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Which milk powder should you choose for your baby's bottle?


  • The choice of powdered milk and baby bottle is an important step for all parents.
  • For a mother who cannot or does not want breast-feed completely, powdered milk is a good substitute for breast milk. It is designed according to legal and strict specifications. It imitates natural breast milk, except that it is made from cow's milk. Discover our favorite brand! Petits Culottés Milk.
  • Not all milk powders are perfect. Today, pediatric experts advise against the presence of certain components, as well as the use of certain types of baby bottles.
  • Follow our advice to make the right choice in terms of quality and health, and based on the age and needs of your baby.

The complementarity of powdered milk and a quality baby bottle

It is important to consult an expert when choosing your milk powder. The same goes for the quality of the bottle. Finding the best milk powder will be useless without a healthy bottle ! Because this will not guarantee better health for your baby.

These two elements therefore form a complementary duo. To choose the best bottle for your little one, follow this link .

And what about breast milk?

Breast milk remains the best milk for infants.

  • It strengthens the immune system of babies thanks to the antibodies it contains.
  • It provides all the nutrients necessary to meet its growth needs.
  • Breastfeeding also allows you to save some money even if this is not the primary objective! 😉

If you have not planned to breastfeed directly, know that you can very well decide to express your milk using an electric or manual breast pump and then giving it to your child in a bottle.

You can very well choose to breastfeed and give powdered milk from time to time. On the other hand, if you skip a feeding, remember to express your milk carefully so as not to suffer... Your breasts will actually experience a surge of milk as soon as it is time to breastfeed and you risk being unwell.

The more you give milk powder and overshadow breastfeeding phrases, the weaker lactation becomes. THE weaning It often starts this way. Choose your artificial milk replacement before considering this one.

Expressed milk can be stored and given later to the baby, for example by your partner if you have to be away. What should you watch out for when giving powdered milk to your baby?

1. The quantity of milk prepared

On the one hand, when switching to a milk powder containing other carbohydrates, such as starch, it is important to ensure do not overfeed the child. If baby refuses to finish his bottle, there is no need to force him to drink. In the majority of cases, your child knows when to stop eating just as much as you do.

Furthermore, the daily ration of drinks recommended by doctors should not be exceeded. Refer to age of your child and the number of doses written on the box of milk.

2. The temperature of the milk contained in the bottle

Powdered milk is heated (preferably in a bain-marie). Be careful of the risk of burns, check the temperature on the palm of your hand before offering the bottle to your baby!
The maximum temperature is 37°C.

3. Baby’s possible “diets”

Finally, the majority of milk powders contain PLV. Otherwise, cow's milk proteins . Some infants are intolerant to it. It is essential to take into consideration the symptoms of this intolerance and adapt the diet accordingly. A healthcare professional will be able to direct you towards a specific milk suitable for your baby.

Some Reliable Powdered Milk Brands for Your Baby

If your baby does not require a particular type of milk recommended by your pediatrician, opt for a milk that is easy to find , which will not make you go to stores for hours or risk running out of stock!

Our little tip: to never run out of stock and relieve your mental burden : opt for an infant milk subscription ! You will be delivered every month directly from their dairy directly to your home.

  • Galia
  • Guigoz
  • Modilac
  • Babybio
  • Blédinat (Blédilait)

Why choose organic milk powder?

There is no shortage of major brands of industrial milk. Most developed a organic range .

Slightly more expensive, it is nevertheless preferable to feed your baby with products from organic farming, this is the guarantee of having no trace of antibiotics in your little one's milk.

We also avoid giving the milk formula in a plastic bottle which leads to the absorption of millions of microplastic particles per day in a single child!

Favorite at Elhée: Lait Petits Culottés !

This French brand has developed a unique infant milk formula , based rich in organic skimmed milk (minimum 90% organic dairy ingredients, market maximum).

Toxicological analyzes are carried out systematically on each batch, and the reports are available on their website (also the only ones to do so!)

Made in France in Vendée, you can obtain their milk only on their website, by subscription ! Thanks to their 100% short circuit distribution, the price is €16.95 per box of organic milk .

Here are some other brands of organic infant milks made in France:

  • Juneo
  • Meals
  • France Baby
  • Biostime

The different milk powders classified by age

Early milk

In terms of composition, early milk is the closest to breast milk. Opting for this type of milk allows you to meet the nutritional needs of the child during the first six months of his life .

2nd age milk

Baby has passed the 6 month mark! Now he's ready to drink iron-fortified milk. Recognizable by the number 2 on most boxes, this milk is the one that will accompany you until your baby is 12 months old.

3rd age milk

3rd age milk is almost like grown-up milk! It can be offered to baby until he was 3 years old without problem and from the 1 year mark. Look for the number 3 on milk cans to find it. This milk is suitable for baby snacks and breakfasts.

Note that some parents choose not to give 3rd age milk and switch directly to sterilized cow's milk .

What milk to put in the bottle after 3 years?

Once your child is over 3 years old, you will be able to give sterilized semi-skimmed cow's milk in a carton or bottle. Avoid whole milk which may be too rich for your child.

Sterilized cow's milk can be consumed cold or hot, depending on your baby's tastes.

It is possible that this transition is not without difficulty! Give the milk either in a cup or in a glass, or always in its bottle (preferably silicone to limit the emission of plastic particles) which will reassure your child.

Offer dairy products in the form of yogurt or cheese to preserve calcium intake in this case.

Give cow's milk believed Is feeding baby in a bottle a good idea?

If you have the possibility to obtain milk directly from a producer, do not forget to boil the milk for at least 40 minutes before giving it to baby and keeping it cool for a maximum of 12 hours.

Without it, diseases such as listeria or salmonellosis can be transmitted. So be vigilant! The milk must It is imperative to heat it for a certain time to more than 100°.

If you are not sure if you are doing it correctly, prefer to give classic milk in a store-bought carton.

The main instructions to follow when giving powdered milk to your baby

Premilk or early milk, as well as follow-on milks, are produced from cow's milk. It is essential that every parent is aware of a possible intolerance to lactose, the famous protein in cow's milk.

  • Choose a hypoallergenic baby milk, called HA milk, if your child is affected.
  • If baby doesn't drink all of his bottles, throw away the leftovers. Leftover milk should not be given again the next day, as germs multiply very quickly.
  • Choose organic milk
  • Respect the types of milk according to the age of your baby


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