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10 essentials to slip into your maternity suitcase

Baby is arriving in a few weeks and it's high time to think about what you're going to take with you to the maternity ward. The suitcase is ready with everything you need for you and your baby, but there is still a little space left to slip in our 10 essentials that will bring comfort to your heart and sweeten your stay in the maternity ward!

1. A night light

Or a garland, small lamp, portable lamp, flashlight... for changing, rocking, breastfeeding or giving Round Bib to your baby at night without having to turn on the harsh neon lights in the room. Not very pleasant waking up with 10,000 watts in your face!

2. A small portable speaker

To give you energy during childbirth or to play soft, soothing music during your stay in the maternity ward. You can also put in the background music that you listened to during your pregnancy and that rocked your baby in utero. Find our ideal Playlist during childbirth here .

3. A nursing pillow

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, the nursing pillow is truly an essential accessory. Ideal for holding baby comfortably against you without cramping your arm!

4. Small snacks

Chocolate, dried fruit or even snacks Jolly Mama (or M&M's work too  )... Little pleasures to give you energy after the marathon of childbirth that you have just gone through!

5. Magazines

Gala, Here, Glamour, Elle... After the visits, the naps and the hours that you will spend watching your baby, you will surely find a few minutes to clear your head and keep yourself informed of what is happening on the planet People ;).

6. A post-delivery survival kit

Mamacitas offers a box with a selection of simple and healthy products to slip into your suitcase to bring good vibes to your postpartum! To find here .

7. A gift box for the eldest

The idea is to put together a small box filled with little gifts for your eldest from the baby and which he/she will be delighted to open in the maternity ward! This could be “vouchers”, a small book, puzzles… The time in the maternity ward can seem long for the elders, there is not much to do and this could keep them busy for a while. moment !

8. A beautiful notebook and pencil

To write down your first impressions, memories and emotions. You will take great pleasure in rereading it later and giving it to your child when he or she grows up!

9. A kettle and herbal teas!

It's certainly cumbersome, but what a joy to be able to make a little hot and comforting herbal tea at any time of the day or night.

10. A face mask and body cream

Baby is sleeping peacefully, take some time for yourself and take advantage of these moments to relax with a face mask. If your other half is with you, you can even request a little foot, leg or hand massage = Maximum relaxation!

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