Le massage bébé Shantala

Shantala baby massage

“We like to take them in our arms, enjoy their smile, look them in the eye, smell their scent, tickle their nose, talk to them, rock them and why not also massage them…”

Océane Chavanel, naturopath and well-being masseuse in Lyon tells us about the Shantala baby massage. This traditional art that comes to us from southern India and was introduced to the West by Dr. Frédérick Leboyer in the 1950s.


Infant massage is an ancestral practice taught naturally from mother to daughter in many countries. Our Western societies have put certain taboos around massage and touching babies. Fortunately, this has been changing since the 1970s thanks to fruitful scientific research demonstrating the benefits of massage on babies. One of the most recognized and widely practiced massages is Shantala. We owe this name to the famous gynecologist and obstetrician Frédéric Leboyer. During a trip to India, he was filled with wonder at this young mother named Shantala, sitting massaging her baby on the ground. Subsequently, he introduced this tradition of neonatal massage to France and called it “Shantala”.


Livre Shantala massage bébé de Frederic Loboyer



Numerous scientific researches have demonstrated the positive aspects of baby massage, in particular by highlighting a hormone called oxytocin. This "happiness and well-being" hormone plays a key role in the attachment of the parent-child bond. We noticed that the level of oxytocin increased when the parent touched and interacted with their baby. Thus, it reduces baby's daily stress, especially following childbirth, and soothes pain (teething, digestive disorders, colic, etc.). A relaxed baby is also a baby who will have an easier time falling asleep and a more peaceful sleep.


Massage traditionnel indien bébé ShantalaIn addition, the massage will accompany the child in his growth phases by facilitating motor development, coordination of movements and participates in the evolution of body awareness. By feeling touched, the baby gradually becomes aware of the contours of his body, the limits and its volume. Massage is therefore a very important way to, on the one hand, enter into a relationship with your child, listen to his perceptions and, on the other hand, accompany him in his motor and sensory development and in taking consciousness of his bodily entity. Baby massage also helps strengthen the immune system by stimulating dopamine, killer cells and the number of lymphocytes. Thus, it contributes to his physical well-being by helping him to fight against infections. 
Massage your baby and he will give it back to you
Your relationship will grow out of it
The unbreakable bond will be tied
Forever, he will remember.


Océane Chavanel – Yoga Korner, 3 rue Pizay 69001 Lyon – 07 78 90 24 56 –  www.therapieetmassage.com

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