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Which learning cup to choose for baby?


  • Are you wondering which training cup to choose for your baby?
  • Are you still hesitant to take the plunge, wondering if this purchase is really worth it?
  • A quick search on the Internet allowed you to see that the number of models offered on the market is quite significant?


Quickly, you felt that the situation was beyond your control and preferred to close your browser rather than continue your research...


As we understand you... The infinity of possibilities makes the task complex. And spending hours comparing is not particularly your cup of tea… Right? 😉


To find the ideal learning cup, you need to ask yourself the right questions.


But first, let's try to remember what a learning cup is and what its advantages are. Then, let's see when and how to introduce it into your baby's daily life ... Finally, let's look at the criteria to remember to choose yours!


Let's start reading!



What is a learning cup? 

A training cup is a container halfway between a baby bottle and a grown-up glass. This is a very practical childcare item for parents wishing to help their baby become more independent .


The training cup is sometimes equipped with handles, although this is not necessary for a good grip. The material of the cup and its shape play a very important role in its handling.


The benefits of the learning cup 

A training cup, unlike a glass that capsizes and spills, or even a leaking bottle, allows baby to drink alone without help from his parents . This way, the training cup prevents him from getting soaked in just a few seconds.


And every parent knows it: changing your baby is a laborious task that is repeated often during the day, so there is no need to add to it!


It allows baby to help himself of his own free will without having to wait for someone to hand it to him… One less frustration!


Anti-leak , the system therefore has something to seduce. To be fully satisfactory, it will be advisable to opt for a model without plastic material. 

The training cup, also sometimes called a training bottle or training bottle, is also a key element in successful weaning from the bottle! It allows baby to gently detach from the pacifier thanks to its pouring spout system .


From what age can baby use a training cup? 

baby learning cup

It is possible to find training cups that can be used from baby 6 months old. It really depends on your child and their development. Take the time to observe your baby during his meals. Does he ever ask you for water or milk in a “grown-up” glass?


If this is the case, then baby is ready to take a new step!

Note that the training cup is also an extra drink to supplement baby's liquid intake during the day.


At the beginning of his training, it is advisable not to fill the cup entirely so that he absorbs his drink in small sips , which will prevent him from choking, or from drinking the cup , if you will allow us the pun …🥛


This will also force him to tilt his head back more to drink and teach him the correct gestures.


Should you remove your baby's bottle as soon as your baby's training cup is introduced?


Removing the baby's bottle as soon as the training cup is introduced could be brutal for him.

Better to give him the choice in the first few weeks . As a baby is naturally attracted to new things, he will ask for his own training cup. In addition, he will try to imitate you . Explain to him that his new cup will make him big!


If you want to take your child's bottle off quickly, you can encourage and compliment him every time he chooses his cup rather than his bottle to hydrate.


If baby experiences a strong need for comfort for any reason, make sure he has his bottle available for the first few weeks to reassure himself if this is his habit. Subsequently, you can replace it with its comforter in order to gradually wean it.


How to introduce the learning cup into baby's life? 

No need to make piles… Or should we say cups? Like any new introduction of objects into your child's life, it is essential to demystify and not to sacralize. In this case, it is advisable to bring the training cup to your baby as if it were any other object. First without water , so that it focuses on look and feel rather than function. Baby will feel, smell, bring to his mouth, observe the cup that you hand him.


When he is familiar with it, you can fill it with around twenty milliliters and give it to him in a sitting position.


Make sure that your child's head is clear and not obstructed by clothing or cushions. It must be able to free itself quickly in the event of a wrong turn. No worries though, the spouts are designed to distribute water in small quantities .


Which learning cup is best for your child? 

There is no need to test several models of training cup to find the one that suits your baby. Plus, it would be too expensive!


If baby has been breastfed , it is recommended to opt directly for a cup model reminiscent of the shape of the nursing breast.


As these models are few in number on the early childhood market, you can take a look at our store! We offer models of learning cups designed to remind baby of his mother's breast.


All our models are made of medical grade silicone , a material free of micro plastic and therefore without risk to your baby's health. Note that the pouring spout is compatible with our innovative Bib'Ronds .


Our learning cups are soft so they can be squeezed by your child's little hands. Rest assured, this action does not eject water out of the container. 💦 But it will remind him of the sweet sensations experienced during breastfeeding sessions with his mother.


Takeaways from this article 

  • A training cup is an item that allows baby to drink alone without the intervention of parents or a family member.
  • You can offer it to your baby from 6 months, depending on their interest.
  • The beauty of the training cup is that it doesn't leak. It can therefore be transported wherever you go with baby without the latter getting splashed and needing to be changed...
  • The training cup can also be offered to your child in addition to his bottle taken during meals. This way, you offer him an alternative and allow for gentle weaning.
  • Our medical grade silicone models are designed to preserve the health of babies. Their shape close to the mother's breast and their peach skin texture make them irresistible to your child!
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