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Pregnancy: 6 tips for better coping with the heat when you are pregnant


Extreme heat is not comfortable for anyone. Adults or children, bodies suffer from perspiration and high temperatures, when it is not sunburn that is involved. Pregnancy, too, contributes to increasing your body temperature. If we add the usual inconveniences to this period, namely heavy legs or disturbed sleep, the period can really become complicated. The time seems ripe to share with you some tips for better coping with the heat when you are pregnant!

Eat “wet”

Watermelon, grapes, melon, juicy pears, cucumber or tomato, summer is the best time to enjoy fruits and vegetables full of water and vitamins . Beneficial for your health, also good for your baby and fresh, they provide you with some of the hydration necessary in summer, require little preparation and facilitate digestion .

It's time to imagine your best wellness recipes , beautiful raw vegetable salads , fresh spreads (fresh bread, fresh cheese, fresh cucumber) and colorful veggie bowls .

Remember to wash your vegetables thoroughly before preparing them, especially if you are not immune to toxoplasmosis.

Drink without counting

learning cup to learn to drink and stay hydrated

Your doctor has probably told you time and time again that when you are pregnant, the ideal is to drink 1.5 liters of water per day. In case of extreme heat or during a heatwave, do not hesitate to drink even more.

The secret to avoiding feeling “stuffed”? Keep a bottle of water on hand and drink small amounts at all times . A sip here, a sip there, you won't see the bottles go by.

Naturally flavored waters can also help you drink more often. Mint leaves, lemon and orange slices, kiwi or pineapple, anything is possible. You can even combine the pleasures. Consider, for example, preparing a bottle of “Detox Water” each morning: raspberries and lime, peaches and blackberries or oranges and basil.

But when you are pregnant you also have the urge to urinate more often. The cause is the pressure exerted by the uterus on your bladder and the increase in blood flow. To avoid spending your nights peeing, drink more during the day and a little less in the evening , but don't drink less. Water, in addition to hydrating you and your baby, prevents the risk of constipation and urinary infections.

While waiting for your child to be born, anticipate their needs with the Élhée birth bottle set and the Bubble leak-proof training cup . So that he too stays well hydrated all summer long.

7 tips to relieve your swollen legs

Classic among pregnancy ailments, swollen legs and feet can be painful. If prolonged standing or sitting can be the cause, the heat only aggravates the phenomenon of “heavy legs”.

To feel better, walkbarefoot is even bettermove around, swim , and run your legs under cool water whenever possible. The traditional foot bath in a basin of fresh water also does the trick. Once lying down, also remember to elevate your legs (a small pillow slipped under the bed mattress is enough).

To support your efforts, there are creams and gels to place in the fridge before applying them to painful areas. Just remember to check that they are not contraindicated during pregnancy.

Accompany all these little tips with a few cups of red vine herbal tea , known for its effective circulatory action.

However, the most effective remedy, although not very glamorous, remains compression stockings . Ask your doctor or midwife to prescribe them for you. They will not make you the most beautiful to go dancing, but the lightest when you move.

Be careful of the summer sun, even at the end of the day

a pregnant woman, in a swimsuit, with a bottle elhee

Who says pregnant woman under the sun, often says pregnancy mask on the face. Although temporary, this hyperpigmentation of the skin can last several months after childbirth.

To prevent its appearance, factor 50 sunscreen is your best ally. You can also wear a very large hat , which has the added advantage of elegance, or stay in the shade during the day (especially between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.).

In the heat, opt for cool, light clothing

To better experience the heat while pregnant, especially in the second and third trimesters, adapt your wardrobe by focusing solely on the comfort of natural materials such as cotton or linen which allow the skin to breathe and reduce perspiration.

In terms of cut, the empire dress is very feminine , the little close-fitting maternity dress is essential , while the shorts for pregnant women accompanied by their tank top are really practical.

Throughout pregnancy, nap as much as you can

When it's hot, fatigue is much more present, even with little activity. When pregnant, you must listen to the signals your body sends you . If your eyes close, if you yawn or simply if you want to lie down, don't hesitate.

Quiet and cool, sheltered from the walls of the house, with all shutters closed or under the draft of the fan, find the right position to sleep and abandon yourself to the arms of Morpheus. During this nap, put aside or delegate all tasks that are not directly linked to your well-being.

On a daily basis, also allow yourself ice creams and fresh fruit juices, lukewarm baths and showers during the day, and don't hesitate to ask for a back or foot massage. You are pregnant, you are carrying life. You deserve all the attention and above all, to be able to take care of you (both) as much as you want.

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