équipe de l'esat élhée

Meet the Élhée team…

At the house of Élhée the entire production chain, from the choice of the quality of the raw materials, to the dispatch of our finished products, is completely transparent. All the parts and elements of the packaging are made in France and all the assembly and packaging stages of the BibRond Élhée are entrusted to a company employing people with disabilities (ESAT) with whom we have the privilege of working. on a daily basis and that we wanted to highlight today. 


Amandine, membre de l'ESAT qui travaille sur l'assemblage des biberons Élhée



The ESAT (Establishment and services of assistance through work) La Providence, located in Saint-Laurent-en-Royans, is a medico-social work structure reserved for people with disabilities and aimed at their social and professional integration. . The ESAT provides work adapted to the different people welcomed, and also has the mission of promoting their autonomy.



Assemblage du biberon anti colique Élhée à l'usine


At Élhée, the social and solidarity dimension is very important and we are very proud to work with La Providence, which accompanies us daily in many stages in the production of the BibRond.


Amandine, Diane, Séverine and Nadia work exclusively for Élhée and take great care in checking, assembling, packaging and soon shipping your BibRonds Élhée. Fabienne, their instructor, accompanies them in order to promote their autonomy and helps them in the success of their professional and personal projects. Élhée is a big family and working in collaboration with La Providence is a very rich human experience. We are happy to introduce you to their work, which is so precious to us.


Assemblage du biberon Élhée par l'équipe de l'ESAT
Pièces détachée du biberon sans BPA Élhée
Usine du biberon Élhée, fabriqué en France dans la Drôme
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