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Pregnant and female desire: let’s break the taboos!

Pregnant, you have the feeling that “fragile woman” is not really the definition that suits you best. Your belly has rounded, you carry life within you and you need (much) more sleep, it's true. You nonetheless remain a woman and even a woman at the height of her power. Creative, imaginative, sensitive, overflowing with love, but also solid, influential, amorous and seductive. A mother in the future and a woman, here and now, without waiting .

Female desire and pregnancy: let’s break the taboos!

In fact, for many women, pregnancy reveals heightened sensuality and gives rise to unexpected and/or heightened sensations. However, the image of the pregnant woman in control of her sexuality is still difficult to accept and even to consider in our societies. Thus, the midwife's dissertation: “ Sexuality during pregnancy: Crossed perspectives in the couple ” published in 2017, indicates that:

  • 62 to 91% of midwives do not systematically broach the subject of sexuality with their patients
  • 35 to 77% of pregnant women did not discuss their sexuality with a health professional during their pregnancy
  • 66 to 71% of future fathers did not receive information about sexuality during pregnancy

Speaking releases taboos and allows feelings to flourish. Far from the mother/lover opposition which would like sexual desire to have no place in the future mother, each woman must be able to live her femininity as she wishes, without judgment and in complete freedom .

Pregnant, they want their companion more than ever

Depending on a variable libido with often difficult beginnings, a flamboyant second trimester and the last three months rather placed under the sign of caution, women are now more attentive to their bodies and ever more numerous want to take advantage of a fulfilled sexuality during their pregnancy.

First trimester libido

The first three months of pregnancy are often marked by fatigue and nausea . A “small form” which does not really encourage unbridled sexual antics. It is time to rest and prepare the body and mind . As for the couple, they are taking advantage of these first weeks to digest the big news. Soon you will be parents!

Second trimester libido

The second trimester of pregnancy is often the most auspicious period . The nausea is (in theory) over and the mother-to-be's energy skyrockets , as does her sexual tone . The belly is not yet prominent, but is taking shape nicely. Weight gain is also moderate, if not non-existent. This is undoubtedly the best time to share your bubble of well-being and sensuality with him.

Third trimester libido

Unless medically contraindicated, sexual intercourse can be continued until the last days before delivery, but discomfort, difficulty finding the right position, fear of "discomforting" the baby or fear that orgasm will trigger contractions … Many couples slow down their activity around the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy.

If there is a lack of numerical data to discuss female sexuality during pregnancy, data concerning men is even rarer. We can only imagine a certain distress at seeing their lover become a mother and their child growing inside her.

But, for men who appreciate dazzling and sensual motherhood, for all men in love with the rounded breasts and stomach of their wife, for those who are deeply troubled by the generous body of the pregnant woman, Élhée has concocted a easy-to-follow recipe for a spicy holiday of love before baby arrives.

Take the time to take a close look at your relationship

Soon there will no longer be two of you, but three (or maybe more!). Soon your nights will no longer be calm and restful when you need them. Soon the entire rhythm of your life will change. This new perspective fills you with happiness and excitement, which you want to share with your companion.

And what better way to fully understand the importance of the change to come than to take a break together? A prenatal vacation dedicated to well-being, contemplation, gentleness and sensuality .

Antenatal vacations for two

So it's decided, you're going on vacation. Your head already far away, you put your nose in your suitcase to slip in a few essentials : maternity dresses and comfortable shoes, a large hat and protective cream if you are going out in the sun, support stockings if you plan to take the plane , your medical file if necessary, a first aid kit validated by your doctor or midwife, and a swimsuit to let yourself be carried away by the delights of the water.

But, since you plan to celebrate this moment of freedom, also remember to slip on some suitable underwear to highlight the generous curves of your new body. Special mention to Christina Milian who excels in this exercise in sexy Savage x Fenty lingerie!

Do you prefer softer prints and more discreet models? The RougeGorge house offers a refined Jolie Mam' collection, just as the Breton brand CacheCoeur offers lingerie for pregnant women with clean and delicate lines.

Between physical changes and hormones playing tricks on you, you both have to deal with new physical sensitivities , new erogenous zones , new desires and sometimes even stronger orgasms .  

No, the baby bump is not a barrier to sexuality.

Gentlemen! Organize a vacation to spend together under the covers, during your pregnancy
  • Start with a dose of surprise
  • Add a beautiful declaration of love to the woman in your life
  • Focus on a destination that is rather close to avoid fatigue, but romantic or original
  • Flavor everything in the second trimester preferably
  • Get up with a nice gift (maternity lingerie, prenatal massage session, jewelry or Elhée bibRond for the future newborn !)
  • Enjoy the result during a romantic getaway , between lovers and future parents
Pregnancy: a good time to try new positions

When it comes to sex, anything goes as long as pleasure and mutual consent are present. While pregnant, still get into the habit of:

  • favor positions that do not exert pressure on the stomach
  • avoid acrobatic or tiring positions that could be uncomfortable for the mother-to-be
  • identify positions that cause penetration that is too deep and sometimes painful , to avoid them
  • favor positions where the pregnant woman is on top, sitting, straddling or lying on her side

Whatever your choices in intimacy, always pay the greatest attention to your body, your well-being and your sensations. As long as you feel good and love yourself, everything will be fine.

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