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Bubble learning cup: the “zero waste” alternative for babies


Summer is approaching, and with it, the period of small nocturnal thirsts and great needs for water while walking. Usually, the little water bottle wins all the votes by taking over the children's room and slipping into your mom's bag. However, this year, you are going to do it differently. No more plastic, even reused or otherwise used, the importance of choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly products comes to the fore. For this, Élhée accompanies you with her new learning cup. An elegant and durable alternative, Bubble can be used from 4 months, reusable and unbreakable, in short, 100% unalterable.

A revolutionary learning cup

The Bubble learning cup is the latest Élhée innovation, designed especially for babies aged 4 months and over . Shaped like a gourd, all round, our soft silicone sippy cup is also a completely airtight leak-proof cup , which makes it extremely practical. That's right, what other learning cup can boast such elegant design and high efficiency?

Bubble was developed to allow babies to acquire a certain independence while minimizing damage (broken, spilled glass, wet clothes, etc.). The soft silicone that makes up its bottle and its leak-proof suction nozzle is medical grade . Like that of BibRond, it is therefore 100% safe for your baby's health. Like that of the BibRond, it is therefore unbreakable , whatever the treatment that your child will subject it to.

And, because the durability of its products is one of the values ​​held by Élhée, we have imagined a training cup that is a twin of the baby bottle. You can therefore interchange the bottles and the rings , for endless and unique color combinations.

All of these qualities make Bubble an innovative, revolutionary and zero waste learning cup.

Bubble, to promote children's autonomy and learning

baby autonomy with the elhee learning cup

Usable from 4 months and the start of dietary diversification , Bubble replaces the glass cup, baby cup and straw cup that you might have bought to test them. For what ? Because our learning cup is safe and easy for all children to use.

Unbreakable and leak-proof , it encourages risk-free initiatives from an early age. Baby benefits from a gentle transition from bottle to cup to glass . He is confident, like you.

With two hands, with one hand, pinching with the teeth, lying down, sitting or walking, your child learns coordination . He can now drink like the grown-ups, whenever he wants, wherever he wants. He is independent.

Zero waste, zero compromise

A product labeled zero waste comes from a manufacturing process that reduces the volume of waste generated , as well as the waste that is often associated with it. With this in mind, the Bubble by Élhée learning cup is:

  • Reusable: unlike disposable cups or bottles, Bubble is reusable day after day for years. By using it for your baby, you reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Durable: flexible and unbreakable, Bubble is designed to last and to accompany your baby throughout his period of learning to be independent.
  • Transmissible: offering an Élhée learning cup to your baby also means offering it to your other children after him. Unlike glass that breaks or plastic cups that deteriorate, Bubble and the medical silicone in its bottle can be used for years, even taken everywhere with baby and regularly put in the dishwasher to be cleaned.
  • Virtuous: by offering a Bubble learning cup to your baby, you reduce your production of plastic waste and you make a concrete gesture to preserve the planet. Indeed, Bubble is made in France, Élhée sources its supplies from short circuits, has chosen fully recyclable packaging and vegetable ink for its printing.
  • Educational: because Bubble can be used by your baby from the age of 4 months, you raise awareness very early on - as well as those around you - of the importance of adopting an eco-responsible and zero waste approach to consumption.
  • Multiple: even zero waste, Bubble makes no compromise on style. You can therefore choose the training cup that matches your baby's and play mix & match with the different elements of the 240 ml bottle , all compatible.

No more plastic water bottles made and purchased to be thrown in the trash! At home, on a walk, on vacation, at daycare... in short, everywhere, replace them with the Élhée learning cup and reduce your waste.

4 tips for simple meals with baby

elhee learning cup, for simple meals with baby

  • From the first day of life until the 6th month, breast milk is the best food to offer your baby. Not only does breastfeeding cover all of a child's nutritional needs, but its practice also generates no waste.
  • Starting with food diversification: reduce the quantities of plastics by focusing on reusable objects. Here, the Bubble learning cup makes sense since it eliminates plastic bottles.
  • For cooking, favor fresh vegetables, paper bags and bulk foods or products packaged in glass jars.
  • Go to the essentials and keep only the essentials, for a line of pure, healthy and reusable tableware, entirely suitable for baby .

Élhée accompanies your baby with its evolving box “Like the grown-ups”

Of course, just because baby is growing up doesn't mean he has to do without his bottle . This is why we have imagined an evolving box “Comme les grands” composed of 4 Élhée products :

  • a 240 ml baby bottle,
  • a 330 ml baby bottle,
  • a 240 ml bottle,
  • a set of two leak-proof soft silicone suction nozzles.

For everyone, choose your favorite colors from our palette and order our box for your baby or for a birth, to anticipate with an original gift.

To remember :

  • The Bubble learning cup is a zero waste alternative for babies' autonomy. It is reusable, durable, virtuous, multiple, educational and transmissible.
  • Made from medical silicone, it fits perfectly into the goal of zero waste and healthy meals for children.
  • Bubble creates an experience of discovery and autonomy, positive and respectful of the environment.
  • It can be purchased alone or in a box and personalized using compatible BibRond elements.
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