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Traveling with baby, how to organize an easy-peasy vacation


  • A prerequisite for peaceful travel: an-ti-ci-per
  • Good advice: travel light at any age
  • The timing: we adapt to baby!
  • Going by car, train or plane? That is the question
  • And for baby meals, how do we organize ourselves?
  • One last thing: don't miss the separate bedroom

That's it, baby is finally born and now you want to enjoy life with your family. And by enjoy, you mean, for example, travel. Only, traveling with a baby, you've never done it! As for those of your friends who have already tried the experiment, the feedback is mixed… However, going to France or abroad with a toddler is possible . Some couples even take off to explore the ends of the world with their baby. Why not you ? According to specialists, to travel well with baby, the key word would be “organization”.

A prerequisite for peaceful travel: an-ti-ci-per

Gone are the days when, to go on vacation, all you had to do was get into the car on Friday evening, a pair of pants, a toothbrush and a pair of espadrilles thrown into your handbag. Without a specific destination, but with your other half by your side, there was only love and the desire to escape.
Today love is still there, but it comes together in three ways. And if the underwear/toothbrush combo still works for you, your newborn needs to be equipped .
To feed it, dress it, walk it, but also to protect it from the wind, the temperatures, the rain or the sun... Because you won't be able to have everything on hand, the The best tip for optimizing is to anticipate .
A few days before leaving, visualize baby's needs during the journey and then throughout the vacation . More frequent breaks on the road, quiet time for naps, a stroller or sling always within reach...

To gain confidence and be ready for anything, practice! Leave in the morning with your baby for a day of adventure, 100% outdoors and without a net. No meals at grandma's or breaks at a friend's house. To anticipate your first vacation with him, there's nothing like an independent spacewalk.

Good advice: travel light at any age

When it comes to urban and children's legends, the most misleading is undoubtedly the one that says a baby needs a suitcase bigger than yours. (We can also talk about the fable which says that babies sleep through the night from 3 months, but that's another story!)
So, to travel well with baby and enjoy an easy-peasy vacation without making life complicated, we travel light! No more huge suitcases that you can't lift, no more XXL handbags to carry on your arm, no more prams or even play mats and their colorful arches .
Instead, focus on baby carrier or sling (hello Studio Roméo), a inflatable seat if your child is a little older and a ultra light travel cot which you can easily store in the trunk of the car, in the hold, or on the luggage racks on the train.

The idea is to have as many hands free as possible, especially if you are going alone with your child. Ultra-light, ultra-compact equipment and travel formats are therefore preferred, for you and for your baby.

The timing: we adapt to baby!

When it comes to sleep, we are not all equal. The same goes for babies. Some need a bed and darkness, while others can easily fall asleep tossed around in the baby carrier. If your little one is part of the second group, well-equipped hikes and excursions are yours! As soon as we wake up, everyone has breakfast and off we go. Some parents manage to walk almost 20 km per day with their baby under two years old.
In the evening and at night , trekkers, hikers and other backpackers, however, advise Sit down quietly to allow your baby to rest well . Forgotten dinners in restaurants and make way for romantic evenings for two, perfect for getting together.

The majority of children have a little difficulty sleeping in an environment that is unfamiliar to them. Your nights on vacation with baby will therefore undoubtedly be a little choppy and shortened. But, look on the bright side! You will have plenty of time to enjoy your days and enjoy sunrises and sunsets as a couple.

Going by car, train or plane? That is the question

THE The mode of transport you choose to go on vacation with your baby depends a lot on your destination and therefore on the duration of the journey . However, if you have the choice, each has its own advantages to exploit according to your needs.

Travel by car: a very practical classic

To travel in France and the countries of the European Union, the car remains the most common mode of transport. Practical, it allows you to leave at the time that suits you most , make as many stops as you want and of easily load all your belongings . You will need:

  • a car seat or a cozy one adapted to the age of your child,
  • a small changing mat or a bath towel for changing time,
  • sun visors for a summer trip,
  • books and/or CDs to occupy waking moments.

Train travel: No. 1 to reduce your budget

On the train, the Children under 4 years old do not pay if they travel on their parents' lap . Do you prefer to have as much space as possible? Anticipate (return to our point no. 1) and book a family square taking advantage of the baby train ticket at a reduced rate. You will need:

  • a diaper bag,
  • a baby carrier or bassinet,
  • a bottle or bottle of suitable mineral water, to counter the effects of air conditioning,
  • books or some toys.

Traveling by plane, just one big precaution

traveling with a baby

Most airlines accept babies very soon after birth. We still recommend waiting one to three weeks of life to fly with a baby . An essential thing to remember: make your baby drink or nurse during the landing and takeoff phases , in order to preserve these little ears. You will need:

  • toys, cuddly toys, books... to keep your child occupied during the flight, but also before, during the generally long boarding time,
  • a diaper bag, but don't forget that the space on board is quite limited, if you can change baby before, it's always better,
  • a carrycot or cradle sometimes loaned by airlines, particularly on long haul flights.

And for baby meals, how do we organize ourselves?

  • Are you breastfeeding ? You don't need anything or almost anything apart from a diaper which will be used for almost everything (bib, comfort blanket, but also a nursing cover).
  • Do you give the bottle ? In this case, bring a bottle of mineral water suitable for its preparation or hot water in a thermos if your child prefers to drink their milk lukewarm. Also pack as many milk pods as you need for the trip and maybe even a can of powdered milk to cover the duration of the vacation. You won't be able to wash the bottle right away? Slip 2 or 3 into your bag. And to avoid breaking them, prefer it bibROND healthy and unbreakable Elhée!
  • Have you started dietary diversification ? If you practice Child-led diversification (DME) , take some of their favorite foods in a Tupperware container, otherwise think about the essential small pots, drinkable yogurts and individual compotes.

Generally speaking, always prefer bottled mineral water with tap water, especially if you go abroad, the flavors known and appreciated by your child rather than culinary discoveries and, for older children, finger food or individual packaging.

The adventurous parents readily admit it, it was in the case of a starving baby that they experienced the greatest crises . Therefore, traveling with a baby will require you to respect breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner breaks. You will also have to be flexible with the contents of the older children's plates, and use all your ingenuity to always have something to prepare the baby's meal on hand.

One last thing: don't miss the separate bedroom

Who has never been disappointed by vacation accommodation that is too small, too noisy, poorly equipped or poorly arranged? Imagine having the same problem with a baby?

  • Always opt for larger accommodation rather than smaller.
  • Arrange to always have at least one separate bedroom closed by a door (to save baby naps in the middle of the day and to save your one-on-one dinners and your privacy).
  • Be sure that the travel cot fits in the bedroom (ask for an on-site check, some measurements, if the bed can be pushed aside, if the door is not likely to open by hitting the baby's bed, etc.)
  • You can also find out about the presence of shutters and/or curtains and the possibility of renting certain childcare equipment as the bottle warmer , baby monitor or even the extra bed.

“Zen let’s be zen”. If there is one watchword when traveling with a child, especially if it is an infant or if you have several children, it is zenitude ! If he doesn't sleep as well as at home, it doesn't matter, or if he naps in the baby carrier instead of the bed. For older children, the rule of 5 fruits and vegetables per day can be relaxed, just as the outfit of the day must above all be comfortable and a little less photogenic.
In short, take the time, put things into perspective and listen to your child . There is no doubt that he will set the pace for this family trip!
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