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Bottle preparer: an instant milk meal for baby

If you could give yourself one extra magical power as a mom, what would it be? That of not feeling tired? That of always knowing what your child needs? That of being able to immediately prepare him a good meal, bottle, small pot or small dish? If this last wish is yours, know that at Élhée we have discovered a device that is not magical, but almost, and totally compatible with our Round bib : the bottle preparer .

What is a bottle preparer used for?

Imagine a coffee machine in which you could put baby milk? Practical and quick, it would be used to prepare baby's bottles instead of preparing your hot drinks. In reality, this very practical little household appliance already exists. Barely bigger than a bottle warmer, it is mainly designed to save the day in an emergency.

The idea behind this invention is that of a machine capable of take over from parents for the preparation of baby's milk meals by managing both the quantity of milk , the homogeneity of the drink and its temperature . All in less than 2 minutes for the majority of models on the market.

Anyone who has ever held a child screaming with hunger just a few minutes late knows that every second gained is precious.

How does the automatic bottle preparer work?

Gather the infant formula, a bottle of mineral water suitable for newborns , the bottle and its teat correctly adjusted to its clamping ring. Whether the infant milk is to be placed in the bottle or in the machine, the preparer heats the water or the formula to around 37°C – the temperature of breast milk – so that baby can drink straight away without risk of burning himself. .

In summary, once the device is set, place the opened bottle in the location provided under the spout and press the button . Time for a kiss and it's over.

5 benefits of baby meals

  • Fast , it prepares the bottle in just a few tens of seconds
  • Hygienic , it reduces the need for handling milk, often has a complete self-cleaning function and depending on the model, a sterilization space for baby bottles
  • Efficient , it heats water or milk preparation to 37°C, the ideal temperature, in just a few seconds
  • Without mess , you no longer risk spilling the dose of milk, adding too much, or throwing away a missed bottle
  • Multifunction , the baby bottle preparer can also be used to warm small pots when diversifying food
Bottle preparers compatible with the Elhée bottle

How to choose a bottle preparer without making a mistake?

Dosing, mixing, pouring, heating, but also sterilizing or storing , baby bottle preparers offer several advantages. Élhée helps you sort by choosing those that are essential to you.

Simple or multifunction?

In its most basic form, the bottle preparer is used to bring water to the ideal temperature and provide consistent preparation without waiting. Milky Now by Babymoov , for example, announces a bottle ready in less than 40 seconds.

Multifunction, it is capable of dosing infant milk and water itself placed in different containers, but also to sterilize the bottle or to heat baby's meals when the small pots are introduced. This is particularly the case with the Bib'Expresso® from Béaba , which offers a bain-marie function also designed for portable use.

A sufficient dose of measures

Gluttonous baby or on the contrary small eater, be sure to choose a device that offers enough different dosages . If some are satisfied with the classic volumes of baby bottles (150, 240 and 330 ml), others offer more flexibility with doses from 60 ml at Babymoov with its Milky Now and even 30ml at BabyBrezza . An interesting function also for small meal supplements or for intermediate ages.

Additional options?

A bottle rack can be integrated into the device, as can a water filter , perfect for always bringing more comfort to delicate little bellies. This option is notably present on the Perfect Prep Closer Tommee Tippee capable of filtering tap water and anticipating the preparation of several bottles during the day.

Some models can be connected to a smartphone or a tablet to trigger preparation remotely and monitor baby's diet easily thanks to a progress curve.

The benefit of each function must be measured according to your needs and those of your child, in the weeks and months to come, especially as some can increase prices beyond the budget you have set.

Equipped with two tanks, one for powdered milk and the other for water, the BabyBrezza Formula Pro is, for young parents, the Rolls of this type of machine. Once filled, you don't have to do anything else, it measures the milk and water on its own and takes care of everything in less than 10 seconds

Maximum compatibility

Over the weeks and months, you will undoubtedly use different baby bottles, of varying sizes and capacities, but also other small containers to prepare and sometimes take baby's meals. There compatibility of your preparer is therefore important if you wish to use it for a long time , perhaps even until baby eats the same meals as you.

Élhée BibRONDS: compatible with all instant preparers

With its round shape, its soft curves and its very maternal flexibility, the Rond Élhée bib is unlike any other. Maybe that’s what made you fall in love and buy it? Or are its colors both delicate and trendy, perfect to match with a birth gift? More than anything, it was the argument of healthy and safe medical grade silicone that immediately convinced you.

What if we gave you an extra reason to shop our pretty Rond Élhée bib ? This is the moment or never for you to discover that our Round bib 150, 240 and now 330 ml, are all perfectly compatible with bottle preparers on the market !

Forget the bottle warmer that is too small, too slow, which heats too hot, does not mix the milk and does not sterilize the bottle. Hello to the preparer to install in a good place on the kitchen worktop, next to your collection of round bibs!

Silicone baby bottle with soft texture Elhée

Bib Rond Élhée: to combine practicality and safety

With its range of revolutionary Ronds bibs , Elhée wanted to focus on baby safety . Thus, medical grade silicone and a unique closure system guarantee healthy preparation for each meal . For your peace of mind and because we know that at the birth of a child there are a thousand and one concerns, milk is only in contact with the silicone selected for the body and the teat of the Rond bib , which is free of chemical substances such as Bisphenols A and S.

Just the right amount of formula and mineral water given at room temperature or gently heated and off you go. The Round bib Elhée accompanies newborns in each milky parenthesis.
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