy legs, caused by slowed blood circulation. Prolonged standing begins to be difficult.

The nights are also difficult. Between night cramps, food cravings, frequent urination and discomfort from a position that is increasingly difficult to find even with a pregnancy pillow, you turn around and wake up without being able to rest.

Le stress of childbirth approaching, the overlapping questions, the fear of pain, but also theexcitement of an upcoming encounter with your tiny baby, do not help your brain relax.

The rest of the time, acid reflux, sometimes accompanied by bloating and epigastric pain, are responsible for overwhelming you a little more.

Eh yes ! The second trimester is therefore that of vitality, the one where you feel beautiful and good in your body. Enjoy it 100%! And the rest of the time, follow our few tips, designed to support you and give you a boost.

Sleep as much as you want, for regeneration 

As soon as you can, sleep! At night of course, try adopting a regular rhythm if your schedule allows it. If you are tired, go to bed early every night, on weekends stay in bed later in the morning and treat yourself to naps without counting. Bottle feeding, breastfeeding or mixed breastfeeding will soon take precedence over your sleep. Although the rest does not keep, a down payment is always nice to take.

Did you know ? Even a 15-minute nap can bring you real comfort. Have you slept 2 hours or more and you fear for your night? Don't worry, you'll probably sleep just as well and maybe even go to bed earlier than your partner!

More light and tasty meals, for vitamins

During pregnancy, your body has new needs supplemented by those of the baby you are carrying. It is therefore advisable to adopt a healthy diet rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, enough to provide you both with the necessary nutrients.

Fatigue is also explained by a possible iron deficiency, also called anemia. Since it is quite common among women, take the lead in consuming red meats, from poultry and you poisson regularly, they have the advantage of being rich in iron, but also vitamin B9 and B12Whole grains, legumes and green vegetables are also interesting, as are the fresh eggs and all the fruit you like.


If you are prone to nausea and vomiting, varying your meals will probably be more difficult. In this case, identify the foods rich in iron, fiber and vitamins that you tolerate best, and eat them as soon as possible. They are a real help in the fight against exhaustion.

Exercise regularly, but not forcing, for vitality

The idea may seem surprising if you are not sporty on a daily basis, but moving and practicing regular physical activity helps to be less tired. If you live in town, sports classes are often reserved for pregnant women and adapted to their needs. You can also find dozens of them on YouTube. In addition, they are adapted to your term of pregnancy.

Also note that physical exercise helps you to fight against cramps, the feeling of heavy legs and allows you to better manage weight gain Over the month. Also, he frees the mind and relieves stress, two of the most beneficial effects, not only for pregnant women.

Depending on the progress of your pregnancy and your current shape, treat yourself to swimming or aquagym, prenatal yoga or Pilates, flat walking or cycling. You can also seek advice from your doctor, gynecologist or midwife to find the most suitable activity.

Vacation please! For the pleasure of enjoying

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of a pregnancy that goes well, that of taking your time to appreciate each change, each new detail, all the sensations caused by the installation of a little being in your body. You probably remember his first movements, because babies often decide to move when you stop.

That's the whole secret. If you can, free up some time before your maternity leave. Take some RTT, of the days offcumulate your holidays for the current year… See with your gynecologist what can be done. Taking the time to enjoy allows you to arrange your schedule according to your needs and your appointments, to respect your biological clock and rest at any time.

In France, maternity leave lasts 16 weeks, including 6 weeks of prenatal leave (before the due date) and 10 weeks of postnatal leave. From the third child, this leave is increased to 26 weeks and up to 46 weeks in the event of multiple births.

Relaxation the way you like it

You practiced relaxation exercises before getting pregnant, above all, don't stop! Prenatal yoga, meditation, sophrology, tai chi, gentle massage… All these gentle exercises are good for the body and the mind, especially when they are subjected to great changes as is the case when a woman is expecting a child. 

Group lessons, online lessons, private lessons, or solo practice quietly installed at home alone with a friend, it is according to your feelings and your desires. Either way, choose a time when the house is quiet and even empty, if possible. when you are not likely to be disturbed. Ask your spouse or a relative to pick up the children from school if necessary, but give yourself that time for you and your baby. Prenatal relaxation promotes physical relaxation and peace of mindward off fatiguerelieves stress, soothes the minor ailments of pregnancy and allows you toget in touch very early with your child. Also consider theperinatal osteopathy, for a complete and attentive approach.


Also discover haptonomy. Halfway between a relaxation method and preparation for childbirth, this technique of communication by touch offers the first exchanges to amazed parents with their baby. The undisputed advantage? Dad can participate too!

Pregnancy and fatigue: delegate, don't hesitate!

The idea may seem obvious and yet; pregnant and tired, do not hesitate to delegate all the tasks that seem complicated or painful to you. You carry life within you and nothing is more precious than that.

If the world of work, your employer or your customers don't always understand the new priority that is your little baby, your spouse, your parents, your siblings and even your older children can.

You may need to explain and even repeat, but if delegating can allow you to rest, enjoy the moment, relax and enjoy of a pregnancy that ultimately won't last that long, do it. Your body will thank you!

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