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Leopard print: the fall trend for dressing baby

At the heart of summer, gingham and liberty prints take over babies' wardrobes for fresh, light and colorful wardrobes. When fall comes, its warm colors and thick knits, leopard print steals the show. Wild print and gray trend to dress baby, even the BibRond Élhée is doing it!


Leopard print, the pattern for babies to coordinate with their mothers

Leopard print is like THE trend that we haven't been without for several years. Fawn, pink or black and white, it's up to you to choose according to your desires and your color habits.

The huge advantage of leopard fabric is that it adapts to your style and especially to the way you want to wear it. Chic trend with scarf or leopard ankle boots to go to the office, or cozy-chill style with oversized sweater and looped socks on the weekend, leopard print follows your energy .

To discover for example, the leopard collection by Tajinebanane . Maternity leggings and leggings, nursing sweatshirts or not, but also nursing dresses and blouses, everyone is getting into gray fashion to accompany the lioness mother that you are . Also note the super cute Léo Kids jumpsuit, perfect for facing the cold season from 3 to 36 months.

the learning cup and the graou elhee collection

Besides, what would you say if baby also followed your trend and wore leopard print? This would be an opportunity to shop for a matchy matchy piece with him! 🥰

Wild & fawn baby clothes

When it comes to baby clothes, all tastes, all prints, all colors and all styles are on the shelves. And then, what's cuter than a tiny outfit with cute details like animal-shaped buttons, an oversized cut or a totally disproportionate print?

Now imagine all three together in a leopard-print piece that's a total must-have this fall. At Marlot Paris , it's the romper and its vanilla leopard print that attracts all the compliments. In collaboration with Smallable, the two brands have imagined a cute and comfortable outfit, poetic and practical, to wear bare legs or over tights, for little ones between 3 months and 2 years old. For older children, we also shop the Poppy and Mikky sweatshirt and leggings bundle, bronze leopard .

For a grou look, the outdoor adventurer option is a girly girl. who dares to wear an oversized jacket in 100% leopard-print faux fur and lined with ultra-soft fleece. Comfortable and easy to put on, to wear with leggings, over a dress or corduroy pants, it is both trendy and emotional. The extra touch; This piece also exists for mothers.

The first little feline-style shoes

For little ones, wolf steps are rarely appropriate, but gray shoes are! How can you resist the very cute Vala first steps ankle boots by Ma petite pointure ? Made from soft leather and equipped with a double zip for easy putting on, they feature a chic sequined leopard print .

At home, little leopards go into camouflage mode with the soft nautical leather slippers from Les Pas Petits . Made in Hauts de France, these slippers — also available in adult sizes 😉 — are innovative in their ability to be used indoors and outdoors, even on wet floors.

Leopard print, also in an accessories version

Bags, scrunchie, scarf, bandana, or even belt, accessories are also tempted by the spotted print that we also like to wear in small touches. For baby, hat, headband, swaddle or pacifier clip, whatever you want, here you go! The print is so popular that even the iconic baby bottle has been won over.

The iconic graou chic Round Bib!

the graou bottle

After the slippers or the matching mother/child jacket, imagine the iconic baby bottle, still anti-colic and still designed from medical silicone, but revisited in fall fashion . After the universal Sand and Nude colors, after the sleek and trendy BibRonds Milk and Black, Élhée presents its Ultra Chic Graouu Round Bib!

Caps and clamping rings now feature the essential leopard print for a bottle that is still as healthy, still as practical and, what's more, eminently chic .

Matching your handbag, diaper bag or baby's daily outfit, the Graouu bottle is one of those that you absolutely must collect.

Against wind and humidity, how to dress baby this fall?

Throughout the months of October to March/April, there are successive episodes of windy, rainy and even snowy conditions of varying intensity, as well as sometimes sudden changes in the weather.

For a baby ready to face them, invest in a waterproof coat or a full suit depending on his age and your travel habits. When going out in a stroller, consider a rainproof footmuff or take a small fleece blanket with you.

When it comes to baby clothes, adopt the onion technique (or mille-feuille if you prefer) by multiplying layers to retain heat .

For example, choose a bodysuit with a t-shirt or sweater, a vest, pants or a skirt and tights, socks and suitable shoes, especially if your baby is starting to walk. Also, for babies who are not yet walking – and therefore, who cool down more quickly – it is often advisable to add one more layer compared to the parents' outfit .

Note that in case of wind or extreme cold, it is essential to add a well-lined hat and a pair of warm mittens. In fact, the extremities (head, hands, feet) are the first to get cold.

Mom's tip: to know if baby is cold, touch the back of his neck. If it is cool or cold, you can add a layer of clothing to your child.

And at night, how do you cover your baby when it’s cool?

At night everything is simpler. Remembering that it is not recommended to place blankets in a sleeping baby's bed, in a room that is daily ventilated and heated between 18°C ​​and 20°C, if it is cool, opt for the combo body long sleeves, onesie pajamas and seasonal sleeping bags. If it's a little warmer, prefer to put your baby in a short-sleeved bodysuit under his pajamas and sleeping bag... in leopard print of course!

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