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Silicone baby bottle: why does it remind your baby so much of the breast?


A silicone bottle for your baby... The idea has been in your head for some time now but it's impossible to take the plunge and really decide to buy one.

- Will it be practical enough?
- Will it be suitable for your child?
- Are you going to waste your money?
- The advantages of this bottle in silicone are they real and justified?

Before buying a product, it is normal to doubt and think. In the case of the silicone baby bottle, the main characteristic obviously remains its innovative material .

Silicone: a very soft material for a baby bottle

Silicone is a soft material and when combined with baby bottles, we obtain a soft and flexible container like… The maternal breast ! Which has many advantages, particularly in the context of gentle weaning or mixed breastfeeding. Baby will love holding it!

On the parent's side, it's a relief and less stress!

Babies are very sensitive to touch. It is a sense that they experience from birth, snuggled up against their parents' bodies (skin-to-skin). A silicone baby bottle reminiscent of the nourishing breast that he loves so much due to its texture and softness .

Silicone makes baby bottles soft and fun

Another important point: silicone makes it possible to obtain a soft bottle and therefore perfectly suited to small hands which grip it more easily.

The flexible container deforms and reforms endlessly ! Baby can squeeze it, spray himself in the summer, test his strength, have fun with it as many times as he wants. Silicone baby bottles represent a major advance from the point of view of awakening the senses and playability .

baby silicone bottle

9 preconceived ideas about the silicone baby bottle

Despite their advantages, silicone baby bottles are still little-known to the general public. Certain preconceived ideas even circulate about them. Because they are not always founded, they deserve to be clarified, for the sake of the babies, but also for you who no longer know who to believe...

1 # Silicone baby bottles are too expensive

Silicone baby bottles generally cost more than traditional baby bottles, simply because the raw material is quite expensive. Does that mean that these bottles are “too” expensive? Not necessarily… You have to consider the manufacturing conditions. The Élhée silicone baby bottle, for example, is made in France (Rhône-Alpes) .

Additionally, the packaging is environmentally friendly as it uses recycled paper and natural ink.

If a 150 ml silicone baby bottle cost 32 euros , you must take into account the fact that the manufacturing materials are durable, that the silicone bottle is unbreakable unlike the glass bottle. A small bottle can be used for:

- quickly take the relay of your breastfeeding and facilitate weaning
- give water to your grown baby
- transport purees and compotes thanks to its small airtight pot function made possible with the silicone sealing disc supplied with it.
- provide meals for a second baby who will perhaps be born in the years to come… (We wish you all the happiness!)

Baby's needs evolve. Choose one 240 ml baby bottle from birth is possible. The volume of milk that can be contained will allow you to give your baby his dose of milk until he is 6/7 months old without problem. This format only costs 4 euros more than the 150 ml format.

About the XXL version of 330 ml , it is accessible from 38 euros and can be a perfect ally until your baby is finally weaned.

The birth bonus is sufficient to contribute to the purchase of the first accessories such as baby bottles. Why not also say a word to your friends and family or include them on your birth list in the hope of you give one as a birth gift? 😉

2 # Silicone baby bottles benefit from a fashion effect

Fashion effect or not, silicone baby bottles have the advantage of being completely healthy for your child. Let all parents be reassured: the brand's objective is not to surf on ethical and responsible fashion but to adapt to their needs by offering them a bottle that presents no risk . The product has also been patented and is the subject of serious studies proving its non-toxicity .

3 # Silicone baby bottles are still in the testing phase

The silicone baby bottles sold by Élhée have passed this stage. It sells several thousand each year in France . The brand also exports its baby bottles internationally.

It is possible to access the online store at several colors and formats . In addition, if necessary, you can provide yourself with physiological teats additional. 🤗

4 # Silicone bottles are less sturdy

Taratata… Silicone baby bottles are extremely durable.

If it falls, it will only bounce and roll to the ground, to the delight of your baby who will laugh out loud.

Silicone is a surprising material: capable of deforming and then returning to its initial shape without flinching. In this case, Elhée brand baby bottles are deliberately soft to guarantee a unique experience to your child based on the awakening of the senses.

5# Silicone baby bottles are hard to wash

Once disassembled, the silicone bottle is suitable for all forms of cleaning: in the dishwasher or by hand . If cleaning manually, you can use a dab of dishwashing detergent (preferably organic and fragrance-free). No need for a bottle brush! All you have to do is run your hand through every nook and cranny so as not to forget any encrusted milk particles and that's it!

If you are wondering whether to sterilize the bottle , we invite you to read our article entirely dedicated to sterilization.

6 # Silicone baby bottles make milk taste bad

Silicone is a perfectly odorless material. If the milk you give to your newborn has a taste, it is because it has been in the bottle for too long and has picked up odors from the fridge. Therefore, throw it away and do not give it to your baby for safety reasons.

A silicone baby bottle will not transmit odor to the liquids and milk formula it contains. If there is a suspicious odor, check that you have cleaned the corners of the ring and that no bacterial source has taken up residence there.

7# Silicone baby bottles are not suitable for all ages

It's quite the opposite! This type of bottle is particularly suitable for babies from maternity. Indeed, soft to the touch, it is reminiscent of the nurturing breast and proves to be very comforting.

The bottle can be given to baby, even empty, so that he or she becomes familiar with the object before starting weaning or mixed breastfeeding for example and can thus be used as a toy. It does not present any danger because its elements are large enough not to be swallowed accidentally.

8 # Silicone baby bottles are often shunned by babies

If the silicone material that these baby bottles are made of scares you, it is above all because it is new on the market. A medical grade silicone baby bottle presents no risk and its level of toxicity is zero.

Note that some babies refuse the bottle for a completely different reason! Sometimes it is milk that is too warm, a form of pacifier that is not suitable for the baby. Or bad timing… (baby is not hungry enough). Sometimes they are colic which bother him. In this regard, did you know that the silicone baby bottle from the Elhée brand also serves as a anti colic bottle ? 😊

It is important not to neglect the options for your bottle that guarantee the well-being of your child. And your daily life as a parent will also be made easier...

9# Silicone baby bottles are hard to find

Many marketplaces and childcare sites offer the possibility of purchasing a silicone baby bottle on the Internet. Today, online commerce represents a very significant part of the market. Here is the method to find a silicone baby bottle without difficulty:

1. Simply go to your browser’s search bar and type “silicone baby bottle”
2. Then, click on the result that interests you.
3. Access baby bottle manufacturers' products from the menu and via the corresponding tab.
4. You can consult the notice from other Internet users to get a better idea!
5. Finally, simply add the items to the basket and validate your order if you feel like it!

Payments on reliable sites are obviously secure and your data is protected. You will find everything you need on the website 🍼

A FAQs is also available where many answers will be provided to you.

Delivery is free in France from 100 euros of purchase.

Finally, the Élhée team is at your disposal to answer your questions in its contact section. Access the contact form. Hoping to have definitively removed the doubt that lies dormant within you. 😊

Good shopping !

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