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Empowerment: Being a mother in your own way

Throughout time, women have found themselves at the heart of debates and often destructive passions. Targeted, exploited, submissive and accused of many evils, the centuries and recent decades have seen her move from the status of witch to that of muse without forgetting the warrior woman, perhaps the most important of all. Today, women want to be resolutely free and independent in their choices . Among them, the mother proudly stands. Fulfilled, luminous, bathed in a natural confidence and serenity erected as ramparts, she moves forward facing obstacles one after the other, enjoying the joys of life when they present themselves. Because her greatest power is there, within her . She is empowerment personified. She is She, finally.

Angelina Jolie and empowerment

Empowerment, nm, but feminine quality

Difficult to pronounce, the word empowerment is just as difficult to explain. More than a word with a definition attached to it, empowerment is a concept, a philosophy of life, a feeling .

Simple, Larousse suggests “greater autonomy” as a translation. It is in reality only a pale reflection of what empowerment represents. Another dictionary suggests a more complete definition by speaking of liberation, fullness of rights and social, moral and intellectual emancipation . In our opinion, this plot is missing a more personal dimension, an inner power .

According to Élhée, empowerment is akin to a real and full takeover of control by the woman over who she is, over her life – private and professional – which involves deep inner work, with, first of all, acceptance . what it is and the forces that result from it ; its true sacred power.

Empowerment and women of the world

From a societal point of view, women – and other minorities with them – still have a great need for the empowerment that empowerment represents. This is about little girls not in school, social injunctions, gender equality, but also gender stereotypes. Each of these barriers weakens women, their achievements and their future. Empowerment is developing to help counter them, without waiting for or in addition to external aid.

Being a mother and claiming your sacred power

Cindy Crawford, feminist

If empowerment is an internal awareness , the process can also result from a transmission, that of a mother to her child .

History describes quite well the ambivalence around the woman – mother. Goddess of the sacred feminine through its power of procreation, motherhood is also presented as the greatest state of vulnerability and submission of women.

Except that things are changing. The modern world and the future, thanks in particular to empowerment, are gradually agreeing on a new vision of motherhood , or rather on several. Little by little, multiple motherhood is taking shape and moving towards acceptance. Through the transformation of empowerment, each mother can be the mother, the stay-at-home mother, the working mother or even the unexpected mother that she wants . Empowerment pushes mothers towards agreement and self-confidence between traditions and modernity, towards instinctive and majestic motherhood .

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, Élhée, a feminine and maternal company if ever there was one, wanted to pay tribute to all mothers, from the most novice to the most embodied, including all those who occupy this role, whatever their way of assuming it. There are 1,001 ways and probably more to be a mother to your children.

  • Being a mother means embarking on the journey of medically assisted fertilization, perhaps trying several times, to finally get pregnant naturally after struggling for a long time.
  • Being a mother means discovering yourself pregnant despite using contraception and deciding to welcome this new child with happiness.
  • Being a mother means giving birth to your child naturally or with the help of a cesarean section, choosing a non-medical birth or benefiting from an epidural.
  • Being a mother means breastfeeding your baby, giving him formula and using a bottle or choosing mixed breastfeeding.
  • Being a mother means enduring the complications, stress and monitoring of a risky pregnancy and sometimes spending long, trying weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit and neonatology.
  • Being a mother means staying up all night to take care of your sick child.
  • Being a mother means returning to work full-time or part-time and having the conviction that it is a good thing for you and for your baby.
  • Being a mother means choosing to stay at home to raise your child and also flourish that way.
  • Being a mother means sharing household chores equally with the person in your life, or having them do most of the work while you manage the household finances.
  • Being a mother also means experiencing a romantic failure or a conflicting situation around childcare.
  • Being a mother means relying on others when necessary, having the courage to place your child for adoption to give him a better future, or feeding him with milk from an anonymous donor.
  • Being a mother doesn't mean you have to be perfect, or even that you have to fit one stereotype or another; Being a mother means above all being you and doing things in accordance with who you are, unvarnished and revealing the sacred power of your personality.

To be a mother is above all to be a woman, because being happy is above all being you, because passing on is above all knowing yourself in order to be able to give the example to your children of an available and generous mother, but also aware of their needs and their balance as a person, for the well-being of all.

As a deeply feminine company founded by a mother in an almost entirely male industry, Élhée is closely interested in developments in society, especially as they affect mothers and their children. On this global day of recognition and celebration, we wanted to make our small contribution!

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