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Awakening of the senses from birth


An adult's perception results from the delicate alchemy of their senses. This is even more true for babies who discover and learn everything through their five senses. Touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing, for him, sensoriality is essential. Awakening the senses allows your infant to become aware of the world around him from the first moments. This is why his universe should only be made up of reassuring and familiar objects, designed to create and enhance the succession of his sensory experiences.

Sensory awakening of newborns

Birth represents one of the greatest sensory upheavals in life. From its mother's womb, where it floats in amniotic fluid, the newborn passes to a world of open air where its entire body is subject to the earth's attraction. At first submerged, he gradually learns to recognize the sounds, smells, people and first objects that surround him.

Hearing is its most developed sense . This is why baby, thanks to an efficient auditory memory, is quickly able to identify his mother's voice.

During pregnancy, he has already developed certain food tastes thanks to the food shared by his mother via the umbilical cord. Taste is accompanied by smell , developed in utero from the 7th month of pregnancy. For a child, the most familiar and reassuring smell is that of his mother.

Finally, if baby must reach the age of two months to benefit from sufficiently developed eyesight and recognize the faces of his parents, conversely, touch is very fine, from the first moments . Thanks to his hands, his mouth and his entire epidermis, more and more consciously, the infant participates in the physical and emotional construction of his own world.

How does the sense of touch develop in babies?

Touch is an early sense . Certain receptors are functional from the 4th week of pregnancy, followed by the first reflexes of the fetus around 12 weeks.

When he is born, baby is not yet capable of controlled movements and yet he already reacts very strongly to touch. If you put your finger in his hand, he squeezes it reflexively. A little later, having become more agile, his hands and fingers allow him to explore shapes and materials , to encounter heat and cold, to appreciate the roughness or, on the contrary, the softness of objects.

Among the very first encountered is the bottle. Pillar of the first circle, the bottle nourishes the body and mind, in a ritual and comforting milky bubble.

The sensoriality of an ergonomic soft silicone baby bottle


Élhée's story begins with disillusionment — that of a mother who cannot find the right bottle for her children — and continues with a revolution, that of a business leader who decides to create BibRond.

This new bottle and its physiological teat , in addition to being 100% healthy for babies, are designed from flexible, soft and unbreakable silicone , nothing less. The medical silicone in its bottle invites babies and their parents to a real sensory experience every day. The suppleness of the material recalls the softness of the maternal breast , when its peach skin touch is close to that of the epidermis, for deeply emotional milky meals.

Thus, each element of the iconic BibRond, now available in 3 sizes (150, 240 and 330 ml) and more than 10 colors, promotes the awakening of the senses from the birth of your baby:

  • medical silicone under his fingers encourages touch,
  • breast milk or formula in its bottle, develops the taste,
  • the proximity of the parent during feeding , stimulates the sense of smell,
  • the unique design, all curves and tenderness, awakens sight and curiosity.

Baby's feeding experience


The sensory aspect of meals is very important for your baby. Alongside your cuddles and lullabies, bottle feeding is a moment of pleasure and intense satisfaction for him.

Nestled against you, he enjoys your warmth, the contact with your skin and breathes in your scent as well as that of the milk he drinks. He tastes his meal and exchanges grateful glances with you. And, all the while, his little hands rest on yours, or on the bottle of his baby bottle.

Taste, touch, sight and smell then interact for a complete and satisfying eating experience . And since the bottle is one of the very first objects to enter the intimate circle of the parent-baby relationship, it was essential that it took into account the sensoriality of the moment .

4 sensory activities to practice during baby's milk meals

  1. As soon as possible, share skin-to-skin contact : after the bottle, but also during, enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your baby. In addition to being good, his meal will be comforting.
  2. Test different temperatures of milk : at room temperature, cold or rather lukewarm, the three possibilities can be offered to your infant. An appreciated temperature contributes to the good taste of the milk meal and a pleasant sensory experience.
  3. The power of voice : Experience the calming effect of your voice on your baby by speaking softly to him, singing lullabies or telling him stories during his meal. A beautiful and gentle way to train your ear and continue the exchanges started in utero.
  4. Surround it with different textures : a soft silicone bottle for easier gripping, skin to skin, cotton for your clothes or synthetic fur on the sofa, all experiences are good for stimulating the sense of touch.

As a bonus, because the bottle rolls and bounces and because its cover stacks effortlessly, after a meal, the BibRond transforms into a toy to stimulate babies' creativity and motor skills.

During the first 6 months of a baby's life, milk, whether infant or breast, is sufficient to cover all of the intake needed for its growth. However, your infant's sensory perception is different depending on the arms that carry him and the bottle used.

For a unique feeding experience, Élhée has developed a soft medical silicone bottle, with a natural feel, easy to hold, also equipped with a physiological teat and an anti-colic valve. To bottle-feed without inhibitions and to ensure the safety of baby's meals, offer him an emotional bottle with a unique design, to accompany him in his sensory awakening, from the first moments of life.

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