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Christmas while pregnant: 8 benefits to fully enjoy the holidays

Spending Christmas while pregnant means giving up smoked salmon and champagne bubbles, it's true. But it also means being the center of all attention, treating yourself to exceptional pregnancy photos and writing an unparalleled list for Santa. Are you afraid of being bored or feeling deprived? The Élhée team reassures you and makes you see life on the bright side.


Unique and unforgettable pregnancy photos

While waiting for the birth of your child, you take photos every day or almost. You've even already scheduled your pregnancy session for the third trimester. But, to really wait without stamping your feet, what's better, what's more magical and what's more memorable than photos of you pregnant and at Christmas? Dark velvet dress , bokeh effect or pink cheeks , you look your best! Guaranteed emotional sequence, each year with their rediscovery.

Your best list for Santa

Spending Christmas while pregnant is also the best time to list all the gifts you want and take advantage of the best chances of them being accepted. Gifts for a mother-to-be , but also a gift just for you and Christmas gifts for your baby , let your imagination, your needs and your desires speak for a generous and wonderful hood. It's to offer ? Think about the Élhée gift card !

The whole family takes care of you

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the time when everyone, absolutely everyone, takes care of you. Are you too hot or too cold? Are you well settled? Is the chair comfortable enough? Have you eaten enough? Does the menu suit you? The end of year celebrations further reinforce these kind intentions, so take full advantage of all this sweet attention paid to you .

Rest for pregnant women, without cooking or chores

announce your pregnancy at Christmas with a bottle elhee

While everyone is interested in your well-being, also take advantage of the rest injunction sent by your doctor to avoid cooking and chores. This year, you won't be opening the oysters , you won't be plating the dishes , and you won't be spending hours practicing to make the perfect Yule log either . Great bonus, you will also avoid table cleaning , dishes and vacuuming the day after the party. What happiness!

The pleasure of a pregnancy announcement at Christmas

When to announce that you are expecting a child? Before 3 months or not? One-on-one or with family? To your partner first or not necessarily? If the answer to each of these questions is up to you, the fact remains that a pregnancy announcement at Christmas is a unique event with its heightened emotional power . Just imagine: when opening the gifts, you slipped a little birth card into each of your presents...

A new family tradition before the baby arrives

You love Christmas. You love New Year's Eve on December 24. For you, the tree, the star at the top, the garlands, the log and the gifts placed as if by magic are all traditions that you really care about. What if, on the eve of the birth of your child, you launched yours? Sleeping together under the tree on Christmas night or eating an elf-shaped cake every year , it's up to you.

A Christmas Eve without alcohol and therefore, without a hangover

pregnant at Christmas, all the advantages for the mother-to-be

This year, no glass of champagne for Christmas, not even a small glass of white wine with the starter. Yes, baby in preparation means zero alcohol for 9 months and more if you choose to breastfeed, but it's for a good cause! Also, during the holiday season, this abstinence has a double advantage: no more hangovers (even mild ones) or headaches the next morning when you wake up.

Eating for two without self-consciousness

Smoked salmon and foie gras, langoustine skewers, roast beef or frozen log... Christmas is one of the most delicious meals. Besides, who has never tasted the famous Christmas raclette? Well, good news, this year you will be able to enjoy it without limiting yourself (but by following a few precautions). Even if it means being told that we are eating for two, we might as well justify the reflection, right?

Pregnant at Christmas: what foods are prohibited during pregnancy?

Be careful though, not all treats are beneficial for you and your baby. Being pregnant at Christmas has many advantages, but also some disadvantages like not being able to eat everything you want. Whatever your trimester of pregnancy, here is a list of the main foods to avoid on December 24 and 25 :

    • alcohol in all its forms, even in a cake,

    • foie gras (unless sterilized),

    • seafood if you have any doubts about their conservation and if they are not cooked,

    • cold meats and more broadly all raw meats,

    • homemade mayonnaise ,

    • raw eggs or dishes made from raw eggs,

    • raw or smoked salmon ,

    • raw milk , bloomy rind or blue- veined cheeses (prefer hard or pasteurized cheeses),

    • game meat .

The simplest thing is to do the shopping yourself or, at a minimum, to check the origin and freshness of the food in order to minimize the risk of listeriosis or toxoplasmosis. Moreover, to inspire you, find our pregnancy and breastfeeding well-being recipes to spruce up and reimagine for the holidays!

4 mom-to-be recipes to try during the Christmas holidays

And because we are never short of ideas (or treats), discover a selection of recipes specially adapted for pregnancy, to share with whoever will be cooking this year.

    • Butternut and carrot soup : a sweet and comforting soup, rich in vitamins A and C, perfect to start the meal.

    • Roast chicken with apples and chestnuts : an excellent source of protein with a light flavor.

    • Quinoa, cranberries and nuts : a side dish rich in vegetable proteins and essential fatty acids.

    • Rustic apple pie : apples, whole wheat flour dough and folded edges for style.

So, do you still think that spending Christmas while pregnant is a constraint? 🎄

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