Allaitement maternel partagé : être deux pour allaiter bébé

Shared breastfeeding: being two to breastfeed baby


It is undeniable that giving the breast creates a bubble of intimacy between the mother and her child. But, on closer examination, it seems possible to penetrate it to share your baby's feedings in twos and even threes. Encouragement, but also logistical support and bottle management, the role of the second parent can take different forms depending on their desire and their involvement throughout the first months of the infant's life. Dad, second mom, second dad or co-parent, between patience, anticipation, support and admiration, find out how to practice shared breastfeeding. 

Maman qui allaite son bébé


Breastfeeding is giving of oneself: glory to the mother

Giving the breast is not a trivial act. After the upheaval of the birth of a child, breastfeeding exclusively implies for the mother, a real gift of self.

Day and night, tired or not, she is available. For months, she pay attention to their diet, promotes galactogenic products and avoids many others. At home, with friends, with family, in public places, everywhere, she assume the choice (sometimes controversial) to breastfeed your baby. In her body and in her intimacy, she also accepts thediscomfort and sometimes pain, for the well-being and health of her baby. The breastfeeding mother is a fighter! Nevertheless, by being present at his side, you can help him. 

  • support her in her choices as a mother, accompany her in his approach, adore her for what she does and comfort her in times of doubt.
  • Bring him a moral and physical support in case of fatigue, difficulty putting the baby to the breast or pain... Always be present, attentive and show availability, especially since she may not show you how much she needs it.
  • Day to day, surround them with protection and love. Form a unshakable triad, defend his choices and his way of doing things, especially when dealing with sensitive subjects such as breastfeeding in public.


Spouse, spouse: define your best role with baby!

When a baby comes into the world, the whole family organization is shaken up. Difficult sometimes, to find its place between the young mother and her newborn. You may feel frustrated and even misunderstood, or left out. Discuss and test different configurations together! You will undoubtedly end up finding your marks and creating a beautiful harmony at home.

Also, to practice shared breastfeeding, the best role you can play is the one you give yourself. See for yourself where you feel best and to when do you feel the most useful for your family. Don't underestimate yourself and don't limit yourself. [su_highlight background="#FCF3F0"]Just because you can't breastfeed doesn't mean you can't breastfeed[/su_highlight].

The essential technical reinforcement of the family: it's you

Never let anyone doubt it! When your wife breastfeeds, she is entirely focused on feeding her baby, helping her suckle and offering her as much comfort as possible, often to the point of forgetting hers. Fortunately, you are there to assist her and provide her with the necessary logistical support.

  • Make breastfeeding more comfortable : offer her the right chair, bring her a soft blanket, on walks, find the best places for her to breastfeed undisturbed...
  • Bring him his breastfeeding accessories (additional cushions, soft night light for night feedings, swaddle, etc.)
  • Imagine a small snack so that she can eat and drink (especially at the beginning when breastfeeding is very frequent and all the more so if the baby takes his time breastfeeding). the breast milk is largely made up of water, the nursing mother therefore needs to hydrate regularly.

Shared breastfeeding: be an actor with your child

You can't imagine all you can do for get more and more involved in breastfeeding your child, even without breastfeeding.

At night, bring mother and child together for feedings

When he wakes up to nurse, fetch your toddler from bed to bring it to your bed, to your companion. This will give him time to wake up and get ready a bit before welcoming him into the crook of his arms.

During the day, watch the time to know when to feed him. If you manage to understand the physiological rhythm of your newborn, you will be able (perhaps not always, but sometimes) to anticipate his need for milk, his crying, and thus avoid a certain number of stressful and complicated situations.

Use skin-to-skin to keep your baby waiting

Precisely, mum is not immediately available, or baby is a little ahead of his meal time? As a result, he cries hot tears and shouts in your arms.

Play the card of appeasement and try skin to skin. It could well be that, close to you, your child calms down enough to give his mother time to come home or settle down. And then, who is the hero of the day?

Take over with breastmilk bottles

For a second role worthy of the first, take full control of your child's breastfeeding by giving him breast milk bottles ! L’mixed breastfeeding is indeed a great solution for parents who want to share their child's meals. 

How to do ? Upstream, mum prepares her breast pump, expresses her milk a little each day and keeps it in the fridge or freezer. When you need it, you gently defrost the volume of milk you need, or warm it up in the bottle warmer.

 A bottle designed for mixed breastfeeding

Moreover, for your baby's health but also for your enjoyment, Élhée has designed a bottle as healthy as the milk drink it contains. In medical grade silicone for a soft touch and equipped with a physiological teat to promote sucking and digestion, our bibRond eco-designed and made in France, displays the innovative design of the emotional object that is kept for a long time. Maybe you will be the next to try it? 


As soon as possible, lighten the mental load of your couple

Upheaval, revolution, earthquake... There are never enough superlatives to describe the arrival (eventful or not) of a baby. Desired and sometimes long-awaited, it immediately and for a long time captures all your attention and all your energy too. Thus, regularly or at least in the first times, do not hesitate to procrastinate anything that is not urgent, at relativize and to release the pressure, ensemble.

Biberon fabriqué en France, sans BPA de la marque Élhée
  • When the opportunity arises, take the lead on managing meals and sharing chores, prepare larger quantities to heat up and why not use your 4 am insomnia to concoct a delicious breakfast for him.
  • Drop off your other children for a few days with friends or their grandparents and enjoy a little rest to organize yourself in peace, in threes.
  • Dad or co-parent, allow yourself special moments with your baby, apart from breastfeeding. Give him a bath or go out in a stroller while mom is resting. It's a great way to install and strengthen the emerging bond between you.


Whatever way you organize yourself, indulge yourself or release the pressure, do not hesitate. Over the years, opportunities will not always come when you need them! In addition, you will be all the more inclined to enjoy the joys of parenthood, to marvel and find together the beautiful balance that will make your life.

Often, pregnancy, childbirth, then the period of breastfeeding, also modify the intimate relationship in the couple. Sometimes in harmony and even exacerbated, sometimes non-existent and avoided, it is according to the wishes and feelings of each. Again, take the time to talk about it and expose your feelings: be patient with each other and everything will be fine!

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