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Should you give the bottle hot or cold?

The temperature of the bottle for babies can often raise questions for young parents.

  • Should the bottle be given hot, cold, at room temperature?
  • And behind these different qualifiers, what is, in reality, the exact temperature to target? 😲
  • Are there any risks or best practices to be aware of?
  • Also, does your baby's age have a role to play in this?

Élhée answers all your questions to guarantee optimal preparation of each bottle.


What is the ideal bottle temperature for a newborn?

Let's proceed in chronological order.

For newborns, it is recommended to give the bottle at a temperature close to that of the body (i.e. 37°C). This temperature is equivalent to that felt during a breastfeeding experience and also helps baby digest milk better. Over time, some babies tolerate slightly different temperatures, sometimes warmer or not, depending on preference.

  • Have you just expressed your milk but it seems cold?
  • Are you wondering if you can reheat the bottle you have just prepared in the microwave?

How to test the temperature of a baby bottle?

There are two ways to know, with more or less precision, the temperature of the milk in a bottle.

Feel the temperature yourself

The traditional method for testing the temperature of a bottle is to pour a few drops of milk onto the front of your wrist . This very sensitive area allows you to check that the milk is neither too hot nor cold.

If the milk supply seems comfortable to you, you can then offer the bottle to your child without risk. Too hot milk would have burned your skin.

Resort to using a kitchen thermometer

A more contemporary, but also more reliable method is to use a food thermometer to precisely measure the temperature of the milk. Digital thermometers are commonly used for this purpose because they provide a quick and accurate reading .

Be sure to place the thermometer in the milk for a few moments and wait for it to ring and/or for the numbers to stabilize, depending on the model (we advise you to refer to the instructions if you are concerned about misinterpretation) .

How to warm a newborn's milk while on the go?

It is not easy to obtain milk at 37°C while being away from home. Certain solutions, such as thermoses specially designed to accommodate a baby bottle and maintain it at the desired temperature, exist.

Furthermore, if you are with friends, it is a safe bet that they will agree to warm your bottle in a bain-marie.

Another solution is not to prepare a bottle too far in advance, especially if you do not have an electric portable cooler that you have plugged into your vehicle.

In this case, breastfeeding just before meal time certainly offers the safest solution to feed your child at the desired temperature. Freshly expressed milk will therefore hardly have time to cool, provided that you give it directly to your child once expressed.

Manual breast pumps, light and space-saving, also exist.

Did you know ? 🍼
Our silicone baby bottles are compatible with certain breast pumps, thanks to adapters developed to make your daily life easier and ensure compatibility between your different equipment.

Baby is growing up... Should you still heat the milk in your bottle?

Some babies will be more attached to their habits than others and will prefer to drink warm milk morning, noon and evening! While others will enjoy sipping it cold. You can also take the season into account; it will indeed be pleasant for baby to be offered comforting warm milk in winter and fresh milk in summer! 🌞

The main thing is to always ensure that the temperature of the milk does not present any risk of scalding for your baby.

In summary

The question of bottle temperature for babies, which very often remains a source of anxiety-provoking questions for young parents, is however far from being a mystery and is easily answered.

From birth until approximately 6 months, it is recommended to give the bottle at a temperature close to that of the body, i.e. 37°C, to approximate the temperature of breast milk when breastfeeding.

Checking the temperature of the milk can be done either:

  1. By placing a drop of powdered or breast milk on your wrist
  2. Using a food thermometer.

It is best not to prepare the bottle too far in advance if you do not have a way to maintain its temperature at the desired temperature, nor to control it. As baby grows, his tastes evolve and it is not impossible that he will then show an interest in cold milk, or a better resistance to very slightly warmer milk.

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