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Élhée, the French baby bottle made in Rhône-Alpes


  • The French Touch of a product designed and manufactured in France
  • 5 quality criteria for a Made in France brand
  • The first French baby bottle imagined by a woman

As you know, at Élhée we put a little bit of our heart into each product. Our hearts as mothers of course, for reassuring products, but also a little of our hearts as entrepreneurs so that they are safe and rewarding. But, do you know that each bibROND Élhée is, in addition, designed and manufactured in France ? From A to Z. From bottle to cap. From aesthetics to packaging... with the unique exception of our physiological pacifiers which come from an expert specializing in childcare in Germany. A whole set of know-how and attention put together to offer you THE French baby bottle, made in Élhée .

The French Touch of a product designed and manufactured in France

The quality of French creations is recognized and unanimously praised throughout the world. The Élhée French baby bottle is no exception. Through him, we indeed wished innovate and break the codes of a market that is both too masculine and monotonous.

Our own French Touch? A round, unique, emotional and reassuring design , healthy design all in medical grade silicone and a style as timeless as it is incomparable , designed for the pleasure of babies and that of their mothers.

So, for spread French authenticity and empowerment , we have chosen to create our French bottle in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region . The goal ? 100% control of the design chain and promote bibROND throughout the region and beyond.

French manufacturing elhee baby bottle
  • For you, the Élhée baby bottle is eco-designed . Its creation is the subject of the greatest attention for feeding babies up to 3 years and over, respectful of their health and their daily needs.
  • For you, Élhée has chosen local, short-circuit manufacturing . The French baby bottle and its packaging are made in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region.
  • For you, the verification, assembly and packaging around the Élhée BibRonds are entrusted to an ESAT (Establishment and work assistance service) located in Saint-Laurent-en-Royans, in the Drôme department. This is where Amandine, Diane, Séverine and Nadia, accompanied by Fabienne, watch over your bottles and prepare their route to you.

5 quality criteria for a brand 100% made in France

Because Choosing your baby's first bottle is an authentically engaging act , it involves questioning and reflection for young parents and even more so for new mothers. Capacity, materials, provenance, manufacturing process, practicality, brand promise, originality, design... every aspect is scrutinized to find the bottle that perfectly meets everyone's criteria. This is why, for the Élhée French baby bottle, we dreamed and then demanded the best.

  • Healthy and safe for babies , the Élhée bottle and its physiological teats are designed from medical grade silicone without risk of allergy, without chemical substances and perfectly suited to food contact.
  • Innovative , Élhée physiological pacifiers have a shape close to that of the maternal breast. Their shape respects the proper development of your child's palate and mouth. They are also equipped with an anti-colic valve at their base which limits air absorption at each feeding, and 3 different flow rates to adapt perfectly to the age, diet and preference of the baby. your child.
  • Avant-garde and patented , the Élhée French baby bottle has an exclusive closing system, designed so that the milk only meets the healthy silicone of the bibROND and its teat. It is also provided with a lid which makes the bibROND airtight and allows it to easily be transformed into a small pot.
  • Eco-responsible and concerned by its environmental and societal footprint , Élhée follows a sustainable approach at each stage of the creation of its baby bottles, from production to shipping, including the creation of designs or the supply of materials. (innovative medical silicone for the bibROND, FSC certified papers and plant-based inks labeled Imprim'Vert for its instructions and packaging, etc.) excellence is on every level.
  • Durable , our French baby bottle extends its lifespan as much as possible thanks not only to its semi-rigid design and its unbreakable silicone material, but also thanks to the virtuous practice of the circular economy.

The first French baby bottle imagined by a woman

Behind the first fully round French baby bottle hides a brilliant and daring woman, a pioneer in a traditionally masculine industry. A seasoned businesswoman, but above all a sensitive woman and even more so, mother of three children, Allison Piraud dreamed of reinventing the baby bottle .

For this, she drew inspiration from deep within herself, from her experiences, her experiences, her convictions, and also from her reflections. Passionate about art and design, Allison wanted a bibROND standard for the French baby bottle with its remarkable aesthetic . A practical and original object at the same time, the bibROND Élhée is as much a favorite purchase with a sensory and emotional dimension as it is a real solution for the future.

Tired of broken baby bottles and discouraged by plastic bottles that are harmful to babies' health, Allison surrounded herself with the best manufacturers to achieve her revolution: offering all mothers, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, a feminine baby bottle, safe and healthy, to take anywhere . Like the maternal breast, the Élhée French bottle is soft, supple, tender and nourishing. A real milky break.

Élhée, a French gem to discover and support

Today, gradually, Élhée is taking flight. With a range of 3 bottle sizes, 3 flow rates for its physiological teats and a cotton diaper to shop in your store, thanks to you our brand is unanimously praised. We can never thank you enough for raising the bibROND ranks as the safest and most innovative French baby bottle .

To our greatest pride, Élhée received the 2019 “ Janus de la Santé ” for its new generation baby bottle, now carries the “ Go for Good ” label for its environmental commitment, and is supported by the Orange group as part of the # program. WomenEntrepreneurs. We also participated in the global event highlighting solutions for the planet: #ChangeNOW2022.

So, once again thank you. Thank you for your welcome, thank you for your support, thank you for your feedback and for all the sharing you offer us, which every day makes the beautiful story of the Élhée French baby bottle.

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