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The Pregnant Woman's Pocket Kamasutra


  • Small pregnancy libido point
  • Andromache the Conqueror
  • Romantic lotus
  • The adventurous square
  • The anvil, yes the anvil, or the oyster position
  • Unmissable doggy style
  • Two teaspoons for a good dose of love

For a long (too) long time, the idea that sex and pregnancy did not go well together was imposed on women, and by extension, on their partners. We know it today, from a medical point of view, when there are no contraindications and they are rare, Parental sexual relations during pregnancy do not pose any risk to the child , perfectly protected by the amniotic sac and a hermetically closed cervix. On the contrary ! Hugs and pleasures, given and received, release endorphins both analgesic (it soothes pain), anxiolytic (it reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress) and relaxing, enough to benefit from a nap or a peaceful and well-deserved night.

Small pregnancy libido point

At this point, a reminder, sex is fulfilling when it is fully consensual. However, throughout the 9 months of preparing and waiting for a baby, the libido of future parents can change enormously .

Often non-existent in the first trimester due to intense female fatigue, it happens that it exceeds all expectations between the 3rd and 6th months of pregnancy, then becomes more discreet and hides behind a rounded belly, more and more bulky . Your breasts may be too painful to touch, your libido may remain at half-mast no matter what you do, you may be completely sucked into your new role, or your mother-to-be body may be so disturbing to your partner, whether he or she is slowed down in his momentum.

On the contrary, others Women enjoy fulfilled sexuality throughout their pregnancy . So, for them and for all the others, for each moment of complicity and intimacy, Élhée has concocted a little pocket kamasutra, specially adapted for pregnant women, to slip into your bedside table .

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Andromache the Conqueror

For those super fit days, when your libido is at its highest and you want to impress Jules, take control of the situation and move in on him! The Andromache position allows you to adapt the pace and depth of penetration, for a comfortable hug... as long as your stomach is not too heavy.

Romantic lotus

To be reserved once again, rather for the first trimester or at the beginning of the second, the lotus position is very romantic. Sitting opposite each other, or rather, entangled with each other, you can kiss, touch and look at each other until you drop.

The adventurous square

Either your bed is high, or the position of the bracket risks taking you into other rooms in the house. Lying on your back, place your buttocks at the very edge of the bed (again, if it has the right dimensions), raise your legs and let them rest against your companion's chest.

Installed at 90°, you benefit from a very comfortable angle of penetration and you keep your hands free to caress yourself... which is sure to take the excitement up a notch!

The anvil, yes the anvil, or the oyster position

Even if its little name is not really inviting, the position of the anvil is worth testing. Lying on your back, you place your ankles on the arms or shoulders of your companion, who can then penetrate you gently, without ever leaning on your stomach.

Fortunately, he also enjoys free access to your entire body, or almost. For more comfort, add a cushion under your kidneys, which will have the effect of slightly raising your pelvis.

Unmissable doggy style

Featuring prominently in the pregnant woman's kamasutra, doggy style can in fact be practiced throughout the pregnancy, as long as you are comfortable. Place yourself on all fours with your arms outstretched or folded, depending.

Afterwards ? All you have to do is let the gentleman, installed behind you, offer you a moment of pleasure often increased tenfold by an angle and depth of penetration that you master.

Two teaspoons for a good dose of love

This is undoubtedly THE essential position for all pregnant women, especially in the third trimester. Lie on your side (preferably left to avoid compressing the vena cava ) and invite your partner to join you, to stick to you, to melt into you like two little spoons placed next to each other. other.

All you have to do is let yourself be carried away, and for greater comfort, you can even slip a small cushion under your belly to fully enjoy the tenderness of the moment.