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Meeting with Anne-Claire Ruel, mother of 3 children

Anne-Claire is the mother of 3 children but also co-founder and artistic director of Maison Margaret, a brand of household linen with a soft and poetic universe that dusts off the codes of home sales.

Active mother, working girl, entrepreneur… Anne-Claire is a woman who is full of energy and projects. She opens up about her life as a mother and the evidence of having always wanted to become a mother.

Anne-Claire Ruel

Hello Anne-Claire, tell us about you and your lovely family?

Hello! I am a dreamer entrepreneur, fulfilled as artistic director of the household linen and ready-to-wear brand Maison Margaret that I co-founded with my brother. I like the idea of ​​advancing our responsible but poetic way of consuming and of offering women the opportunity to undertake and move towards a certain freedom. For me it is also part of my role as a mother to live my professional life while being aligned with my values. Get inspired and inspire, 2 words that guide me in my personal life, with Anton 8 years old, Scarlett 6 years old and Albertine 3 and a half years old, as in my professional life.

You breastfed your 3 children, what was your experience like?

I loved breastfeeding my 3 children, this close relationship with my babies was a real revelation. It wasn't always easy, especially for Anton first, with the frustrations of not having enough milk (therefore not feeling up to it) and having to stop too early. Such privileged moments which are among my best memories and which would make me want to do it again.

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Have you always wanted to be a mother or was it a desire that matured over time?

It was always in me, I always saw it as a priority, almost a dream because I wanted a large family and I always loved babies.

In your life as a working mother, how do you manage to make time for each of your children?

There are often all 3 of them, so I give them time together. And we try with their dad to give them individual time as soon as the desire and the tensions between them make us think that they need it. And we get there on the weekend, I absolutely love this kind of moment together where they reveal themselves differently than among siblings.

Was the choice of first names obvious or the result of long reflection (and negotiation ;))?

Long negotiation yes and obvious too, but for me only!

Anton was a real favorite, I just couldn't see myself calling him anything else and an obvious fact that wasn't shared.

Scarlett was my dream first name, I had given up on it after having negotiated 'too much' for her brother's first name, really not classic enough for her dad who finally put it on his list against all odds ;) . So I jumped at the opportunity.

And Albertine a fairly obvious choice for both of them.

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What are the relationships between Anton, Scarlett and Albertine?

They love each other and are more accomplices than they bicker but still there is no escaping it. I would say they get along pretty well, a good team. Often duos are formed in the trio but the duo changes depending on the time of day or activities and finally they find their balance.

What are the values ​​that have been transmitted to you that you in turn wish to teach them?

Above all, I want to teach them to always prioritize their freedom, their individuality, and self-respect. Because it is also with these values ​​that we love and respect others. I find that it is a real strength, it obviously comes through self-confidence, an essential link in the chain for living a fulfilled life. And from what was transmitted to me I would say to follow your dreams, everything is possible if you put yourself into action.

These little things that you learned to let go of on a daily basis?

The children's outfits but also many other things about which I say to myself: “finally, is this really important?” . If the answer is no, which is often the case, I give up!

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Chinese portrait:

If you were…

A magical power: Being able to give a good dose of self-confidence to those who lack it, because sometimes the road is long and discouraging so a nice little boost would not be refused.

A season: All of them! Why choose? I love the change and the fact that they punctuate the year.

A book: Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

An inspiring woman: Delphine de Syon @welcometosyon

A pair of shoes: A pair of Michel Vivien babies

An expression: “we’re not here to get fucked”

A childhood dish: Mashed potatoes/sausages from my grandmother

A dream trip: A road trip in Australia


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