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Birth gift: all our ideas to spoil moms!


  • Feel good thanks to postnatal yoga
  • A photo shoot before or after pregnancy to admire yourself
  • On cloud nine thanks to an aquatic wellness session
  • Exempt from chores for a month
  • A voucher from the best cheese maker: just for fun
  • The best French bottle for babies
  • A trendy diaper bag for walking around in style
  • And if not, when should we give it our beautiful birth gift?

When your little one was born, what were the gifts left at the foot of your bed? Soft cuddly toys, colorful bodysuits, baby clothes or a toiletry bag for your newborn? Of course, everyone, families and friends included, wants to shower gifts on this child who is so small and already so alive. But you, yes you, new mother, who is thinking of celebrating yourself? Fatigue, pregnancy ailments, nausea, dietary restrictions... Because you have endured everything for the love of this little baby, here is some gift ideas made in Élhée, to slip into the ears of your well-meaning loved ones .

Feel good thanks to postnatal yoga

What is postnatal yoga? It is simply a type of yoga focused on the new mother, and entirely adapted to the postpartum period . Gradually and gently, it allows you to drain, relax, stretch and re-tone the body , depending on the experience, pregnancy, childbirth and the physical and physiological state of each participant.

The little extra? As these classes are limited in number of participants, the pressure is non-existent, as is the judgment. Every journey of life is welcome, just like babies and all emotions. Kindness is the key word.

A photo shoot before or after pregnancy to admire yourself

The third and fourth trimesters of pregnancy are not always those where women are at their best. Accumulated fatigue, dull hair, extra pounds, lack of time for yourself... And yet! Offering a maternity photo shoot or a birth shoot is a wonderful way to press “pause” and forever fight against the passage of time . In a few years, everyone will look affectionately, tenderly, moved... on the photos taken.
- To enhance it, think about a maxi-delivery of flowers made in Bergamot .

The little extra? Photographers today compete in creativity to allow future and young mothers to see themselves through the prism of self-pride and empowerment. Photo session alone or with family, in the water, in the middle of a field of flowers or in a public place, everyone can determine where they feel like a fish in water!

On cloud nine thanks to an aquatic wellness session

Offer a session or subscription to enjoy the benefits of the swimming pool, a spa area or massages is always a good idea. So, when it comes to relieving the pain of a woman who is experiencing her first postpartum (or not); we say bingo! Indeed, if the massages relax, revitalize and help you regain possession of your body , water brings a real moment of fullness which helps to forget or alleviate stiffness and many other small or major pains, while calming the mind.

The little extra? Massage, swimming pool or spa, why not enjoy it with friends, sisters or with your mother? This is the big advantage of well-being breaks which are good for all ages and create an intimacy specific to exchanges and confidences.

Exempt from chores for a month

This is a less usual gift, but just as appreciable for expectant and new mothers. During the last months of pregnancy, the stomach becomes more and more bulky and the efforts more and more difficult to provide. After the birth of a child, every lifestyle is disrupted and every hour is numbered, including sleep. To relieve this great upheaval, it can be very useful to offer cleaning hours, or even the delivery of take-out meals several times a week. for a month for example. Offering to look after the baby can also be very appreciated.

The little extra? Find a formula that allows young parents to subscribe by the hour or for a package and choose the services that interest them, but above all, that relieve them the most.

A voucher from the best cheese maker: just for fun

Always with the idea of ​​maximizing the happiness of the very young mother, satisfying her sweet tooth can be an excellent idea, especially since pregnancy has its share of deprivations, particularly when it comes to cheese. Of course there are many tasty recipes for pregnant women , but being able to treat yourself with a real cheese platter is priceless. A voucher or a well-stuffed envelope guarantees a gourmet shopping experience to share for good times!

The little extra? For a truly personalized birth gift entirely dedicated to the mother, you can choose your favorite restaurant, your favorite delivery person, your favorite merchant... and take them into your confidence, for a welcome that is also 100% dedicated.

The best French bottle for babies

Feeding with milk, mixed breastfeeding or bottle feeding, are an intimate choice specific to each woman. However, nothing prohibits offering a birth bottle , especially if it is the best French baby bottle Currently ! Healthy, without risk of breakage, light, flexible, soft under little fingers and terribly stylish, the bibROND Élhée has it all . For a birth gift box complete, it can be accompanied by a diaper and spare pacifiers.

The little extra? 100% French design and development. The bibROND is in fact originally from and still established in Rhône-Alpes for the pleasure of supporting the made in France sector, and the assurance of a quality product and manufacturing, in complete transparency.

best anti colic bottle

A trendy diaper bag for walking around in style

In the section of useful birth gifts, there is also the diaper bag. But not just any diaper bag, one XXL model inside, ingenious, ultra-compartmentalized and above all crazy trendy . For example, we imagine an ecofriendy changing bag, made from organic and/or vegan materials, which would go well with the most airy summer outfits, or with the chunky knit sweaters required for a winter birth. What more could you ask for to carry all your baby's belongings?
- To accompany her, don't hesitate and choose a piece of nursing clothing from the beautiful collection Banana Tagine .

The little extra? Check that the chosen bag has common accessories (changing mat, pacifier pouch, etc.), but also places reserved for mothers' belongings (keys, cell phone, makeup, etc.). These pockets (ideally zipped) provide a real advantage to use.

And if not, when should we give it our beautiful birth gift?

To give the best gift, choosing the best time is essential. But, to know when to give a birth gift to the mother, you must first refer to the type of gift in question.
  • Before the birth , you can offer or participate in gifts such as the pregnancy photo session, or the perinatal massage session. In summary, all the gifts that concern the mother-to-be.
  • As soon as the birth is announced , you can send your gift by La Poste. Why ship it? Because, in the first days and even the first weeks of her postpartum period, the new mother will above all want to rest and discover her baby. Would you prefer to deliver it to him personally? Wait until the next point.
  • After birth , there is no ideal date. For what ? Because a birth gift is always a pleasure, even several months later. It's a good time, for example, to think about postnatal yoga, the French bottle or the cheese voucher.

THE birth gifts do not take the same form everywhere in the world. In China, tradition dictates that babies receive money and gold jewelry as soon as they are born. In return, young parents offer red eggs, a symbol of fertility and wealth.
In Mexico, red is also required, but this time worn on the baby's wrist to protect him, like a talisman.
In Sweden, it is a small wooden horse that is painted carmine. The Dalecarlian or Dala horse is another symbol of protection for the child.
Finally, in Japan the tradition is multiple with an envelope containing money, or a wooden sculpture, or even a piece of umbilical cord given by the midwives. This symbolizes the strength and longevity of the mother-child bond.
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