tisane pour bébé qui soulage les coliques

A herbal tea for my baby, please!


Parenthood has many happy and fulfilling facets. However, pain or discomfort can momentarily ruin everything. Baby becomes grumpy, cries often, sleeps badly, mom lacks milk... and the whole family worries while looking for the best solution to fix the situation.

Fortunately, many of these minor ailments can be relieved with natural methods that modern parents are gradually rediscovering. After the Shantala massage, Withboom on the baby herbal tea and its phytotherapeutic benefits.

Ah well, infusions are no longer reserved for grandma ?

Well no ! If we are used to imagining our grandmothers in the middle of a discussion gathered around an infusion of plants, now these hot drinks are no longer reserved for them. There are all kinds, for all tastes and especially for different effects.

In the same way that verbena relaxes you or ginger warms you, some plants are adapted to the needs of infants. Nervousness or stomach aches, observe your child to more easily select the natural remedies that will be useful to him.

How to properly prepare herbal tea for babies

If toddlers can also benefit from the natural benefits of plants, some precautions are to be observed when preparing their drink:


  • check the recommendations, dosages, minimum age and possible contraindications of each plant, or seek the opinion of the pediatrician/pharmacist,
  • divide the quantity of plants used for an adult herbal tea by 6,
  • use spring water that is low in minerals (as for the preparation of baby bottles),
  • leave to cool, control the temperature and serve barely warm,
  • avoid sweetening – even with honey – before the age of 2 years, 
  • serve occasionally.

Besides, why not make one? ritual to share ? Prepare your herbal tea and that of your child at the same time! A test on the wrist to make sure it's warm and presto, in the anti-colic baby bottle.

From the first weeks, offer your baby simple herbal teas in small quantities. You can also wait for food diversification around 4 to 6 months. Before, if you are breastfeeding, their benefits will pass through your milk.

Spend zen nights

In his first months, the newborn can feel fears or great excitement at bedtime. It must be said that there are so many things going on in his little head! Like a sponge, it absorbs everything it sees, hears and perceives. Once darkness has set in, emotions rise and despite a bottle or a feeding and a hug, it is impossible for him to let go.

The Orange Blossom, them chamomile flowers where the basswood will accompany it in the form of a soothing baby herbal tea, towards the arms of Morpheus.

Enjoy a relaxed tummy

Colic, constipation, difficult digestion... a baby's belly can be subjected to many hardships during the first months of life. From the difficulty of finding the right milk for bottle-fed children, to dietary diversification and the gradual introduction of solid foods, to the necessary maturation of the digestive system, these little hassles can ruin many nights and meals. .

A solution may be to use the fennel seeds (to be crushed with a pestle) to soothe colic, but alsoanis vert, le caraway, the chamomile where the cumin which help to soothe bloating and facilitate digestion.

For example, try organic herbal tea for babies Holle — from 4 months — and tell us what you think.

Forget teething

Around 6-8 months, the first signs of teething are felt. Red cheeks, a baby who salivates a lot and tries to chew on everything he finds, are classic symptoms. Unfortunately, they are sometimes accompanied by fever, more or less significant diaper rash, disturbed sleep and very often, pain.

The chamomile flowers can effectively relieve baby's dental pain and bring him a much appreciated calm.

Take a deep breath

From fall to spring, baby's nose can become clogged and coughing can set in without warning. Without being serious, these symptoms are uncomfortable and degrade the life of the whole house; essentially the sleep and the quality of feeding of your infant.

To take in a breath of fresh air and effectively clear the airways, the wild thyme will work wonders as an infusion in a small bottle to drink throughout the day.

And the breastfeeding tea? It's for mom!

You probably know it if you go to organic stores or bulk product shops, breastfeeding teas have been very successful for a few years. And for good reason, not only are they effective for stimulate milk flow (they are said to be galactogenic), but they can also be shared with baby. drink between 3 and 5 cups a day for full effect.

Fennel (him again !), fenugreek and anis vert promote lactation, while parsley, mint and sage slow it down. And since fennel is just as good for baby's belly, there's no reason to deprive yourself of it.

Are you looking for an effective nursing tea, but also able to accompany you throughout your pregnancy? Meet at Jolly Mama to discover a sensory, tasty and organic mix, composed of apple, caraway, fennel, anise, basil, cumin, verbena and lemongrass.

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