Rencontre avec Jeanne Dieuzaide, maman de Roméo et Louise

Meeting with Jeanne Dieuzaide, mother of Roméo and Louise

Jeanne is the proud mother of 2 children, Roméo and Louise. But she is also the creator of Studio Roméo, a brand of baby carriers that needs no introduction! Without knots or straps, Studio Roméo baby carriers are incredibly practical and revolutionize the daily lives of young parents!

In this portrait Jeanne tells us about her life as an entrepreneur mom, her busy daily life and the relationship she has with her children.

Maman et ses enfants



Hello Jeanne, can you introduce us to your beautiful family?

I am originally from Toulouse and have been living in Annecy for a few years. I am the mother of Roméo, 6 ½ years old and Louise, almost 5 years old.


Was becoming a mother a no-brainer for you?

Not really. I was working at the time in an international NGO and I traveled a lot… Maternity was not at all a field that attracted me…until you think it might be time ;). I had a GEU ( ndlr: Extra-uterine gestation ) before Romeo which really upset us with my husband but I quickly fell pregnant again and Romeo arrived in September 2013.

You breastfed your children for several months, how did you
had this experience?

beautifully good. J’especially loved what many dislike: lare nights. Is found them magical. Magic to share this suspended moment. Magical as alone in the world with my baby, both awake when everyone is sleeping and everything is calm… Really loved it and that's probably what I miss the most!

Maman allongée avec ses enfants 


What kind of mother are you? Chicken? Cool? Rather strict?

A mum hybrid between the cool and strict mother. Let's say I give them enough space to be themselves, which gives me enough space to be myself and keep doing things for me. and not always depending on them... And the rules are very clear: they know that at 3 I turn into momster.

What is your relationship with your children?

Accomplice and confidant, I especially try to be a good role model because as Mother Teresa said: "Don't worry if your children don't listen to you... They watch you every day".

Maman devant un magasin 


The ritual you never deviate from?

There aren't always stories in the evening...but always a kiss!

What does an entrepreneurial mom's day look like?

I do not have no typical day: their only common point is that they are all well loaded ! I do a first sorting morning emails verse 7h before everyone get up. Then, the day goes by, I rarely take a lunch break, and I go running almost every day around 4 or 5 p.m. before picking up my children from school. Sometimes I work evenings and week-end, but when you love you don't count.


Your dreams for the future?

Continue to live a rich and fulfilling life!

Jeanne Dieuzaide sur un escalier
Chinese portrait:
If you were…
A guilty pleasure? Never guilty!

A childhood memory? My grandmother's nettle soup

A children's book? A-A-A-A Sneeze from Philip C. Stead
A romantic movie? The English patient

A monument? The Rodin Museum

A timeless item in your closet? Boyfriend jean

An intoxicating smell? My perfume Rem's Reminiscence - the smell of vacation!

A dream destination?
 Flores in Indonesia
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