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Silicone baby bottle: a healthy product to stimulate baby's senses at mealtime


  • The choice of bottle: a matter of taste
  • The silicone baby bottle: ergonomic, sensory and emotional for your baby
  • Re-enchanting the milky parenthesis

There dietary diversification , we have already talked about it. Together, we even talked about DME, “Child-Led Diversification”. For little ones looking for autonomy, the DME encourages discoveries and promotes the development of the 5 senses. But, have you ever imagined that the bottle can also stimulate your child's senses ? This is one of the major advantages of the medical grade silicone baby bottle. Find out why?

The choice of bottle: a matter of taste

You have undoubtedly noticed that your baby, from his first months, expresses his tastes as soon as he can. For example, children fed infant formula do not like all of them. If you have recently changed milk and your baby is taking his bottles less well, it may simply be because he does not like the taste of this new milk.

You haven't changed anything? Take a look at the nipple side of the bottle. If it is made of rubber, its smell may bother your child. Likewise, a glass bottle may be too cold, a used pacifier a little too rough. Enough to disrupt your baby's senses and meals.

The awakening of the senses does not wait for diversification

Your child's 5 senses help him discover the world around him, the noises, the smells and soon the colors. And while meals are essential to stimulate them, there is no need to wait for the introduction of solid foods to start. Besides, this is where the Elhée revolution begins.

The silicone baby bottle: ergonomic, sensory and emotional for your baby

To support and enrich the sensory bubble that surrounds your baby from birth, Élhée chose to draw and design a silicone baby bottle at a time ergonomic between your hands and his , sensory in his mouth and under his fingers , but also emotional with its deeply feminine inspired curves .

The silicone bottle preserves the taste

Infant formula or breast milk, our bibRond is just as suitable for powdered milk as for breast milk if you practice mixed breastfeeding . THE The physiological silicone teats with which it is equipped have no taste . They therefore preserve the flavors, while delivering baby's milk formula at a more or less slow flow. Likewise, the silicone body of the bibRond does not alter the taste of the drink .

Tip: If you breastfeed , the foods you eat change the taste of your milk. Thus, a baby's meal, taken from the breast or bottle, becomes a real sensory experience to share, sometimes with revelations about their preferences.

The silicone bottle does not disturb the sense of smell

From birth and even before, the infant has a very developed sense of smell . It is he in particular who allows him to recognize the smell of his mother and that of milk.
Immediately after birth, if you place your baby on your chest, there's a good chance he or she will crawl to your breast for what's delicately called the "welcome feed." There is also talk of the archaic digging reflex.
To preserve this sensory link as long as possible, the pacifier and the Élhée bibRond are made from medical grade silicone. Odorless, they do not disturb babies' sense of smell .

Tip: when changing the bottle or teat, place a few drops of your milk on the new teat. The familiar and beloved smell of milk will help your baby navigate and become familiar with this new object.

The silicone bottle feels good under the fingers

Infants cannot (yet) play with their food. However, for a healthy bottle and a unique texture, Élhée chose an innovative material. Here again, medical grade silicone makes all the difference. With a soft and delicate “peach skin” feel , it invites curiosity and allows them to exercise their sense of touch from a very young age.

Tip: during feeding, place your baby's hand between yours and the surface of the bibRond to allow him to discover its texture, to tame it and to easily recognize it at each of his next meals.

The shape of the silicone bottle stimulates eyesight

Babies, after birth, are quickly able to identify their mother's face when she looks at them. Her mouth, her smile, her eyes... everything about her triggers a feeling of pleasure and happiness in them. To accompany this fullness, Élhée wanted to design an iconic silicone baby bottle that was recognizable at first glance. For that, we were inspired by the nourishing breast, its attractive curves and its reassuring shape, in order to give birth to our bibRond.

Tip: from the first milk meals taken with the bibRond, do not hesitate to associate its roundness with that of your chest, for example by practicing skin to skin at each feeding.

The bottle, a moment of exchange to discover sounds

Already in your belly, baby hears everything. Sounds, music... with a little training, thanks to haptonomy in particular, he can even learn to react to the sound of your voice. Once in the world, your words become for him or her the most beautiful melodies. To support her and above all not to disturb her, we opted for a soft material that dampens sounds . The Élhée silicone baby bottle was born!

Tip: on days when baby doesn't take the bottle well, if he's distracted or upset, try talking to him or singing a little melody to get his attention. Together, you can also gently caress the supple body of the bibRond, until you find relief.

Re-enchanting the milky parenthesis

For a mother, nothing is more beautiful than feeding her child, seeing him eat and having fun. Also, an unfinished bottle, a poorly accepted pacifier, crying, infant colic …leads you to ask yourself questions and sometimes even worry. THE Élhée medical grade silicone baby bottle and its physiological anti-colic teat keep this type of problem far away , just as they ensure perfect preservation of milk , maternal or formula, for a milky break, forever enchanted.

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