The anti-relux bottle is THE absolute solution to stop unexpected regurgitation!

With it, all hope is not lost… Welcome the anti-reflux bottle and definitely say “hello” to unexpected stomach aches!

Its flexible teat, its soft texture, its plastic-free material will give you a feeling of security as magical as that of well-being felt by your baby during feedings.


    100% HEALTHY

    Made from medical silicone

    0% harmful substances or migration of microplastics


    Sensory design as close as possible to breastfeeding


    Breastfed, mixed breastfeeding, breastfed or bottle fed exclusively.


    Eco-designed and manufactured in France, Rhône-Alpes - Assembled in ESAT.

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At the heart of its mission focused on the safety of toddlers, Élhée has
has chosen to incorporate pure medical grade silicone into the manufacture of its anti-reflux baby bottles, complying with the most rigorous standards of the Pharmacopoeia in the field of health.

This latest generation of silicone does not emit any volatile substances likely to compromise the health of
babies. It is formally guaranteed without bisphenol (0% BPA, BPS), without
phthalates, lead-free, PVC-free, ensuring absolute peace of mind for parents.

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Our answers to your questions

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Which bottle to choose for a baby who has reflux?

Opt for a bottle
anti-reflux with a special shape, capable of limiting air induction and
a suitable pacifier, preferably with a physiological shape, is a good solution for
reduce regurgitation.

How to give a bottle to avoid reflux?

Tilt the bottle slightly to limit the flow of air into the bottle during feeding.
Take regular breaks to
allow your child to breathe between sips. 😉

Be careful, above 37, any liquid present in your bottle will present a risk of burns. So be careful when preparing it.

What is AR milk?

AR milk is a
thickened milk specially designed to reduce reflux in babies who
suffer from regurgitation, even GERD. This milk contains natural thickeners such as
carob or starch, which help to thicken it.

Which bottle to choose for AR milk?

Choose a bottle
anti-reflux with a suitable teat and a flow rate allowing the passage of AR milk during meals.

Why is my baby spitting up?

Regurgitation in babies is often attributed to immaturity of the digestive system during the first months of life. The sphincter between the stomach and esophagus, called the lower esophageal sphincter, is still developing in infants. The role of this muscle is to maintain the gastric contents inside the stomach.

In babies, this sphincter may be less effective, allowing a small amount of
milk to move up into the esophagus, causing regurgitation.

Additionally, it may take some time for the muscles of the baby's digestive system to strengthen, so
which also contributes to frequent regurgitation.

In most
In this case, regurgitation is normal and does not represent a major problem. However, if they are excessive, and/or accompanied by signs of
distress in the baby, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician to rule out any other underlying problems.

Why are we seeing more and more babies with GERD?

External factors such as diet and position during feedings can contribute to the appearance of GERD. Some experts also suggest that environmental and lifestyle factors may also increase the risk of GERD in infants.

Fortunately, it is possible to act on these different variables to reduce the risk of reflux.

How do I stop my baby's reflux?

-Opt for a bottle
specially designed to reduce reflux like the one in medical grade silicone from Elhée

-Hold your baby
in an upright position during meals, and for ½ hour after the end of the bottle

-Choose a pacifier adapted to your baby's rhythm to avoid sucking too quickly.

-Use thickened or anti-reflux milk under medical supervision

-Slightly raise the head of the mattress during sleep (angle of 30° maximum) using a folded towel that you can slide between the mattress and the box spring. There are also special mattresses.

What is the difference between thickened milk and AR milk?

AR milk is
specifically thickened to reduce reflux, unlike standard thickened milk.

Which AR milk does not cause colic?

AR milk is designed
to minimize the risk of regurgitation in the baby. To reduce colic, it is best to opt for a milk bearing the words “ CA ” on the package.

For what nipple flow should you opt for AR milk?

As said above,
it is appropriate to choose a flow rate adapted to the consistency of the AR milk,
usually a medium or fast flow, depending on the babies.