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How to stop breast pumping?

Breast pumping, like direct breastfeeding, is a magical moment which, for personal or professional reasons, must end one day. We then speak of weaning.


Breastfeeding makes weaning easier than it actually seems! In fact, your baby is already used to the bottle , which is a major advantage, unlike a baby who has been exclusively breastfed since birth and risks showing more stress during this crucial transition.




When to stop breast pumping? 

There is no real deadline for breastfeeding , any more than there is for exclusive breastfeeding. Weaning is official when mother and baby are ready to take the next step. Sometimes, starting this process can lead to real heartbreak for one person, as for the other…


Whether it's because of returning to work, breast pain, or health concerns, don't feel guilty! Every baby must one day abandon his mother's breast. That’s also what growing up is…


Breastfeeding, or exclusive breastfeeding, is no longer enough after a while to meet your child's nutritional needs (around six months). Generally, this period coincides with the start of dietary diversification . Before starting this, it is best to obtain approval from your pediatrician.


3 steps to stop breast pumping 

Convincing baby to switch to powdered milk is not always a piece of cake... Far from being born the last rain, your child will quickly differentiate between powdered milk and yours, and will understand that the liquid acting as of breakfast no longer has anything to do with what he was used to consuming until now.


A long sequence of crying, screaming and protests can then ensue, leaving you in a rather uncomfortable position. What to do ? Throw in the towel at the risk of leaving your baby on an empty stomach until he finally deigns to take this new formula?


1. Accept the idea that weaning is a long process 

First of all, it is important to recognize that your baby is not having a real tantrum but is in the grip of panic. Not giving in to your little one's anxiety is not the solution and would only increase their worry. Your milk has always been a comforting food habit.


The weaning stage is an upheaval in your child's life.

Although he is capable of adapting to the world around him, he can experience every change as a real crisis. If the texture, taste or temperature of his milk suddenly turns out to be different, he might refuse his meal!


Feedings if breastfeeding, or bottles of breast milk if you are breastfeeding, should not be stopped overnight. Things can very well unfold gradually and not be rushed.

👶 Mixed breastfeeding: combining breast and bottle.


2. Mix breast milk with infant milk, gradually reducing the doses 

To wean your baby, proceed in stages and “cut” the powdered milk with breast milk for the first few days, so that your child detects the taste he knows. Ideally, the first bottles should contain ¾ breast milk and ¼ formula .


Then, if you notice that your baby accepts his meals in this way, you can reduce the gap between the different milks by doing half and half... And so on, until your child definitively takes his bottles of milk in powder.


⚠️ Attention !

You must ensure that the meal doses correspond to the daily recommendations written on the milk boxes.


If the first mixture does not satisfy your child, further reduce the portion of powdered milk, even if it only represents 10% of the total volume of milk contained in the bottle. The objective is of course to gently accustom your baby to the new flavors .


3. Test several flavors of milk 

The taste sometimes differs depending on the brand. Not to mention the cereals with different flavors that you can add to milk to make it easier to take from the bottle. Be careful not to overdo it, these cereal preparations are very sweet and should be consumed in moderation.


If some parents immediately find the ideal candidate, others must sacrifice a few cans of milk and part of their budget to find the rare pearl that will delight the taste buds of their offspring... No equality when it comes to weaning, plan to arm yourself with patience and conciliation!


Learn more about the different types of milk powder for your baby 🥛


Can we interrupt the weaning phase to resume breastfeeding with a breast pump? 

Do you realize you may have made a mistake? 🤨 

This desire to stop breastfeeding or pumping was not yours but that of those around you thinking they were doing the right thing by advising you? If your body is still producing breast milk, it is possible to reverse the trend and interrupt the weaning process by offering your baby the breast again, just like in the good old days.


With perseverance and feedings, lactation will restart , although it may take a few days.


If your lactation has permanently stopped, things get tough. But it is not impossible that your body receives the signal to produce milk! Breastfeed as much as possible or use the breast pump to encourage the return of milk supply.

Did you know ? 💡 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have been pregnant and given birth to initiate breastfeeding!

Prolactin is the hormone allowing the secretion of breast milk, it is produced in large quantities at the birth of the child. Today it is possible to breastfeed the child carried by another, as part of an adoption for example.

The process, long and tedious, requires hormonal treatment at least six weeks before the first feedings. Prolactin is then supplied to the woman's body in medicinal form. We are talking here about induced lactation , a process developed by the famous Jack Newman, Canadian pediatrician.


What is natural weaning? 

In the case of unplanned breastfeeding, we speak of natural weaning . The method consists of letting baby decide the ideal time to wean himself. In this situation, you have nothing to do except wait until your child leaves your breast and asks for a drink less often. This usually happens between the ages of 2 and 6 , a wide range that requires patience.


Indeed, according to babies, relying on fate takes time. 😉 So, some mothers breastfed their babies for many years, before weaning finally set in. There is no clear path, and we recommend that you act on your instincts.


In the case of breastfeeding pumps, it is more difficult to talk about this notion of natural weaning. Indeed, baby is not the one who decides the contents of the bottles, things are different! So it’s up to you to decide the ideal time. However, you can observe the signs that indicate that your child is ready to go without breast milk, to give him a chance to express his opinion on the issue:


  • A lack of interest in the bottle you hand him,
  • A more frequent desire to taste solid foods,
  • Increased demand for dairy products (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.)


What to remember from this article 

  • Breastfeeding pump makes the weaning stage easier because your baby is already used to the bottle.
  • It is important to proceed gently by offering to split his meals with breast milk to reassure him. Depending on your baby's reactions, you may need to try several types of powdered milk.
  • In the event of a decline, lactation may resume or not, it all depends on the progress of your weaning.
  • Finally, know that in the case of breastfeeding , it is possible to let things evolve without intervening and opt for natural weaning, although this sometimes means breastfeeding the baby for several years in a row. If you pump, you can trust your baby to let you know that he is ready to go without your milk.


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