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Anti-colic bottle: What is the best bottle for my baby?


  • Infant colic, where does it come from?
  • Why is the bottle important for my newborn's colic problems?
  • How to choose the best anti-colic bottle?
  • List of anti-colic baby bottles: the glass bottle
  • List of anti-colic baby bottles: the silicone bottle
  • List of anti-colic baby bottles: the different possible designs
  • What size to choose based on the baby's age?
  • Conclusion: the best anti-colic bottle

What are the best anti-colic bottles for my baby? How to choose my anti colic bottle? My baby suffers from colic, what should I do and how should I react to soothe his intestinal pain?

In this article, we will see the criteria for choosing the right anti-colic bottle and the list of different bottles that can reduce my baby's seizures.

Why is the bottle important for my newborn's colic problems?

The bottle is one of the means of action against colic in infants. Several elements must be taken into account to facilitate your baby's digestion : the design, the material, the teat... They must be designed to make it easier for the newborn to take milk but also designed for parents.

A poorly designed bottle can disturb the father or mother and therefore hinder the smooth progress of breastfeeding. The transition from the breast to the first bottle is also an important moment for which the choice of bottle must be based on criteria allowing the infant to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

The more the baby has the sensation of natural breastfeeding, the more the risk of colic will be reduced.

How to choose the best anti colic bottle?

The choice of your bottle will be based on the age of your baby, which will determine the material, the size of the bottle and the shape of the teat.

The choice will also have to be based on your baby's current method of breastfeeding. Is he still breastfed? Is he in a period of transition?

If he is still in this situation, particular attention will be given to the design of the bottle and the teat to get as close as possible to natural breastfeeding.

List of anti-colic baby bottles: There are two main categories of material today for choosing your baby bottle.

List of anti-colic baby bottles: the glass bottle

glass baby bottle
They have the advantages of having good durability and retaining the heat of the milk well, which facilitates digestion. They are used less and less because they are impractical.

In fact, their weight is not always suitable for long feedings. They are, moreover, breakable.

List of anti-colic baby bottles: the silicone bottle

This material combines the advantages of glass and silicone:
- sustainability
- lightness
- unbreakable
- texture and design suitable for infants. Also keep in mind that the bottle must be easy to wash in order to limit health risks.

silicone baby bottle

List of anti-colic baby bottles: the different possible designs

- S-shaped bottle:

S-shaped bottle

- Angled baby bottle:

angled baby bottle

It is essential that the design ensures a continuous supply of food for the baby.

These bottles, with ergonomic shapes, help the child in his learning.

The anti-colic bottle must limit the quantity of air swallowed by the baby, which can cause colic but also gas that causes seizures. In addition to the flow rate which must be adapted to the rhythm of the newborn's feedings, the parent must also find a bottle that is completely comfortable for them. Shape and texture are essential in this feeling.

The Elhée bibRond was designed with an airy, curved design to make it easier to hold the bottle and a very soft texture.

What size to choose based on the baby's age?

Several bottle sizes are available. Generally, baby bottles come in 3 sizes:

  • Between 90 to 150 ml: These bottles are used for the first meals of newborns. They are generally then used as a bottle of water.
  • 240 ml: This is the standard model. It is perfect for feeding little ones up to approximately 9 months.
  • Between 260 to 350 ml: This is a bottle that meets a larger appetite. It is often associated with dietary diversification.

What is the role of the pacifier?

The pacifier plays a major role in breastfeeding and limiting baby colic.

A soft texture, in silicone or rubber, provides a natural and comfortable feeding.

Silicone pacifiers are good for babies with mixed diets because they have no taste. You will be able to easily control the flow of your baby's milk.

Élhée has chosen a physiological pacifier , also designed in extra-soft medical silicone which protects your child's health and helps them learn to suck. It reproduces the conditions of breastfeeding for better acceptance by your baby.

You can choose slow, medium or fast flow depending on your baby's needs. Its physiological shape, which reproduces the shape of the breast, has been designed to adapt completely to babies' mouths and their rhythm.

Finally, an anti-colic valve is integrated to facilitate the baby's digestion after the meal.

Conclusion: the best anti-colic bottle

We have seen together the criteria for selecting the best anti-colic bottle for your baby.

The design, the material, the pacifier are elements which not only contribute to limiting baby's gas colic and reflux through better acceptance by the infant.

You also became aware that in addition to the child's comfort, that of the parents played a role in limiting the infant's seizures.

Opt for a design that makes it easier to eat in a material that guarantees the highest level of standards: the baby bottle with medical grade silicone.

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