La playlist idéale pendant l’accouchement !

The ideal playlist during childbirth!

Listening to music to relax during labor or to give yourself an energy boost when pushing is a great idea that many moms-to-be already embrace. Childbirth can sometimes be long and painful so all means are good to soothe you.  

Music has many virtues, both psychic and psychological. Listening to a piece of music stimulates the production of endorphins, this famous molecule of well-being that reduces pain. Soft music decreases adrenaline and will help you soothe and relax. Conversely, more rhythmic music will give you all the energy you need during the push. 


On the menu of this playlist:

Soft songs to help you relax and better manage contractions during labor and more punchy ones that will accompany you during the last moments of childbirth.



  1. Xavier Rudd – Follow the sun 
  2. Ben Howard – Only love         
  3. Eagles – Hotel California 
  4. Radiohead – Creep                   
  5. Bon Iver – Re stacks                                              
  6. Ludovico Einaudi - One Morning                         
  7. Jack Johnson – Upside Down                               
  8. Beyonce – Crazy in love                     
  9. Coldplay – Don’t Panic                                           
  10. Outkast - Hey Ya!             
  11. Angus & Julia Stone – Nothing Else         
  12. David Bowie – Space Oddity                             
  13. Lou Reed – Perfect Day                        
  14. Matthew and the Atlas – Palace                   
  15. Nina Simone – Feeling good                             
  16. Patrice-Soulstrom
  17. Cat Power – The Greatest
  18. London Grammar – Hey Now
  19. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
  20. Edward Sharpe – Home
  21. Pearl Jam – Just breath
  22. Florence + The Machine – You’ve got the love
  23. Cocoon – I can’t wait
  24. Hugo Barriol – On the Road
  25. Bakermat – Bahia
  26. Aaron – The leftovers
  27. Naaman – Outta Road
  28. Ben Harper – Forever
  29. The Rolling Stones – Angie
  30. Queen – Don’t stop me now


Of course you can create your own playlist, it's all about choosing songs that comfort you. Titles that make you feel beautiful, serene and others that boost you and give you energy!

A little advice that matters: Plan a fairly long list, at least 5 or 10 hours of music! It is well known, we know when the work begins but never when it ends...

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