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Childcare and design: stylize baby’s life!

As you know, at Élhée, we love beautiful objects. The proof is that we have designed the first completely round baby bottle. In homage to feminine curves, we wanted it to be soft and supple under baby's fingers, but also unbreakable for their safety. And because in childcare, any design must be tested, we designed the BibROND from the innovative material that is medical silicone. Three good reasons to stylize your baby's life and yours with Élhée!


Design and inspirations

Élhée is above all the visualization of an object – the baby bottle – which is eminently personal, intimate and delicate, the design of which borrows from the nourishing breast all that is most beautiful. Indeed, BibROND recreates in a few lines, generosity and abundance.

At its origin, the alchemy occurs somewhere between Bauhaus style and contemporary design, where practicality mixes with aesthetics for a creation that is 100% innovative, 100% elegant and 100% customizable.

    • The Bauhaus style experiments with materials for functional creations with clean, minimalist lines which today refer to certain furniture and objects that have become cult like the Bauhaus teapot and table lamp.
    • The contemporary style , for its part, combines simplicity and absence of embellishment, neutral colors and shades of white, gray, black and beige to let the shapes and materials express themselves.

With its innovative format, the BibROND concentrates all of these characteristics in a single object for an original aesthetic in harmony with its why and that of young parents. Elegant, modern and authentic , the Élhée baby bottle doesn't hide itself. Soft and scalable , it becomes nomadic to accompany baby throughout the day.

In parallel with the feminine curves that inspired the BibROND, nature is another inexhaustible source of beauty for decorating a child's bedroom and imagining a soft and serene world around them.

    • Flowers, soft colors and natural materials are at Charlie Crane with the LEVO Deckchair in beech wood and its mimosa floral print by Garbo & Friends
    • At Studio Roméo, flowers are also in the spotlight with the DUO IRIS baby carrier and its light, graphic print.

There are numerous examples of organically inspired objects, accessories or childcare furniture designs as their benefits for the sensory and emotional development of babies are well established.

When childcare flourishes through design

a child takes his elhee bottle from a designer piece of furniture

Memory, attention, creativity or imagination, we know that a child's environment impacts their development. Thus, evolving in a refined, bright and organized space particularly promotes freedom of thought. At the same time, visual stimulation through art in all its dimensions activates children's curiosity and refines their appreciation of the world around them.

But, design is not just aesthetic. It is also ethical with products designed in France , in a short supply chain, made by hand or even from natural and recyclable materials.

Surrounding your baby in a world that is kind to him and to the planet can also imbue his future vision and offer him a perspective and responsible values ​​in terms of consumption.

Childcare elements that capture attention

The arrival of a baby is particularly noticeable by the change of furniture in the house. Cradle or bed with bars, deckchair or early childhood toys, should therefore be chosen as practical, ethical and aesthetic from the start.

    • In the baby's room , put everything on the bed and the chest of drawers. In natural wood or painted in pastel shades, the bed can be cradle or with bars, low or raised and adjustable, to support baby's growth. The chest of drawers can be 2 in 1 and have an ergonomic changing table on its surface.
    • In the living room , the high chair is one of the most visible elements. We therefore opt for a high-end model that we will keep for a long time thanks, again, to its evolving aspect. In biosourced wood or mixed wood and metal tubing, the high chair is the childcare furniture to choose in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

Almost everywhere, rattan or wicker baskets can hide toys, diapers or your breastfeeding equipment , while in the kitchen, a few BibRONDS and a portable bottle warmer sit nicely.

Inspiration beyond objects: emotional design

the emotional design of a baby bottle inspired by the female breast

Life and its emotions are two inexhaustible sources of inspiration at the heart of which the parent/child relationship flourishes. Also, to stylize baby's life, take direct inspiration from what he likes , what makes him laugh, the materials he likes and why not sounds too.

With the BibROND, we wanted to look beyond the simple container and recreate the emotional bond of breastfeeding. This is why we drew inspiration for an emotional design from as close as possible to the infant's first sensations , from the generous and nurturing curves of its mother.

Inspiration also finds its emotions in action and sharing. Moments of connection with baby are particularly conducive to this: looks, words, songs, readings, but also nutrition. These privileged space-times flood the parent/child relationship with beauty, sweetness and memories.

Emotional design is everywhere. In each object, in the relationship you have with your baby, in your environment... This is why Élhée, from the design of its sensory bottle and now with the learning cup dedicated to slightly older children , wanted to place emotional design at the heart of its design requirements. For elegant, healthy, safe and timeless childcare .

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