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Beauty care, pregnancy and breastfeeding: everything to have beautiful skin


Pregnant or breastfeeding, now is the time to take care of your skin. Sometimes dry, oily or prone to acne, your hormones abuse it. On your face, a pregnancy mask may appear. On your body, tightness, itching and even eczema can develop or worsen. Without forgetting of course, on your stomach, the emblematic stretch marks. To pamper your skin, adopt slow cosmetic mode, opt for the most natural products possible and discover without delay a list of beauty and well-being treatments compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Pregnant, adopt appropriate care and beauty procedures

a pregnant woman, from the front

As is the case with the entire female body, your skin undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy . Dermatoses, keratoses, spots, hyperpigmentation... To help her stay beautiful and healthy, adapt your beauty routine with targeted pregnancy care and cosmetics .

5 commandments to take care of your skin while expecting baby

Hydrate, hydrate and more hydrate

To properly hydrate your skin, start by preventing it from drying out. To do this, use extra-gentle cleansing formulas, without soap or on a superfatted soap . On a daily basis, the benefits of a moisturizer will make all the difference. Remember to apply it to the face and body, without forgetting the breasts. Don't forget the beauty effects of mineral water either. To benefit from it, vary the brands - and therefore the intake of trace elements and minerals - and drink 1.5 liters of water every day.

Favor natural products and pregnancy cosmetics

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the perfect time to sort out your beauty vanity. So no more deodorant boosted with aluminum salts, opt for an organic deodorant suitable for pregnant women, as well as varnish. Pregnant, it is also not recommended.

Hello, on the contrary, to pure vegetable oils , shea butter and hydrosols , which are all good beauty companions during pregnancy.

To note and to treat yourself to after the birth of your baby, a hydrosol of Damascus roses, rebalancing nervous and hormonal, but also soothing, it is renowned for accompanying the postpartum period towards greater serenity.

Avoid components harmful to health

Pregnant, you are carrying your baby. Mom, maybe you'll decide to breastfeed. In both cases, you and your child enter into a symbiosis. For you as for him, avoid components with harmful or questionable effects on health.

  • Endocrine disruptors : phthalates, parabens, triclosan, BHA, BHT... which are found in certain hair products, shampoos and styling products, but also in nail polish.
  • Mineral oils : Petrolatum, ceresine wax, vaseline, Mineral oil.... They are mainly found in oily products such as lipstick or body balm, but also in certain hair products.
  • Alcohols : alcohol (alcohol) or denatured alcohol are found in particular in perfumes or hair coloring.
  • Formaldehyde : present in many makeup products, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, etc.
  • Sodium laureth and Lauryl sulfate : present in many foaming products. Here again we find shower gel, shampoos and conditioners, but also facial cleansing gels, liquid soaps, and even toothpaste.

Note that most essential oils are contraindicated throughout pregnancy and in young children. It is therefore best to avoid using them, at least for a while.

Protect your skin from the sun

Wide brim hat and sun protection index 50 (SPF 50+) with UVA and UVB filters are required throughout your summer pregnancy to avoid sunburn, pigmentation spots and pregnancy mask.

To wander around without fear, you can choose a high-factor sunscreen, suitable for children and/or organic. You can also ask your pharmacist for advice or trust brands that use a mineral filter rather than a chemical filter. Despite everything, prefer to move to the shade and cool as soon as possible.

a woman with a big hat at the edge of the swimming pool

Products to slip into your mother-to-be beauty bag

    A gentle treatment dedicated to intimate hygiene

      During pregnancy, the vaginal flora can be disrupted. You may also see an increase in vaginal discharge. To soothe the intimate area and help it rebalance, adopting a cleansing treatment designed especially for future mothers is a good idea.
      L'Intime at Omum, the Perfect Intimate Gel at Joone and the different Saforelle care ranges, all three offer gentle cleansers suitable during pregnancy.

        Moisturizing creams and oils for the face and body

          You can also use a vegetable oil such as carrot or avocado oil , for their regenerative properties and their healthy glow effect. Pure vegetable oils of sweet almond , rosehip , daisy , wheat germ or prickly pear are perfectly suited to the care of your body.
          To anticipate the appearance of stretch marks, Clarins Tonic Oil or Perfect Stretch Marks oil from Joone, perfectly replace the classic pregnancy anti-stretch mark cream thanks to their natural composition, without essential oil, and discreet fragrance.

            Natural pregnancy and breastfeeding care, suitable for oily skin

              Nettle, rosemary with verbenone and thyme with linalool are available in organic hydrosols perfectly suited to excess sebum in oily skin. To apply them, all you need is a small soaked cotton pad.
              Tip: place the bottle in a cool place before using it, it's even more pleasant.

                An organic solution for dry skin

                  Hydrosols , depending on the plants from which they are extracted, have different benefits. Cornflower is, for example, ideal for sensitive skin and Roman chamomile for sensitive and irritated skin.
                  If this is your case, use the hydrosol of your choice morning and evening on clean skin, applied or sprayed. You will find organic hydrosols at Aroma-Zone, La Compagnie des Sens or even at Bioflore.

                    Sunscreen for pregnant women

                      When you are pregnant, you need sunscreen more than ever to protect your skin. The difficulty lies in finding healthy and effective protection .
                      Photoderm Lait Ultra SPF 50+ from Bioderma, Facial Sun Cream SPF 50+ from Patyka or organic sun cream SPF 50 Alga Maris from Laboratoire de Biarritz, all three have a “pregnant-friendly” label.

                      Taking care of your breasts and breastfeeding your baby

                      a mother breastfeeds her infant

                      “Breastfeeding does not hurt or damage the breasts.” This phrase, although often said, does not always reflect the experience of mothers. Nipple pain, cracked or cracked nipples, these little inconveniences can quickly become very annoying and sometimes even prevent your baby from latching on or continuing breastfeeding.

                      To take care of your breasts before, during and after the breastfeeding period, again rely on simple actions and natural, fragrance-free products .

                      Every day, in the shower, simply wash your breasts with clean water. Please note that it is not necessary to soap your chest between breastfeeding sessions. You risk drying out your nipples and masking your smell from your infant's nose. Finally, let your chest air dry.

                      What solutions in case of discomfort or pain in the breasts?

                      In case of pain or discomfort, certain products can support your breastfeeding while taking care of your breasts.

                        • Pure Lanolin Nipple Cream is a classic in maternal care for breastfeeding mothers. Natural, moisturizing and healing, lanolin comes from sheep's wool. HPA® lanolin cream, Lansiloh® and NUK Care nursing balm are ideal.
                        • Vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil or argan oil applied as a massage prepare the breasts for breastfeeding. Recognized for their strong moisturizing power, they should be chosen organic. Néobulle's nipple protective oil combines, for example, soothing chamomile, restorative lavender, soothing calendula and purifying grapefruit.
                        • Application of cold compresses , drops of breast milk (with a healing effect) on the nipple at the end of feeding, or hand-expressed milk, can also help relieve the pain.

                      Note that most breastfeeding pain can be alleviated by adapting your posture with baby. A lactation consultant or your midwife will be able to give you valuable advice.

                      Pregnancy or postpartum care to offer yourself or be offered in an institute

                      a woman's legs and feet after a massage

                      Throughout pregnancy, as the term approaches, and perhaps even more so afterwards, women's need for gentleness increases. Also, beyond the care that you can provide yourself, do not hesitate to ask your partner to take care of you or to go to an institute for a well-deserved well-being break.

                      At home , enjoy a relaxing break and a hot bath to practice self-massage of the bust and neckline, stomach and legs . Also ask for a gentle massage of the back, head, neck or even feet. Immediate and assured relaxing and relaxing effect. Weleda, Mustela or Clarins offer oils that can be used whether you are pregnant or not.

                      In an institute , enjoy a complete facial treatment for a radiant complexion, a draining massage to alleviate the feeling of heavy legs or even hair removal (without hot wax) which is not always easy to practice, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

                      Always remember to specify that you are pregnant to avoid belly massages, excessive pressure or the use of unsuitable products. We think in particular of organic treatments which often contain essential oils, mostly prohibited during pregnancy. Finally, sauna, hammam and jacuzzi are not recommended until childbirth.

                      Pregnancy is a period of intense hormonal and bodily upheaval. Followed by breastfeeding, it requires from each new mother all the energy she is capable of to get through each stage. Using appropriate care, treating yourself to moments of well-being and prioritizing yourself whenever possible are among the keys to a peaceful and fulfilling pregnancy and birth.

                      At the same time, further strengthen your beauty efforts by adapting your diet (as much as your desires, nausea and pregnancy restrictions allow) and by giving yourself quality sleep until the baby arrives.

                      What cosmetic products during pregnancy?

                      When pregnant, prioritize natural and organic care and cosmetics. These do not contain endocrine disruptors, chemical or controversial substances harmful to your health or that of your child. Vegetable oils, hydrosols and soap-free cleansing treatments are particularly suitable.

                      What facial routine for pregnant women?

                      To take care of her face, a pregnant woman must first and foremost moisturize it daily using a suitable cream or natural vegetable oil. In summer, it is also important to apply sun protection compatible with pregnancy (SPF 50+) every day.

                      How to take care of your breasts while breastfeeding?

                      The skin on the bust, like that of the stomach, stretches during pregnancy. To take care of it, use a moisturizing and nourishing vegetable oil such as avocado, wheat germ, coconut or borage oil. Also opt to wear a suitable bra and use the jet of fresh water at the end of the shower to firm the breasts.

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