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8 good resolutions for young mothers that we won't keep (and that's no problem)

That's it, it's done, in a single night we closed a year to throw ourselves headlong into the news. Bye bye 2022 👋, let's move on to 2023! A year that we wish you sweet, light and full of love. Besides, on the morning of January 1st, perhaps you made some good resolutions, in order to put all the chances on your side? Well done ! But, it must be said, the hardest part about New Year's resolutions is not making them, but keeping them. So now is the perfect time to tell you about the good resolutions of young mothers that we never keep (and we know it!).


Take more (real) time for yourself

Because every year you end up on your knees, your first New Year's resolution is to take time for yourself. Bath with the scent of lavender , novels in three volumes read under the duvet or a tattoo session to finally finish that arm, you are spoiled for choice.

But ultimately... these hours of relaxation would be so much more useful if you took advantage of them to tidy up the house! And then, in terms of reading, the 150-page Pocket Book collection is good too. And the poems? We definitely don't read enough (short) poetry, don't you think? As for your arm… it’s winter. Either way, we won't see it.

Getting (back) into sport, but really

Post-partum mood or simply post-end of year celebrations (hello frozen log slices, smoked salmon and foie gras toast), you have decided that it is high time to get back to sport. An hour of Pilates before the kids wake up in the morning, or 10 km running in the evening after their dinner , really, it's the pace you dream of 🏃‍♀️.

But... the children get out of bed at 6 a.m. including weekends and this hour of sleep before they wake up would be so precious to you! And then, in the evening, when the whole family is in bed, it's your time, the one where you both get together. Not so simple, this recovery.

Go to bed earlier and sleep

To be in good shape every day, it is better to go to bed early every night. If the little ones are in bed at 8 p.m., you can reasonably consider going to bed at 9:30 p.m. , you are convinced. Starfish style, cotton socks and even a hot water bottle in winter are yours. In the early morning, you will wake up rested and fresh as dew.

But… going to bed early means the end of your Netflix evenings, your late chats by the fire and your books devoured until the end of the night. So much for the good resolution and long live the concealer!

Plan (and!) prepare all meals for the week

This is a wish that you would very much like to be granted. This year, you have made the resolution to join the “Batch cooking” team. Well done ! You will save a lot of time by only having to reheat the dishes 🍝 and you will love sitting down with your family to enjoy the discussion too.

But… plan and prepare all the meals for the week — 14, no less! — not counting baby purees, breast milk to express , or doses of powdered milk to organize, is particularly time-consuming. To achieve this, you may have to sacrifice a large part of your Sunday afternoons. It's not so bad sausage shells after all!

Go out at least once a month as a couple

This is motivating. Go out once a month, just the two of you, as a couple 🥰. A restaurant, a movie session, an exhibition, a walk in the forest, a few hours of massage in a spa ... After the upheavals of pregnancy and childbirth , this year it's decided, you're really going to enjoy it!

But… Netflix on the big screen, the comfortable sofa and its soft blanket (who said guacamole chips?) are waiting for you. How to resist ?

Budgeting a shopping envelope

This time it is decided, 2023 will be placed under the sign of reason. No more little extra bodysuits when you have just bought 5 for baby, the 12th pair of shoes in anticipation of spring and books in boxes when your reading pile is never empty. From now on, every time you go out you will attach a shopping envelope 🛍️ and you will be strong, you will not give in.

But… the new bibRONDS colors are so trendy! And the learning bottles , children absolutely have to discover Bubble bottles!

Expand the 3,002 baby photos in your iPhone

A handling error or a misplaced smartphone would be dramatic. Also, you are firmly decided this year to sort and develop the hundreds of photos you have taken of your baby . Albums, magnets or puzzles, you will also take advantage of this to anticipate some gifts.

But... between classifying the thousands of photos stored in your phone's memory and taking fewer photos this year, your choice is quickly made.

Work less!

Many of us are pursuing this goal! On your own, employed or returning to studies, this year you want to work less. The idea behind this good resolution? Enjoy the passing of time, your growing children, your loved one, the weather when it suits you, rest or devote yourself to other projects, in short, do what you love.

But… life goes by quickly and habits are so stubborn that your determination could weaken quite quickly. Whatever happens, the entire Élhée team wishes you to make the most of the time you have to love your little and big babies! 💜

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