Les envies les plus insolites des femmes enceintes !

The most unusual desires of pregnant women!

A few weeks ago we were doing a little poll on our Instagram account (@elhee_france) to collect your testimonies on your strangest desires during pregnancy and you did not fail to make us laugh. From sauerkraut to kiri dipped in chocolate yogurt or even fried camembert for breakfast… Here is the list of your funniest desires! But where exactly do they come from?


No study has been able to prove with certainty what the precise causes of these food “urges” are. However, several scientists agree that our body is naturally aware of its nutritional needs and that this sense could be intensified during pregnancy by hormonal changes likely to cause the famous unusual cravings.


Sweets, sauerkraut and pickles came up most often, but here is a small anthology of your answers...


Julie: “Raw meat all the time even though I'm a vegetarian…”

Carole: “Pickles, pickles and more pickles”

Aurélia: “Tabobouleh rolled in a slice of ham”

Clothilde: “Endive salad EVERY DAY. Luckily my daughter doesn't have an endive head :)”

Amalia: “The sweets, the most chemical possible! (crocodile type)”

Mélanie: “Breads with chocolates but only those of the supermarkets, especially not those of the bakery!! ”

Vivian: “For 15 days I fed exclusively on Twix, sometimes up to 30 a day!”

Amandine: “Sardines for breakfast, lunch and dinner”

Eugénie: “Kebabs with harissa… which I have never eaten since”

Nasturtium “Doing laundry all the time to be able to smell the smell, I could have eaten it if I could”

Clotilde: “Lemon, taramasalata and LAUGHTING COW when I absolutely never usually eat them”

Virginie: “Meat from morning to night (just the idea disgusts me now)”

Alexandra: “For Adam I ate cabbage (sauerkraut) for 3 months”

Elise: “4 cheese pizza for breakfast”

Anne-Laure: “Pickles for number 1, celery puree for number 2 and armored harissa tacos for number 3”

Amélie: “Pickles and chocolate… at the same time!!!”

Hélène: “Gherkins, but especially pickle vinegar water”

Anna: “Sweets but very sour”

Margot: “Artichokes and vanilla glazed cones, all the time”


Cover photography source: Studio154 photography

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