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Christmas gifts for babies: our 10 best ideas!

The clock is ticking, the days are passing and the sleeps are passing! The tree is already shining, Christmas is almost here. Big kids make their first gift list. For your other half, the question is settled. But for toddlers? How to find Christmas gifts for babies that are both pretty and practical? To help you, Élhée shares her best ideas and wishes you magical, magical, ethical, aesthetic or practical Christmas holidays, depending on your choice.


  • Softness with traditional soft toys
  • Comfort in slippers, onesie or jumpsuit
  • A peaceful sleep by the glow of a night light
  • Fun with a box of bibRONDs
  • Sensoriality with Milky Water
  • Autonomy thanks to Bubble, the learning cup
  • Bursts of laughter between tumblers and puppets
  • Well-being moments with baby care
  • Memories to create thanks to the treasure chest
  • A box of precious and timeless baby jewelry
  • A box of precious and timeless baby jewelry

    To stay on the theme of transmission, what do you think of parent-child jewelry box @monpetitpoids ? To discover in their beautiful lined box, the mother-child or father-child jewelry consists, for example, of two rings (one in adult size and the other in child size) or two pendants engraved with your baby's first name .

    Softness with traditional soft toys

    Little rabbit with big ears or grumpy teddy bear, the silky touch of the soft toys takes us back to childhood. Also, under the tree, cuddly toys are the big winners when it comes to Christmas gifts for babies . First comfort, sensory awakening, white noise or lullaby , each has its advantage.

    For the changes , to relax , to work on motor skills or to play , the baby blanket @mamahangs is another gift to think about. Made from organic cotton or recycled material, it is soft on the skin and fits easily into the changing bag.

    Comfort in slippers, onesie or jumpsuit

    Like a birth gift, a baby's Christmas gift can take the form of a clothing or accessory to choose again in a very soft and skin-friendly material. In case of doubt, the Oeko-Tex label guarantees you organic cotton free of toxic products for the body or the environment.

    Consider, for example, offering a pair of slippers-socks , one cross-opening onesie or a warm sleeping bag for the night, and its combination @tajinebanane assorted.

    A peaceful sleep by the glow of a night light

    It's hard to get prettier than one night light placed next to the baby's bed . Greedy panda or laughing whale, she watches over the peaceful sleep of children. For an object halfway between toy and decoration, choose it in Soft silicone that resists everything or fabric .

    Who says Christmas gift for baby, necessarily says music Box . Used every evening for years, its melody will accompany in all memories, the prettiest memories .

    Fun with a box of bibRONDs

    Because before a year (and even after) Babies' greatest pleasure is breastfeeding , give Élhée bibRONDS! In box to compose or to low price , they slip easily under the tree. For milk – breast milk, breastfeeding pump , or infant milk – but also for water and even for small pots (remove the pacifier, put the ring back in place and presto, a small spoon please !), the bottle finds its place at all meals. Moreover, for the next great festive meals, focus on originality : elegant bibROND Black, refined Milk or the Graouu collection , our latest addition, you need them all to shine in society!

    Sensoriality with Milky Water

    10 Christmas gift ideas for babies with elhee Because babies also have the right to their dedicated care, Élhée innovates once again, always focusing on the sensoriality and naturalness of its products . Formulated with water, olive oil and natural extracts of white musk, jasmine and mandarin , Eau Lactée is a real care water that can be used from birth . A delicate fragrance to share between babies and their mothers . Its elegant box with clean lines and its deliciously vintage bottle make this scented water for babies a real sensory memory activator (your future Proust madeleine?) and a perfect Christmas gift.

    Autonomy thanks to Bubble, the learning cup

    For toddlers from 4 months and for older children with no age limit, but also, because for children, the quest for autonomy does not really wait, add to your order of baby bottles, a cup of learning . Named Bubble to emphasize the softness of its curves and its astonishing lightness , the Élhée bottle is as virtuous as the bibROND thanks to the medical silicone from which it is made. Delivered with its suction spout and compatible with the colored elements of our baby bottles (clamping ring and cap), it deserves to be added to your collection.

    Bursts of laughter between tumblers and puppets

    Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a good dose of toys, even for babies. Montessori philosophy or not, manufacturers are full of good ideas to make them laugh and smile. From around 3 months, consider colorful FSC-labeled wooden tumbler (guarantee of sustainable forest management).

    THE Puppets , often in the form of animals, also accompany toddlers' first games. Manipulated by parents, they are the perfect partners for a start of hide and seek , or a first game of “Hello!” Weed” and a perfect Christmas present for baby.

    Well-being moments with baby care

    Among the little ones, bathing is an important time . Softness, warmth, looks, little stories, songs and even discussions, washing creates a special moment between parents and children, which nothing should disturb.

    For babies, you can also opt for a well-being Christmas gift. There toiletry bag @bonjourlittle made from organic and/or recycled materials, could for example be filled with small suitable products. Body and hair washing gel, cleansing water, scented water or organic liniment @pouponcosmetiques It’s up to you to choose and compose your gift.

    Memories to create thanks to the treasure chest

    In a pretty box or in a large box that you place under the tree, start a collection that you will offer to your child when he grows up: photos , personal objects belonging to you, memories shared with grandparents , birth memories ... a collection to be completed each year, like a tradition.

    Family and intergenerational gift if there is one, why not offer as a Christmas gift to baby and the whole family, a group photo session ? In the studio, in front of a backdrop of snow-covered fir trees, or outdoors, it's an opportunity to fix the present moment on paper . Parents-children and even grandparents, parents and grandchildren, the more love there is, the more successful the photographs!

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