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Girl-boy diet: Can food influence the sex of the baby?


It's time, you feel it, you know it, for your couple to become parents. Already, you imagine yourself with your child. But little boy or little girl? Blue room or pink room? (Or gender-neutral green decoration!). Still, you would like to know or better, decide. At least try. And, since before having his own room at home, baby will take up residence in the pit of your belly, this is perhaps the place to start. We would tend to forget it, but, for a pregnancy placed under the sign of serenity, attention should be focused on the body, well before the conception phase. How ? In taking care of your diet for example. Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc., everything a healthy mother-to-be needs… and to try to choose the sex of the future baby thanks to an adapted boy/girl diet !

The story begins long before the baby is born

You like yourself. You want to make a baby. You are overjoyed. But, for now, all attention must be on you, mother-to-be. Because all of you are going to provide a priceless effort to design, wear and give life to this much-desired child, it is important to prepare yourself well beforehand.

Take care of your health on a daily basis

Very often, pregnancy begins when the little "+" sign appears on the test. Stopping alcohol and tobacco, prescription of food supplements, rest without limits, wellness session… Nothing is too good, nor too beneficial to take care of yourself and the life you carry. But if, earlier, much earlier, from your own birth and throughout your life, long before you became pregnant, your health was determined by a common element at all ages? This element could be food.

Increase benevolence in the face of the desire for children

What we do know is that a good health boosts fertility and promotes conception, as well as the installation and proper development of the fetus. A positive solution therefore consists, from the first questions about the desire for a child, in demonstrating a special benevolence towards oneself, one's body and one's metabolism.

Fruits and vegetables that are organic or come directly from the vegetable garden, gentle but regular physical exercise, lots of mineral water, attentive listening to the body and its reactions, no industrially prepared meals... The goal is to regain or retain vitality, in particular by avoiding processed foods and endocrine disruptors, which are often the cause of prolonged conception times.

But, the little extra, the little trick, would come from certain types of food, the famous girl/boy diets, which would be able to influence nature as to the choice of the sex of the unborn baby. A bet to take and menus to test as much out of enthusiasm as out of curiosity, or for the amazed reaction of those around you when you tell them that you have succeeded.

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Food variations on the theme of girl/boy diets

Science has demonstrated for many years now that thediet of the future mother, before fertilization, could influence the proportion of births between girls and boys. A subtle dosage of minerals could therefore increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl, or increase the probability that you will give birth to a boy.

Sodium and potassium to get pregnant with a boy

To maximize your chances of seeing a baby boy born in a few months, bet on the foods high in sodium and potassium, and their acidifying power. If you are what is called a "salty beak", you will love it.

It's up to you to choose the dried fruits with care from the prunes, blond and dark raisins or dried apricots and bananas, convenient for snacking. At the table, opt for salted or smoked meats and fish such as canned tuna, sardines in oil, cod, herring or charcuterie, sprinkled withspring water rich in sodium, squeezed fruit juice at the rate of 75 cl/day if possible, tea and coffee in reasonable quantities. As an accompaniment, you can eat lamb's lettuce without limits, again for its potassium content,legumes and all vegetables except green leafy vegetables.

Calcium and magnesium to conceive a girl 

Conversely, the ideal diet to get pregnant with a baby girl is rather alcalinisant.

The essential food this time is the milk at a rate of 75 cl/day if possible for its high calcium content. You can also consume all its derivatives such as unsalted butter, cream and natural yogurts or small Swiss cheeses, but beware, no cheese. You will also find calcium in greens, cabbage, spinach, watercress, beans, leeks, cucumbers, and peas, in carrots, tomatoes, or eggplant. add unsalted meat and fish, fresh fruit, salt-free bread and crackers, as well as pasta.

One of the two diets may be easier to follow than the other. We'll let you guess which one!

Whichever you choose, remember that it is about preconception diets. As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, find a rich, balanced and varied diet until the baby is born.

Baby's sex, a simple question of pH?

The diet of the future mother does indeed play a role in conception. In changing the pH of the body, what we eat also changes the consistency of cervical mucus, which plays on the ease of movement of spermatozoa. A high pH (acidic) favors male sperm (X). On the other hand, a low pH (basic) lets female sperm more easily pass (Y).

Other methods to influence baby's sex

Beyond boy/girl diets, the Shettles method wants female sperm (X) to be slower, but also more resilient than male sperm. So, if a couple has intercourse two or three days before the expected date of ovulation, the only male gametes still present could be X sperm.

The Robert's method relies on calendars and menstrual calendars. Based on the almanac of our grandmothers, the author Roberte de Crève-Cœur draws up a calendar of pink and blue days each year to guide future parents. Depending on the expectant mother's ovulation date and the color of the day, they would be more likely to conceive a girl or a boy.

Le chinese calendar allows you to cross your age with the month of conception to obtain a result, girl or boy. Likewise, some sexual positions are more favorable to the conception of a boy or a girl. Generally speaking, go for deep penetration if you want a boy. One way, again, to facilitate the work of spermatozoa Y. 

Live your pregnancy well and accept happiness as it is

Whatever your path, once pregnant, it's up to you to wait for the birth or the morphological ultrasound at 6 months to find out if your baby's gender selection method has proven effective!

If so, congratulations! If not, don't be disappointed. Discuss it with those around you or your gynecologist and put it into perspective. Difficult to surpass nature! The birth of a child remains a biological miracle, always coupled with an element of chance.

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