Bébé qui joue avec un jeu à la crèche

Back to work: How to find a place in a crèche quickly?


Your world has just expanded to make room for a newborn you cherish with boundless love. However, you already need to get out of your emotional bubble to approach your role as a mother from a more serious angle. Before resuming work, you want to find a place in a crèche for your baby and it is now that everything is played. Schedules, prices, district, educational project, staff and availability, so many parameters to take into account and so little time ahead of you! So that your research does not turn into a nightmare, support services exist. Thanks to their large network, they help you to find a place in the best crèche without delay.

Childcare: a choice to be made from the first months of pregnancy

Warning your child is one of the first complicated decisions parents have to make. Who to entrust it to to be sure that everything goes well? How to manage this momentary separation? What if baby cries? If he needs hugs? Who will be there for him? So many questions that are not always pleasant, especially when they remain unanswered.

However, it is sometimes necessary to look very early for a place in daycare: right out of the maternity ward and sometimes before birth. This is often the case in metropolises where there are many structures, but face an even stronger demand. For some time now, rural areas have also been experiencing the problem of lack of availability within micro-nurseries or nurseries parents quickly saturated. A success that prompts one to wonder what makes the crèches so popular in France?

If this is not your case, you probably have a mother in your entourage for whom finding a place in a nursery has proven to be complicated and difficult. Want to talk about it? Tell us about Facebook or Instagram ! At Élhée, we are always available to listen to mothers and answer their questions, when possible.

The crèche baby boom and its many advantages

If you are told modes of care before 3 years, will you answer? Grandparents, nanny or crèche, and yes, that's about it! France between 2019 and 2020 had just under 250,000 childminders and some 450,000 places in crèches for around 2.2 million children under the age of 3. Figures that give an idea of the difficulty encountered in finding the ideal place to stay.

The pleasure of a personalized welcome

The child registered in the nursery has a small locker or a coat rack to store his belongings (spare clothes, bibRond, pacifier, liaison notes with the team)… Also, on each arrival, he is greeted by a childcare assistant or other qualified member of staff, who takes the time to talk to her parents; he hasn't slept, has eaten little, you will pick him up sooner, how was the last day... The crèche is above all a dedicated reception time.

An incomparable place of awakening for children

Nursery rhymes, songs, games, toys, varied and supervised educational and fun activities, discovery of language and fine motor skills, community learning... The crèche with its complete and rich infrastructure and its team dedicated to early childhood, is the ideal place for promote exchanges, curiosity, learning and later, the installation of a certain autonomy.

A safe mode of custody

Enrolling your child in a crèche means giving him access to a secure space, entirely designed for him and the little ones between 0 and 4 years old. Adapted both in terms ofequipment (changing tables, nappies, deckchairs, bottle warmers, dormitories and nap beds, etc.) surfaces (floor mats, cushions, etc.), materials (soft and washable),ergonomics, standards or processes, it is one of the safest solutions to drop off your child for a few hours or a few days a week without worrying.

Organization first

It's a fact, you can count on the nursery to always be present. Once you have managed to find a place, all you have to do isorganize your schedule with the team childcare and follow him. Who drops baby off and at what time? Who comes looking for him? What days will he be present in the structure? Once validated, this information is confirmed to you and does not change. Very comfortable and reassuring operation for parents.

A not so expensive choice

Since everything is included in the price (diapers, meals, activities, equipment and later, outings) the cost price is ultimately not always as high as one might imagine.

La solution Happy Company

Enfant qui joue à la crèche

Simple, fun and reassuring, the crèche is therefore an attractive form of childcare for children, as well as for parents. His biggest flaw finally? The difficulty of finding a place close to home and a sufficient number of hours of care.

What if you hired the services not of a talent scout, but of a crèche place hunter ? This is exactly what Happy Company offers you. Contact them, tell them what you need and where, then entrust them with the mission of finding the rare pearl for you !

Finding a place in a crèche without waiting, how does it work?

Happy Company is a network of 100% efficient and 100% benevolent private partner nurseries for total parental confidence and the development of children. Taking into account your needs and your area of residence, the teams coordinate and organize the best meeting for you in a daycare center near your home. Trust them, save time and give yourself a good dose of serenity.

It's a bit like with our bibRond. Medical grade silicone and anti-colic teat for his health, round, soft and playful shape for pleasure and beauty, and three sizes to cover all eventualities. Eh yes ! Have you discovered our youngest, the bibRond 330 ml to slip with his peers in the diaper bag? Direction... the crèche of course!

And for other childcare options, who do you contact?

Collective reception or individual reception, it is most often a choice of the parents, by desire or by conviction. Also, some addresses are always useful for enrolling your baby in an early childhood establishment.

Remember first to contact your Family allowance (CIF). It will be able to provide you with the list of reception and available professionals, but also to inform you about the various existing financial aids such as the supplement of free choice of childcare (1) (CMG).

Also meet in town hall or at the Family Info Point (2) in your region, to obtain all the information you need to have your child looked after(3) by the day, half-day or later, during school holidays.

You can also approach your County Council, which has the addresses and telephone numbers of each reception center near you.

(3)  Service public : how do I have my children looked after? 


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