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We answer all the most asked questions about Élhée silicone baby bottles, as well as our commitments, our delivery and returns methods. You will also find the list of all our physical resellers in the “Points of sale” section.

Thanks to its natural, rounded design and the softness and flexibility of its components, similar to those of the maternal breast, the Élhée physiological and anti-colic bottle will allow you to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding as you wish.


What are the benefits of the Élhée bottle?

The Élhée baby bottle is a new concept of a "healthy, sensory and designer" silicone baby bottle, designed in every detail by a mother, to allow other mothers to bottle feed their child exclusively or with mixed breastfeeding, with complete peace of mind. , without complexes or guilt. The benefits of the Élhée silicone baby bottle are:

- Its “100% Clean” composition in medical silicone. The Élhée baby bottle does not contain bisphenol (0% BPA, BPS, BPF), or other substances likely to harm the health of babies, such as lead, PVC, phthalate, nistrosamine, cadmium, heavy metals, etc.
It is non-allergenic and is perfectly suited to food contact. In addition, its unique and patented closing system excludes any risk of contact of milk and its nutrients with materials other than those of the bottle, the anti-colic teat and the silicone sealing disc = ZERO risk of migration of plastic microparticles into your baby's milk.

- Its “ultra-efficient” anti-colic system. The patented design of the Élhée baby bottle in soft silicone combined with a ventilation system integrated into the teat allows for better air circulation and prevents the child from gas and bloating. It is twice as effective as a rigid bottle in preventing infant colic. No more feelings of discomfort, sometimes painful, linked to babies' transit and digestion.

- Its sensory design as close as possible to breastfeeding. Thanks to its pure design and its subtle and delicate texture similar to that of the mother's breast, the Élhée bottle allows those who wish to combine natural breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

- Its unbreakable and durable resistance. The Élhée bottle presents no danger, especially when the baby starts to move around. He can easily handle it from a very young age, in complete safety, without risk of breakage or injury.
It can be used from birth, in addition to or as a replacement for breastfeeding.

Élhée baby bottles are eco-designed and manufactured in France with the highest standards for nutrition that respects the health of infants and young children.

How does the anti-colic system of the Élhée bottle work?

The unique and patented design of the Élhée baby bottle in soft silicone, combined with its anti-colic valve system placed on the teat, makes it 2x more effective than a classic rigid glass or plastic bottle. It has been specially designed to ensure optimized air circulation, so as to allow incoming air to be extracted by the baby's suction mechanism during feeding, without effort or fatigue: the baby's digestion is thus made easier - no more colic, stomach aches and intense crying...

Which bottle warmers are compatible with Élhée baby bottles?

Portable bottle warmers:

All Élhée baby bottles can be used with portable bottle warmers from the Munchkin, Tommee Tippee, Mini Cupid and Appy Baby brands when fitted with our adapter ring.

Classic bottle warmers:

Here is the list of classic bottle warmers compatible with the 150ml and 240ml formats of our bottles (not the 330ml):

- “Milk Second” by Beaba
- “Nomad” by Izybaby
- “Maternity” by Bébé Confort

Bottle preparers:

All Élhée baby bottle formats are compatible with all bottle preparers on the market:
- “FormulaPro” by Babybrezza
- “Milkeo” by Beaba
- “Bib’Expresso” by Beaba
- “Perfect Prep” by Tommee Tippee

Bain-marie and microwave:

The water bath method is 100% compatible with Élhée baby bottles. The use of the microwave is also possible, however it is not recommended for heating breast milk.

Another tip: Get a kettle with an adjustable temperature so that the water is at the perfect temperature (37°C) to prepare the bottle. It's even faster!

How to clean the Élhée bottle?

1. Disassemble the different elements of the Élhée baby bottle
2. Then wash them carefully in warm, soapy water (preferably using an organic, fragrance-free product)
3. Rinse them with clean water and air dry them.

How to maintain the Élhée bottle?

Resistant to extreme temperatures and completely removable, the original design of the Élhée baby bottle ensures perfect hygiene. It can be cleaned by hand, without using a brush, or in the dishwasher without risk of damage.

Find the baby bottle assembly video as well as the step by step illustrated here

Before and after each use of the Élhée baby bottle, we recommend that you remove the teat from the upper ring and completely disassemble it to clean it carefully for hygienic reasons. Dismantling the different elements allows for more hygienic cleaning of your baby bottle.

Can I wash the Élhée baby bottle in the dishwasher?

For better preservation of your bottle, careful cleaning using a bottle brush in hot, soapy water is ideal.

Then let the detached parts dry on a clean cloth, the bottle turned over with the silicone collar raised so that it dries in every nook and cranny.

Opt for an organic, fragrance-free cleaning product to prevent the bottle from taking on the smell of dishwashing detergent.

Élhée baby bottles are dishwasher safe. Be careful, however, that the dishwasher does not contain tomato sauce, carrot/squash puree or spices such as curry which could tint the silicone of your baby bottle.

How to sterilize the Élhée baby bottle?

Long recommended, today the WHO no longer recommends sterilizing baby bottles.

Which sterilizers are compatible?

The Élhée baby bottle is compatible with the following electric sterilizers:
Chicco SterilNatural 2 in 1

Steril'express by Beaba

Avent electric sterilizer

Twistshake 5 in 1 sterilizer

Babymoov Turbo Steam + Sterilizer

What is the purpose of the seal in the box of my Elhée baby bottle?

The cover in the box of your baby bottle is used to make it perfectly airtight so it can be mixed or transported without risk of leaking. The cover is positioned on the base of the bottle, before screwing on the ring and the teat.

You can also transform the bottle into a small airtight container (or small pot) for puree or compote by removing the teat from the colored ring and placing the cover on the base of the bottle.

Is the Élhée baby bottle compatible with the microwave?

Yes, the Élhée baby bottle is microwave compatible but be careful of the risk of burns: Check the temperature of the milk on the palm of your hand beforehand.

However, it is not recommended to use the microwave to warm breast milk because this method alters the nutritional components of the milk.

Is the Élhée bottle only for breastfed babies?

The Élhée special breastfeeding bottle is excellent for helping breastfed babies to easily switch to a bottle or for mixed breastfeeding. But they are also designed for all babies, even non-breastfed babies, from birth.

Élhée baby bottles are equipped with a medium flow physiological teat, perfectly suited to non-breastfed babies from birth.

Is the Élhée bottle suitable for mixed breastfeeding?

The Élhée nursing bottle is perfectly suited to breastfed babies. The soft and extra-soft texture of the physiological pacifier offers sensations close to breastfeeding. The enlarged base of the pacifier reproduces in particular the natural sucking position and the shape of the nipple. We offer slow flow teats specially designed for breastfed or premature babies. Its adapted drilling regulates the flow which encourages infants to exert the same sucking effort as at the breast and thus avoid the risk of breast/pacifier confusion.

My bottle is leaking, any recommendations?

If the milk leaks from the bottle, you must first check that the silicone collar is properly fitted on the sides of the white screw ring. Once the teat and the outer screw ring (colored) are correctly assembled, then screw the upper and lower parts of the bottle securely.

If the problem persists, contact our customer service at the following address: contact@elhee.com

Can I buy spare parts?

Although we do not sell spare parts separately, we would be happy to help you.

For any request, please contact our Customer Service at the following address: contact@elhee.com

Where is the Élhée baby bottle designed and manufactured?

The Élhée baby bottle is a French product, from design to manufacturing. It is designed with high standards, with the greatest respect for people, the environment and biodiversity.
The elements, accessories and packaging of the baby bottle (with the exception of the teat) are made in Rhône-Alpes. Élhée has chosen a physiological pacifier most suited to the comfort and good oral development of your child, its manufacturing has been entrusted to the care of a team of German experts.
The entire production chain, from choosing the quality of raw materials to shipping our finished products, is fully controlled. This is why we guarantee traceability of our products in complete transparency.

What materials is the Élhée baby bottle made of?

Élhée has chosen materials with the highest standards, which are harmless to your baby's health, in order to allow you to bottle-feed with complete peace of mind.

The body of the bottle, the sealing disc and the teats are made of 100% medical grade silicone.

The anti-leak cap, the upper screw ring and the lower ring are made of polypropylene (PP), a plastic that contains no additives, nor bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol-S (BPS).

What are the advantages of medical grade silicone?

The medical grade silicone used to make the Élhée baby bottle is safe for your child's health. This silicone meets US FDA, CPSIA, EN 14350 and BfR standards. It does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or other substances likely to harm the health of babies, such as its substitute bisphenol S (BPS) or lead, PVC, phthalate, nitrosamine, cadmium, heavy metals, etc.

Unlike plastic, which is a petroleum derivative containing chemical particles with estrogenic activity, silicone poses no risk to the health of babies. It is a stable and non-toxic material derived from silicon, a natural element found in sand and quartz...

The medical grade silicone selected by Elhée is among the purest materials of its generation, used for the manufacture of medical devices. It is certified in compliance with the most demanding pharmacopoeial standards in the health sector.
The Élhée baby bottle is guaranteed without bisphenol, BPA, BPS or BPF and does not release micro plastics. It also has many advantages: flexible, hygienic, and non-sticky, it does not dry out or crack with use.

Resistant to extreme temperatures, it is safe to place in the dishwasher, microwave, sterilizer and freezer.

What is Bisphenol A, S or F?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical used primarily for the production of plastic polycarbonate and acts as an estrogen impostor, more widely known as an endocrine disruptor. Studies have linked BPA to depression, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and a number of other conditions.
BPA can be particularly dangerous during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood; its presence has been banned in baby bottles since 2010 in France. This regulation was extended to all food packaging on January 1, 2015. In certain cases, bisphenol-S (BPS) was used as a substitute for BPA, presenting the same toxicity risks as BPA.

Because your child's safety is an absolute priority for Élhée, the Élhée baby bottle contains NO BPA or BPS.

Which breast pumps are compatible?

Breast pumps from the Avent and Medela brands (with the exception of the Medela Swing Flex breast pump) are compatible with Élhée baby bottles, when equipped with a breast pump adapter, available here.

Portable breast pumps from the brands Elvie, Perifit, Momcozy, etc. can be used on the go, without having to fit a bottle on them.


Which pacifier is best for my baby?

To adapt to the needs of babies, the Élhée pacifier is available in 3 flow rates (S, M, L).

Baby's flow preferences are often linked to how they feed, some are greedy, others need more time.

The information on the flow rates of Élhée pacifiers is provided for information purposes only, the important thing is to follow the baby's needs and rhythm.

One Size (0m+) Slow flow (S): The slow flow is suitable for premature or breastfed babies, in particular to avoid the risk of breast/pacifier confusion.

One size (0-24m+) Medium flow (M): Ideal for babies fed formula.

One size (0-24m+) Dense flow (L): The fast flow is suitable for thick liquids such as thickened milk or cereals.

How to differentiate pacifiers?

The flow rates S, M, L are indicated under the base of the teat. The numbers correspond to those of the manufacturing series, therefore unrelated to the size.

In which direction is the pacifier positioned?

The Élhée pacifier is physiologically shaped and therefore asymmetrical. It has a rounded part, which is placed towards the palate and a flat part which is positioned against the baby's tongue. The anti-colic valve at the base of the pacifier should be placed at the top, under baby's nose.

How often should I change my pacifier?

For hygiene and safety reasons, it is recommended to replace the pacifier after 4 to 8 weeks, depending on its frequency of use. Change it as soon as the first signs of deterioration appear.

Does the teat fit the 3 sizes of Élhée baby bottles?

Yes, all teats can be used on any bottle size in the Élhée range.


Is the manufacturing of the Élhée baby bottle eco-responsible?

The Élhée brand tends towards the most eco-responsible mode of production possible , favoring the choice of environmentally friendly raw materials, notably avoiding multi-material components, and working with industrial partners committed to the same environmental approach.

The environmental management system of Élhée's industrial partner is ISO 14001 certified, and its CSR commitment certified ECOVADIS Silver.
The cardboard in the packaging boxes as well as the paper in the instructions are FSC certified. The ink used in the manufacture of boxes and instructions, based on vegetable oil, is labeled Imprim'Vert.

Élhée has chosen local manufacturing: The Élhée French baby bottle and its packaging are made in France, in Rhône-Alpes, with the sole exception of the pacifier, made in Germany.

The assembly and packaging stages of the Élhée baby bottle are entrusted to a social integration company (ESAT) employing people with disabilities located in Rhône-Alpes, the La Providence de Saint-Laurent en Royans association. .


What payment methods are accepted on www.elhee.com?

Payment for your purchases can be made on the elhee.com store by Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact, Apple Pay or by Paypal.

Is the purchasing procedure secure?

Transactions are encrypted and secured according to the highest current security standards (SSL data encryption certificate). And the entire elhee.com site obeys the HTTPS protocol.

We do not have access to any personal banking information. Bank card numbers are never stored – even temporarily – in our databases. Only information useful for order processing is communicated to us by the payment module (name, address, telephone number, products ordered).

How are taxes determined outside the European Union?

The prices of the elhee.com store are displayed inclusive of tax (VAT included) for France and Europe. If you live outside the European zone, we invite you to create an account on elhee.com, to identify your postal address. Thus, our software will take your location into account and the prices of our products will be indicated excluding VAT (VAT excluded).

Where can I find the invoice corresponding to my order?

Your invoice will be sent to you by email as soon as your order is shipped. If you can no longer find it, you can send us a request by email to the following address: contact@elhee.com


What delivery areas are offered on the www.elhee.com store?

We ship worldwide. Shipping costs are calculated automatically when you enter your delivery address when confirming your order.

What are the terms, costs and shipping times?

All orders are processed and shipped between 1 and 3 business days after order validation.

The delivery service of the elhee.com store is provided by the carriers Colissimo, UPS and DHL.

Shipping costs depend on the destination country, weight and total volume of the selected items. Costs and delivery times are calculated automatically and indicated before final validation of your order.

In Europe and worldwide: Delivery time is 3 to 10 working days depending on destination (after shipping) and may take longer due to customs procedures.

Orders to countries outside the European Union are not subject to French VAT. However, they are subject to possible taxes and customs fees in the country of destination. These costs and the related formalities are the responsibility of the customer/recipient and must be paid directly to the carrier upon delivery.

How to track my order ?

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number to follow its delivery.


How to make an exchange?

For logistical reasons, the Élhée boutique does not carry out exchanges. You have 30 days from receipt of your order to notify us by email of your intention to return a product and the reason for the return. We offer you the return costs in Metropolitan France. From abroad return costs are your responsibility.

Please send us an email to contact@elhee.com , indicating your order number and the reason for your exchange. We will then send you a return slip to return the unused products to us and in the original packaging.

Upon receipt of the returned parts, you will be fully refunded provided that the products are in their original condition.

You can then reorder on elhee.com

How to make a return?

Please send us an email to contact@elhee.com , indicating your order number and the reason for your exchange. We will then send you a return slip to return the unused products to us and in the original packaging. Upon receipt of the returned parts, you will be fully refunded provided that the products are in their original condition.


Do I need to create an account to place an order?

It is not necessary to create a customer account to place your order, you can place your order as a guest.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, we invite you to reset it on the login page of your personal space. Click on “Lost password?” an email will be sent to you to reset your password.

How do I modify my Élhée account information?

You can modify all your information in your personal space in the “My account” section.