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Good deed: Paloma Coquant’s Solidarity collection

Paloma Coquant, actress and mother of a 16-month-old little Viggo, launched MAM Collecte Solidaire (mom to moms editor's note) during the 1st confinement to help families living in extreme precariousness. For each collection she partners with a mother whose values ​​she loves and for this 3rd edition she is alongside Lucie Kakuta (@babyatoutprix) for the association Un petit Bagage d'amour.

Un petit bagage d'amour is an association which helps women in precarious circumstances or refugees who find themselves on the street and which helps them welcome their baby with dignity. We wanted to support this association through MAM Solidarity Collection by offering Élhée Round Bib for future mothers in need. If you also want to make a gesture for the association, we have shared all the information in the article.

Mam solidarity collection

Hello Paloma, can you tell us a little more about yourself; Who are you and who does your little family consist of?

So I am Paloma, actress, mother and I created Mam solidarity collection during the first confinement. My little boy is called Viggo and he is 16 months old.

How has motherhood changed you?

Absolutely everything, from me to my entourage, my work, my way of seeing the world, my priorities. My nights too :). Let's say that motherhood has simply brought me closer to what is truest, we always go to the essential with one goal: to please the person we love most in the world. There is nothing more authentic than becoming a parent, I felt like the minute I gave birth everything in my life aligned.

You launched MAM solidarity collection during the first lockdown, can you explain to us how this project was born?

The idea came from a report I saw on television which said that the fact that schools were closed was putting many families in extreme precariousness. I couldn't stand the idea that an extra plate of shellfish could jeopardize the smooth running of a family. At that same time I was fed up with social networks and I said to myself: even if it means having a small community and exchanging with it, I might as well put this visibility to the benefit of something that will be able to help others, and do good around me.

Mam's idea is to do collections throughout the year accompanied by a committed mother, whose values ​​I like. For the first collection I wrote to Alexandra Rosenfeld on Instagram. She said yes immediately, and from there it all happened. The first collection I put together in 10 days, I had such a desire to help others that I transformed into a work monster, and I worked tirelessly during these 10 days. It was quite difficult to manage everything, but the result was worth it.

Can you tell us a little more about this 3rd edition?

This new edition I am doing alongside Lucie Kakuta, who is a mother that I adore. Her Instagram account @babyatoutprix always gives great advice, we are the same age and she is the mother of 3 children. She is simple, funny and very attentive, these are things that touch me a lot. We will be welcomed at the @Noholita location on Saturday March 20 at The Hill Door – 76 rue Réaumur 75002 Paris and we will collect hygiene products as well as clothing 0/12 months for the association Un Petit Bagage d'amour , which packs bags for mothers who arrive at the maternity ward, often without even a bodysuit for their newborn.

Paloma Coquant and Luice Kakuta

Will other collections emerge in the future?

I'm doing a big collection on April 13 with a mother I adore, who created a brand that has revolutionized the lives of thousands of mothers ( Banana Tagine ?). I won't say more, even if you already know who it is! We are going to have a somewhat special weekend because we are partnering with Gynécée, the women's house in Paris in the 9th arrondissement. The two creators Salomé and Camille provide us with the place as well as their professionals so that we can offer workshops in very small groups to mothers in need in order to explain to them breastfeeding, carrying, and preparing them for childbirth. etc. And at the same time a collection will take place on Sunday April 13, 2020 at the same place.

Where to follow MAM solidarity collection news to stay informed of upcoming editions?

On @mamcollectesolidaire and on my account @palomcoco


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