Nourrisson qui s'est endormi après avoir bu son biberon Élhée

Testimonials: The bedtime ritual!


Nouveau né qui s'est endormi après avoir bu son biberon Elhée


In the first weeks of life, infants have no day/night markers, the bedtime ritual allows them to gradually build their sleep rhythm. Later, this time of calm and sharing allows the child to make it easier to fall asleep and to soothe certain anxieties that he may feel during the separation that precedes sleep. Recommended by all childhood professionals, this routine to be put in place from the first weeks becomes a reassuring and reassuring landmark for the child which allows him to apprehend bedtime with more serenity. A few days ago on Instagram @elhee_france We asked you what was the bedtime ritual that works for you, here is a summary of your answers!

Listen to the sounds of the night

“I lie down next to my son in his bed and we listen to the noises of the night: That of cars passing in the street, the washing machine running, the creaking of the parquet floor in the hallway, silence too. I explain every noise to him, there is no longer any mystery and that reassures him a lot” Claire, mother of Paul, 2 and a half years old.

Play “Kiss Sleep”

“Every night before going to bed, we play Bisous Câlin, a fun and fast game that he loves to play. What he prefers is above all to receive the kisses, hugs, tickles, nursery rhymes ... that he won during the game. It's a very pleasant moment of complicity that we love to share together (or that he shares with his dad) before sinking into dreamland. Paulina, mother of Ernest, 3 years old.

The music Box

“Two music boxes, one for naps, the other for the evening. She slept at 1 and a half months” #cafaitrêver. Noémie, mother of Coline, 3 months.

The timer

“After dinner I put a 10/15 minute timer. As soon as it rings it's time to brush your teeth and go to bed. I let them know as soon as I start the timer so there are no surprises and they know it's almost bedtime. Sometimes they ask for an extra 5 minutes but that's rare. In bed there are obviously hugs and kisses before falling asleep but they no longer get up 10 times to ask for a glass of water, go to the toilet, etc...! ” Margaux, mother of Éléanore 7 years old and Jude 5 years old.

A ritual.. what?

“I tried to do like everyone else but in the end we put Luka to bed and 5 minutes later, he falls asleep” (Yes yes, there are also lucky people x). Stéphanie, mother of Luka, 1 year and a half.

A BibRond and in bed

“After putting on the pajamas, we sit comfortably in the armchair in his room with dim lighting and I give him his bibROND . She often falls asleep and I take care to put her gently in her bed… until the next morning! ” Laurent, father of Julia, 10 months.

white noise

“I recently fell for a plush Moonie, it's a little teddy bear that emits white noises (sound of mum's belly, of the wind, of a stream, of waves, of rain or a lullaby) and in its belly there is a small night light that diffuses a very soft light. Since my daughter manages to fall asleep alone in her bed, phew!” Olympe, mother of Paloma, 2 years old.

A massage of small kisses

“For my youngest 6-month-old Jules, after the evening bath I take a moment to massage his feet, he who doesn't really like being in the water and often cries during the bath, when I massage his little feet. with a baby oil, it instantly calms and soothes. It really promotes relaxation and sleep. With my 4 year old eldest, Raphaël, we love taking the time to read a story once his brother is in bed, just him, his dad and me. It's a moment dedicated to him, without his little brother, he needs it." Rebecca, mother of Jules 6 months and Raphaël, 4 years old.

The tickling

“When I put my daughter to bed, she systematically asks me for a few tickles to help her fall asleep. I give her small caresses on her stomach, back, arms, legs. I feel that she has little chills, then I give her a kiss, I tell her that I love her in the ear before discreetly leaving the room” Amélie, mother of Chloé, 6 years old.

A good laugh!

“When my son goes to bed he loves when I lie next to him in bed, pretend I was sleeping and he has fun sleeping on purpose and snoring very loudly. I then have to wake up suddenly and scold him with a loud voice "I can't sleep, you snore too loudly, next time I'll punish you!" It makes him die of laughter (and me too)!” Manon, mother of Leo, 4 years old.

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