The only baby pacifier made from medical grade silicone

An innovative baby pacifier that respects your baby's teeth and health exists. Discover the Choochoo!

Our pacifier is the only 100% medical grade silicone pacifier, guaranteed to be plastic-free and free of endocrine disruptors. Extra-fine, it allows babies to close their mouths more naturally and thus avoids any risk of dental gaps.

The pacifier plays an essential role in the development of toddlers. The Elhée one is designed with safe, high-quality materials to guarantee a pleasant and perfectly secure experience for your child.

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    The only medical grade silicone pacifier, without endocrine disruptors


    Baby's mouth closes in a more natural position


    Limits tooth misalignment


    Physiological shape which ideally adapts to the palate and promotes good oral development

Baby will feel soothed and reassured thanks to his Élhée pacifier!

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Our answers to your questions

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Why is the Elhée pacifier recommended by orthodontists?

The Élhée pacifier is recommended by orthodontists because of its innovative design. Its extra-fine physiological shape adapts perfectly to the natural morphology of the baby's mouth, without exerting excessive pressure on your child's very first teeth.

This unique feature helps prevent the risk of gapping and tooth spacing. It promotes healthy oral development while offering baby optimal comfort.

Where are your medical grade silicone baby pacifiers made?

Our baby pacifiers are made in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region.
Production is local and respects our values ​​and ethical principles. 🌏 Multiple colors are available.
All our models comply with current European standards.

When should I offer a pacifier to my baby?

The Élhée Choochoo pacifier can be offered to your baby in various situations, in particular to meet his natural sucking needs, to comfort him if he is crying or when he is agitated.
The Choochoo will also help him fall asleep if he has difficulty getting to sleep and his nights (like yours...) are somewhat restless.

Another possibility : the unconditional desire to relieve your child with an object to put in their teeth during teething, known to be very painful. Made of silicone, the Élhée pacifier can be chewed by baby to relieve teething

At what age can I give my baby a pacifier?

The Choochoo pacifier is designed to be used from birth . It offers natural comfort and can help soothe your newborn's sucking needs from the first days.

What is the medical grade silicone that makes up the Elhée pacifier?

The medical grade silicone used to make our pacifiers is a safe and non-toxic material, approved by the medical profession for daily use. It is the highest quality grade of silicone.

It is free of BPA , phthalates and any other endocrine disruptors, ensuring the safety and well-being of your baby. In addition, this material is durable, and does not disintegrate over time under the action of saliva and daily aggressions.

What is the difference between a physiological pacifier and a round-tipped pacifier?

A physiological pacifier helps reduce dental problems in infants, whose soft gums make the position of babies' teeth more unstable. Thanks to it, you prevent the prescription of subsequent orthodontic treatment.

The physiological pacifier adapts perfectly to babies' palates thanks to its shape, having a flat side pressed against the tongue and a rounded side designed to fit against the roof of the mouth. Round-tipped baby pacifiers are generally not considered physiological because they do not conform to the shape of the palate.

How to recognize a silicone pacifier?

Not all pacifiers are made of silicone. The rubber pacifier is brown and slightly translucent. The latter may emit a slight characteristic odor the first few days, which allows it to be differentiated from the silicone pacifier, which is perfectly odorless and has no taste.

The silicone pacifier will not crack after a few months of use, it is extremely resistant to the attacks of your little one who will not spare it and will nibble on its nipple to their heart's content.

Is your baby pacifier easily cleanable?

Yes, our baby pacifier is designed to be easily cleaned. Molded from a single block, it has no rough edges likely to harbor impurities and bacteria. Sterilization is also possible, hot or cold. In short, put it in the dishwasher or simply wash it by hand with mild soap to make it shine like new again.

Is the Elhée baby pacifier compatible with a pacifier clip?

Yes, our pacifier is compatible with most pacifier clips available on the market.

Did you know ?

We not only offer pacifiers for babies but also baby bottles and training cups in medical silicone, a natural care perfume for Mom & baby and a whole range of childcare accessories...