Voyager avec bébé : 5 essentiels pour partir l’esprit tranquille

Traveling with baby: 5 essentials to leave with peace of mind

Going on vacation with a child under 3 years old... O joy and happiness of discovery, but what an organizational challenge! Because it's unthinkable not to leave and because you don't plan to miss your summer vacation either, it's up to you to prepare everything and not forget anything for a family stay that is as peaceful as possible. To travel with baby without stress and without (too much) bulk, discover the 5 Élhée essentials.


Essential #1: A diaper bag worthy of Mary Poppins to keep everything covered

Mary Poppins said, “ Never judge things by their appearance .” » And if it works for her wonderful magic bag (which we all envy), it can also work for baby's diaper bag. Before leaving, test several configurations and see how to optimize it, especially if you are traveling by plane. Between your suitcase and your diaper bag, you can divide:

  • clothing : t-shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, sweaters or vests, depending on the season.
  • For the night : add bodysuits, pajamas, sleeping bag or sleeping bag and a diaper if you use it.
  • Beach side : think about a diaper swimsuit which will complete the list of clothes (easy to wash) to take.
  • Don't forget the number of classic diapers (check depending on your destination that you can buy them on site) and wipes , always practical when traveling, as well as small plastic bags such as freezer bags, to lock everything up in case of emergency. absence of trash cans during travel hours.

If your mode of travel allows it and depending on your accommodation, an inflatable bathtub and a changing mat or a thick beach towel could be invaluable (zero space taken up in the trunk or hold). This is where we talk about Mary Poppins' bag again!

Please note, if you plan to travel abroad, in or out of the EU zone, reserve a pocket in your bag for family papers: health documents, identity cards and passports first .

Essential n°2: all the accessories for a zen baby at home

Going on vacation is often a change of scenery, that's even the goal. But, for your baby depending on his age, the experience can be a little stressful or simply tiring. The ideal is therefore to make sure to take everything that makes you comfortable at home:

  • his favorite comforter or blanket,
  • his pacifier (and a few spare ones),
  • a night light ,
  • a white noise machine to help baby fall asleep in an unfamiliar environment and perhaps a little less calm than at home.

Beforehand, do not hesitate to find out and ask your hosts about the nighttime facilities reserved for babies. You will then know if it is necessary to bring a mattress and travel cot , or to rent one on site.

Essential #3: A suitable first aid kit, whatever your destination

“There is no point in thinking about the worst, it is better to leave equipped” could be embroidered on your first aid kit, all the more important during the holiday period, especially if you are going abroad with a baby.

In France, medical coverage is quite good, however, be sure to always bring for your baby:

  • Paracetamol dosed according to the baby's weight, to be used in cases of fever and mild pain,
  • an infrared thermometer ,
  • oral rehydration solutions (ORS) in case of diarrhea,
  • a baby aspirator and physiological serum (especially for the winter holidays),
  • dressings for small wounds,
  • antiseptic (which does not sting),
  • an anti-burn cream (Bépanthène® type) and another suitable for diaper rash (Mitosyl® type),
  • also, if your child is already moving, anti-contusion gel (Arnigel® type) and tweezers in case of splinters,
  • Aspivenin should also be on every trip.

In France and abroad, add a mosquito repellent that can be used on babies' skin, an anti-itch cream , an anti-malarial (mainly in Africa, South America and Asia) and something to combat nausea or headache. transport . Your pediatrician will be able to tell you the molecules, medications and dosages recommended according to the age of your child.

Of course, if your infant, baby or child follows regular treatment, take it with you without forgetting the prescription and its health record in which all vaccinations must be up to date.

To help you, a directory of medical centers available in France exists online, as well as the procedure to follow to go to a doctor or hospital in the EU zone . In case of emergency, anywhere in Europe, dial 112.

Focus on children's sun protection

For a vacation in the sun, reserve a place in the suitcase for the different accessories that your baby will need to safely enjoy the beach and the good weather.

Hat or cap , sunglasses and anti-UV clothing reinforce the protection provided by an SPF50+ anti-UVA and UVB sunscreen, choosing organic if you can, in order to avoid as many chemical and harmful ingredients as possible.

Please note that it is totally not recommended to expose babies under 1 year old to the sun . For older children, especially avoid the hottest hours (between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.) and apply sunscreen very regularly, as well as after each swim.

Essential #4: carry something to nurse and snack everywhere, all the time

elhee evolving baby bottle

A baby means several meals, bottles and baby food every day, which must not be forgotten otherwise you will experience a surge of stress that is difficult to control. So remember to add baby bottles, measuring box, formula milk or breast pump, small pots, spoon, spare pacifiers, bib and bottle warmer in the suitcase before departure.

Do you find this list a bit cumbersome? Élhée has designed for you and your baby the first scalable bottle that is unbreakable and adaptable to most portable bottle warmers.

Our anti-colic bottle , which can be used from birth, can be transformed into a container to collect your milk thanks to its adapter . It can then be used as a small potty thanks to its airtight lid and finally take the form of a training cup if it is equipped with a flexible suction spout .

Moreover, to make your life easier, we have designed a breastfeeding box which includes two BibRONDS 150 and 240 ml, two extralent flow XS teats as well as a set of 2 breast pump adapters and/or portable bottle warmers . All you're missing is the spoon. 😉

Please note, if necessary, that Élhée baby bottles, made from medical silicone, can be microwaved without risk of spreading microplastics. Despite everything, electric bottle warmers and bain-marie remain two preferable alternatives to avoid burns.

Essential n°5: carry baby yes, but with comfort and not in Sherpa mode

Finally, the last crucial point to anticipate before traveling with a baby, carrying. Because he sleeps often, but especially because he doesn't walk much or not, you will have to carry or push your child everywhere you go. A real challenge if you don't want to become a trekker and travel light.

  • The essential stroller is very practical to slip into the trunk of the car, takes up very little space and adapts to a variety of terrains, to transport children from 9 to 12 months. The little ones sit in a cozy car seat that can be adapted to a stroller structure for strolling around.
  • Are you traveling by plane or train? Choose ultra-light, ultra-compact and ultra-comfortable baby strollers that fold and unfold with just one hand, for the ventral baby carrier (be careful in case of heat) or for the baby sling (up to at 6-8 months), definitely all-terrain and which leaves your hands free.

Please note if you go hiking, sightseeing or long-term excursions, the back baby carrier (from 9 months) may prove very suitable.

Of course, a few toys, books, music, a warm jacket, a pair of boots or sandals, colored pencils... will also be useful depending on the age of your little one. To think of everything ( 🤞 ) ask advice from parents around you who have already tried the experience of traveling with their child!


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