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Fall is coming! 3 baby food recipes, 100% home made

The month of October brings with it its little Halloween ghosts, the owl trend and fall vegetables colored by the summer sun. To make baby food recipes to savor, pumpkins, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots or sweet potatoes, but also apples, pears and bananas, are transformed into 100% home-made compotes and purees to taste and take away, thanks to the Élhée baby bottle .


Recipes for small pots, to discover from 4 months

Ideally, until his sixth month, baby only consumes milk. However, from the age of 4 months, solid foods can enter their menu and take their place on their plate.

At first the quantities are minimal, but, as a parent, you can already start to enjoy cooking. There are many recipes for baby food, but fall recipes are perhaps the sweetest and tastiest for your child.

  • Up to one year, keep at least 500 ml of milk per day in addition to solid meals.
  • Between 4 and 6 months, offer one new thing at a time , a fruit or a vegetable.
  • Throughout diversification, wait if possible until your baby is curious about a food before offering it to him.

Prepare your homemade pots well

For a good homemade puree and for ultra-tasty baby compotes, choose organic, ripe and seasonal fruits and vegetables when possible. For example, a quick visit to the greengrocer will help you find what you’re looking for.

For preparation, you can cook your vegetables in water , in a pressure cooker or in a pan with a little olive oil, but always without salt . Once cooked, simply put them in a blender, blender, vegetable mill or food processor , adding more or less cooking water.

Please note: the more water you add, the smoother and easier the texture of the puree or compote will be. In other words, for a 4 month old baby, add a few spoons of liquid until the puree seems smooth enough.

How to store baby food jars?

When it comes to conservation, you also have a choice. You can freeze individual portions of puree , store them in the fridge (be careful, they will not keep for more than three days), store them vacuum-packed or sterilize the jars . To do this, just after filling the jars, close them with their seal and sterilize by boiling for 20 minutes in a large pot of water. If the operation is carried out correctly, the sterilized baby food jars can be kept for at least a year.

Autumn vegetables, perfect for starting diversification

all the fall vegetables and the Élhée bottle for your baby

Preparing baby's first baby food recipes in autumn is a real pleasure. For what ? Because the biggest challenge of diversification is to arouse baby's curiosity . However, what could be better than the colors of fall vegetables for that?

Orange squash, carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes , purple figs and beets , chestnuts, brown walnuts and hazelnuts , green grapes, apples and pears , all the diversity of colors is expressed on the autumn plate.

In addition to their magnificent colors, autumn vegetables are particularly suitable for first taste discoveries, thanks to the sometimes sweet sweetness of their flavors , soon added with a knob of butter.

3 fall recipe ideas for baby food

Baby meals from 4 months: the essential carrot puree

At the beginning of diversification, it is advisable to give only one vegetable at a time and to mix the preparation finely to prevent your baby from spitting out the pieces to which he is not accustomed.

  • For a portion: count around 200 grams of carrots and a drizzle of oil (olive or mixture).
  • Wash, peel, rinse again then cut the carrot into sections.
  • Cook it in steam or water until it is tender under the fork.
  • Mix with a little cooking water to make a smooth puree and then add a drizzle of oil.
  • All you have to do is serve while checking the temperature , or set aside to store or freeze.

Little baby pot 6 months: butternut squash, sweet potato and turkey puree

From 6 months, you can introduce animal and vegetable proteins (meat, eggs, fish, legumes) as well as seeds (peanuts, oilseeds) and start mixing flavors.

  • For a small pot: 70 g of butternut squash, 10 g of turkey and 1 drizzle of oil (olive or mixture).
  • Wash, peel, then rinse and cut the butternut squash into small pieces which you will cook in water before draining and blending finely.
  • Proceed in the same way for the sweet potato and add the butternut puree and a drizzle of oil.
  • In a little water, cook the turkey for 5 to 10 minutes and mix it.
  • All you have to do is mix everything, check the temperature and serve it to your baby.

Baby compote with autumn fruits: apple, pear and rosemary

Impossible to finish this list of three recipes for homemade baby food without adding a compote specially prepared for your baby's first desserts.

  • For a compote: 1 small apple and 1 small pear (or half a pear depending on your baby's appetite), added with a sprig of fresh rosemary.
  • Wash, peel, rinse and cut the apple and pear into fine pieces before cooking them in a little water or in a pressure cooker , without adding sugar, but adding the washed rosemary sprig .
  • Blend the fruit without the rosemary , but with a little cooking water to obtain a chunk-free compote.
  • Serve warm or cold, after some time in the fridge.

Of course there are many other autumn recipes for your baby's little pots: beets and milled white ham, pumpkin, red lentils and coconut milk, parsnips and pureed chicken, but also pear and chestnut soup or compote pear, banana and clementine juice. It's up to you to try them all to discover baby's tastes!

Small pots to take away, thanks to the lid on the Élhée baby bottle

the bottle that makes a small jar for baby purees

Who says little baby pots, also says container. Made of glass or plastic, most of the time these individual doses are frozen and transported, crossing your fingers that they do not break or spill.

At Élhée, we imagined something else. Another container format, flexible, unbreakable, healthy and 100% airtight . Yes, if we tell you that the baby bottle transforms into a potty whenever you want and without effort , do you believe us? Yet the magic is there, right before your eyes, discreet, delivered with the packaging of your Round Bib: it is the medical grade silicone cover .

Prepare your baby's puree, fill the Round Bib, place the cover on the neck, screw on the tightening ring having first removed the pacifier: it's ready!

You can take your baby's entire meal with you anywhere. When it's time to eat, start with the puree (you can reheat the Bib Rond in the microwave or place it in the freezer if necessary), then rinse the bottle with a little water before filling it again with milk . (Don't worry if the puree [especially carrot or pumpkin puree] has slightly colored your bottle, this is normal and does not affect its quality.)

Thanks to the Bib Rond cover, you get closer to the luxury of an all-in-one baby bottle , designed for drinking and eating and for the happiness of babies.


What vegetable mix for baby?

Before 6 months, at the start of dietary diversification, have your baby taste only one vegetable per meal. After 6 months, imagine a mixture of vegetables, potatoes and carrots or peas, sweet potato and pumpkin, or even a combination of zucchini and apple.

How to give your baby the first purees?

To get started with small pots, start by preparing very small quantities of puree for your baby, around two to three spoons, to taste. Choose a finely ground vegetable and offer it to your child for a few days, while he gets used to the change.

When to give baby solid food in the evening?

Up to 6 months, a diet consisting exclusively of milk is very suitable for your baby. To know when to give him solid food in the evening, observe him. If he's interested in what's on your plate, it might be time to try a supplement. Generally, the first little evening meals are tasted around 8 months.

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