Des couches par abonnement, bonne astuce en attendant la propreté de bébé

Diapers by subscription, the good tip while waiting for baby's cleanliness

Every parent knows that many lessons and discoveries await our babies and children. Discovery of the body to turn around, crawl, walk..., gripping to hold a bottle, a teaspoon, toys..., gradually speaking, but also potty training. However, before settling on his potty, or climbing on the toilet thanks to his step and with a seat reducer, baby has need layers, lots of layers. During the first two or three years of its life, you will change it (very) often for a total of diapers that you will quickly give up counting.

The good news is that young parents today have a huge advantage over those of yesterday, two advantages even. Not only the nappies no longer need to be washed (except by choice), but they can be delivered directly to the house, in packets conditioned in size and number. It's here subscription baby diaper revolution and this is in particular the great strength of the brand Little Big Change (LBC) for friends. Diapers sent automatically, accompanied by a range of very gentle cleansing care products for babies.

Bébé e, couche Little Big Change qui ramasse un biberon incassable Elhée

The subscription revolution for baby diapers

900 days is the average time your little one will wear diapers. Reduced to years, the figure turns into just under 2 ½ years. It's long and that's a lot of nappies that you have to think about buying.


A quick calculation with an average of 5 diapers per day for 900 days, therefore, brings about 4,500 diapers with all that this dizzying number of forgetfulness and failures entails. However, when it is essential, you might as well have the necessary equipment always at hand.

This is where the subscription comes in! At Little Big Change, you can therefore choose:

  • The size of the layers,
  • the first delivery date,
  • delivery frequency.

No more Sundays without nappies when the supermarket is closed, no more end of stock when you just need lots of nappies for a long journey… in short no more shortages. You receive, directly at home, the sufficient number of diapers of the right size and this, thanks to a 100% flexible subscription, 100% adapted to your child.

Healthy diapers for all babies

900 days is also a fantastic number of hours locked up for baby's bottom. Fortunately, brands realized that it was high time to offer healthy and eco-responsible diapers to families.

And hop, they gave birth to nappies without harmful substances made from carefully selected materials, just like our silicone baby bottles Elhee.

The little extra of LBC nappies? Up to 12 hours of peaceful, leak-free sleep, thanks to a high-performance veil and absorption system, for up to 2 times less humidity.


The diaper, an essential support towards autonomy

Since there is no age to potty train, there is also no recommended age to use diapers. They still get more interesting when baby starts to seriously wiggle on her changing table. His eager kicks just miss you. Fixing the diaper while keeping a hand on him becomes a real challenge. One time out of two, the fastening system is not correctly attached or, on the contrary, much too tight. No doubt, it's time for you and especially for your child to switch to diapers.

The main difference that makes this disposable baby underwear so interesting? A wide elastic waistband soft and supple, for good support of the diaper and great comfort of movement, a easy to put on and one fast withdrawal thanks to its tearable material. More than any other, the diaper can be easily put on and taken off, put on and taken off [you understand] by baby himself when he decides to make his first attempts on the potty.

The little extra of LBC diapers? A unique design embellished with little everyday words to hit the bull's eye at the nanny or nursery.

Potty training, a sometimes complicated step

For some children, and therefore for their happy parents, the transition to potty training is not easy. Concerns about this strange tool that is the pot or passing on the toilet, but also anxiety about a process [peeing or pooping] which, all of a sudden, is no longer hidden in the diaper… learning to go to the bathroom on your own is not easy.

Around 24 months, sometimes before, sometimes after, but in any case for weeks that may seem long, the situation can be complicated and lead to more or less systematic crying, especially when going to the saddle. What parent has never spent a moment trying to distract their little one or calm him down, by telling him a story, singing him a song, doing a puppet show or even watching with him, a little cartoon !
Note: Potty training started too early can lead to retention, constipation or urinary issues. Patience and a stock of diapers are ultimately the best assets!

Baby is Ready to Potty Train: Signs to Look For

If there are no rules when it comes to child cleanliness, trusting and acting natural might be one. First of all, rest assured! Even if he loves his diapers, your child will not keep them all his life. Be patient, it is even likely that he will get tired of it before you do. As always, you will learn the most by watching it.

  • More and more often, baby you warns when his diaper is dirty.
  • He does the difference between pee and poo
  • He is fidgety when filling his diaper and may be trying to hide.
  • He anticipates his needs and makes you understand that he needs to go to the bathroom.

If all these conditions are met, you can calmly begin toilet training. Let's go…

Give yourself time and start over

… Or not. As with all lifelong learning, there can be ups and downs, easier times and more difficult times, with sometimes even backtracking. Baby peed once on the potty and doesn't want to go back? Do not panic ! Leave the object of his annoyance clearly visible and it's off again for a few days or weeks of diapers before trying the experience again. We are talking, once again, about the importance of having stock. During this short break, to encourage him or to "challenger" him as they say, show him the example by relying on the effect of mimicry. At home, for example, leave the door open when you go to pee. There is also a legend that says mothers of young children can never go to the little corner alone anyway... Who knows!

4 tips to help your child go potty

Bébé qui joue avec les biberons incassables Élhée

Because the acquisition of cleanliness is a big change in the life of your child, because schooling is approaching - in this regard, no legal text requires autonomy in terms of cleanliness for children in kindergarten - and that 'it would be more comfortable for him to go to school without a diaper, but especially for a smooth familiarization, here are some little things that may be able tohelp go on the potty alone

  • Choose pot or reducer with him or with her, he will only want to use it,
  • at the beginning, let your child settle in the corner of the house that he has chosen, this allows him to more easily create an intimacy zone,
  • use diapers for convenience and speed when the pee arrives and already, for a big step towards autonomy.

Finally, whatever happens [and even if he pees on the polished floor], stay cool, that's the key!

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