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Baby bottle set: how many anti-colic bottles should I buy for my baby?

Are you dreaming of a set of baby bottles to put together yourself? Élhée did it. With two capacities and multiple colors to choose from, your baby bottle box is unique and belongs only to you! You can coordinate it with your baby's diaper bag, with their clothes, or why not, with your interior decoration. The little extra Élhée? Anti-colic and physiological bottles, designed for the well-being of babies . The most important thing for us? Give you the opportunity to put together a set of baby bottles with an emotional design, that suits you, and that suits your child perfectly.


The anti-colic bottle, the milk innovation

As parents, many of us discover the reality of infant colic ( stomach aches, intense crying and inconsolable babies, etc.) when our children are born. It is for them and for every baby around the world that Élhée has chosen to imagine and create an anti-colic bottle equipped with a physiological teat.

Innovative thanks to its anti-colic valve combined with a flexible and soft medical grade silicone container, the Round Bib is very effective in promoting the digestive comfort of newborns . And much more than a classic glass baby bottle or an ordinary rigid plastic bottle.

How ? The ventilation system integrated into the physiological teat that equips the Round Bib allows better air circulation during feedings . This way, your baby no longer needs breaks to catch his breath while feeding. He therefore swallows less air, can nurse more regularly, more slowly and better enjoy his milk break in your arms. Little by little, his stomach, less prone to gas and bloating , calms down, and with it, the pain of colic.

Two sets of baby bottles to accompany all babies

Because the quantity of baby bottles drunk each day by your baby depends on his appetite, but also on his age, Élhée wanted to offer you two exclusive sets of baby bottles to offer or give to you. And yes, why not. Always sold in packs of three , but with all the Élhée colors available to choose from , the Round Bibs match your current desires. Clearly, the Round Bib are resolutely trendy.

Birth bottle box and 3 bottles of your choice

elhee birth bottle box

For infants from the first days, the birth bottle set consists of three Élhée Round Bibs , two of which have a capacity of 150 ml each and one, which has a capacity of 240 ml of milk . Why this addition? Quite simply to satisfy all appetites and take the time to see baby grow without being concerned about the size of his bottle.

And, for a complete and practical set of baby bottles, Élhée adds a duo of size S slow flow physiological teats .

2nd age baby bottle box to follow your child's growth

baby bottle box 2nd age elhee

For its part, the 2nd age bottle set is aimed at babies from 2 months to 2 years or more . Thanks to the two 240 ml models and the 330 ml Round Bib it contains, your child can drink milk, but also, from 6 months, water. Besides, did you know that? Élhée baby bottles are scalable and give you the possibility of transforming them into a small pot . To do this, simply remove the pacifier to replace it with the airtight cover provided with each Round Bib. And always, delivered with your box of 2nd age baby bottles, a set of two fast-flow teats, size L.

How many bottles does my baby need?

On average, a formula-fed or semi-breastfed baby needs six bottles of different sizes in their cupboards. This small stock allows you to deal with possible losses, to have enough bottles to rotate, or to leave some at the nursery or with your nanny without worrying.

Note the inimitable advantage of Élhée baby bottles: a container made of flexible medical silicone that you are under no risk of breaking.

Élhée: two sets of baby bottles for the happiness of babies and the confidence of parents

all elhee baby bottles

Baby bottles, pacifiers and now children's water bottles, the Élhée brand once dreamed of revolutionizing the conventional and conventional world of baby items.

It is by following this incredible Milky Way that the Bib Rond was born. A first step towards healthy, safe and scalable nutrition for babies , the anti-colic bottle, unbreakable and suitable for breastfeeding, is only the first in a series of innovative childcare articles, including the design is exclusively based on trust (yours), transparency (ours) and the happiness of your child.

This is why Élhée offers you, exclusively on its online store, boxes of birth and 2nd age baby bottles to create. Ivy green, blush, khaki, milk, but also black or blossom, quickly, tell us what your favorite colors are.

Which bottle to buy for a birth?

When your baby is born, if he is not breastfed or if you practice mixed breastfeeding, Élhée recommends that you buy at least a small 150 ml bottle and a medium 240 ml bottle to accommodate his growth. appetite. Our box of three 150 and 240 ml birth bottles equipped with slow flow teats perfectly meets this requirement.

How many bottles to buy for a baby?

Depending on your baby's age and feeding method (bottle, breast or both), you will need on average six bottles of different capacities. This way, you will be able to rotate efficiently and deal with all eventualities. The Élhée birth and 2nd age baby bottle sets have also been specially designed to follow and support the growth of your child.

How to recognize an anti-colic bottle?

In most cases, the anti-colic bottle can be recognized by its teat. This is the case with Élhée baby bottle sets whose physiological teat allows better air circulation during feeding and largely avoids digestive problems.

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