Baby bottle Black 150 ml (S)

Baby bottle Black 150 ml (S)

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Baby bottle Black 150 ml (S)

Baby bottle Black 150 ml (S)

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150ml 240ml 330ml

Baby bottle supplied with a Slow flow teat (S).

Birth bottle designed for infants and breastfed babies.
 Thanks to the small size of the 150 ml bottle, the semi-rigid silicone texture and the anti-colic valve system, the Élhée bottle is designed to minimize any risk of colic in infants.

The silicone baby bottle has a 100% healthy composition for babies, without BPA, BPS, Phthalates, or any endocrine disruptors. Lightweight, unbreakable and scalable thanks to its lid which allows it to be transformed into a small airtight container for storing breast milk or compote/purée.

The 150 ml bottle can be used by babies from birth but also in addition to mixed breastfeeding. It can then be reused as a small water bottle from 6 months by replacing the teat with a leak-proof suction nozzle.

Completely and easily removable for perfect hygiene.

  • Without harmful substances for babies

  • Compatible with breastfeeding

  • High-performance anti-colic valve

  • Soft and unbreakable baby bottle

  • Zero contact with plastic

  • Made with care in France

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Zero contact with plastic

The patented design of the Élhée baby bottle allows for perfect safety between the milk and the plastic parts that make up the bottle. A silicone neck guarantees perfect continuity between the bottle and the medical silicone teat, without the risk of micro plastic migrating into baby's milk.

Anti-colic valve

Equipped with an anti-colic valve, the pacifier lets excess air escape and helps limit the risk of colic. The soft texture of the bottle allows better air circulation in the bottle, making it 2x more effective than a rigid bottle.

Unbreakable silicone

Light and unbreakable, the Élhée baby bottle is made of semi-rigid silicone, which allows it to be easily held by babies and promotes their autonomy.

0% harmful substances

Made from medical grade silicone, the Élhée baby bottle does not contain any substance likely to harm babies' health (0% bisphenol, phthalate, etc.) nor any endocrine disruptors. Complies with the most demanding standards: EN 14350-1 / 124350-2 - FDA, US_CPSIA, California PROP 65 and SOR

Physiological pacifier

The Élhée pacifier has a physiological shape, it adapts ideally to the child's oral cavity and contributes to their good development. Shape recommended by orthodontists.

French made

Made in Rhône-Alpes with respect for people and the environment. The Élhée bottle is assembled in an ESAT (work center for people with disabilities).

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To warm your Élhée bottle, several methods are possible:

Portable bottle warmers:
All Élhée baby bottles can be used with portable bottle warmers from the Munchkin, Tommee Tippee, Mini Cupid and Appy Baby brands when fitted with our adapter ring.

Classic bottle warmers:
Here is the list of classic bottle warmers compatible with the 150ml and 240ml formats of our bottles (not the 330ml):
- “Milk Second” by Beaba
- “Nomad” by Izybaby
- “Maternity” by Bébé Confort

Bottle preparers:
All Élhée baby bottle formats are compatible with all bottle preparers on the market:
- “FormulaPro” by Babybrezza
- “Milkeo” by Beaba
- “Bib’Expresso” by Beaba
- “Perfect Prep” by Tommee Tippee

Bain-marie and microwave:
The water bath method is 100% compatible with Élhée baby bottles. The use of the microwave is also possible, however it is not recommended for heating breast milk.

Another tip: Get a kettle with an adjustable temperature so that the water is at the perfect temperature (37°C) to prepare the bottle. It's even faster!

Maintenance: The Élhée bottle is completely removable for perfect hygiene and cleaning by hand with hot, soapy water.

The Liberty bottle is not dishwasher safe and cannot be sterilized.


Orders are prepared and shipped within 24/48 hours (working days).
Delivery is free in Metropolitan France from €15 and €150 in Europe and the United States.
Exchange and Returns: Free of charge within 90 days in Metropolitan France.

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frequently asked Questions

For which babies is the 240ml bottle recommended?

The 240ml bottle is recommended for babies from 2 months or after breastfeeding. Before 2 months we recommend the use of the 150ml bottle.

It is important to adapt the size of the bottle to the quantity of milk the baby drinks to prevent it from being filled with air, which can increase the risk of colic.

What are the benefits of the Élhée bottle?

The Élhée bottle offers a multitude of benefits for your baby's well-being:

  • Anti-colic : The Élhée baby bottle teat has an anti-colic valve which lets excess air escape. The flexibility of the silicone allows better air circulation in the bottle, which helps reduce the risk of colic.
  • Healthy and safe materials : The Élhée baby bottle does not contain bisphenol (0% BPA, BPS, BPF), or other substances likely to harm the health of babies, such as lead, PVC, phthalate, nistrosamine, cadmium, heavy metals ...
    It is non-allergenic and perfectly suited to food contact.
  • Lightweight and unbreakable baby bottle : Made of silicone, the Élhée baby bottle has a flexible texture, it is light, unbreakable and facilitates the independence of babies who can easily hold it in their hands from the first months, without risk of breakage or injury.
  • Patented design: Its unique and patented closing system excludes any risk of contact of milk and its nutrients with materials other than those of the bottle, the anti-colic teat and the silicone sealing disc = ZERO risk of migration of plastic microparticles into your baby's milk.
  • Scalable baby bottle : A cover in the bottle box allows it to be transformed into a small jar or airtight container to store puree, compote, breast milk.
    From 6 months, the bottle teat can be replaced by an anti-leak suction nozzle to transform it into a training bottle.
  • French manufacturing : Our products are designed and manufactured in France, in Rhône-Alpes.
  • Ethical production : Our bottles are assembled in ESATs (Workplace Assistance Establishments and Services), thus contributing to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities.

What is the size of the 240ml bottle?

240ml: ø8.9 cm H 13.8 cm

Can I sterilize the bottle?

Long recommended, today the WHO no longer recommends to sterilize baby bottles. The Élhée x Liberty baby bottle cannot be sterilized for better retention of its design.

How to clean the bottle?

1. Disassemble the different elements of the bottle
2. Then wash them carefully in warm, soapy water, preferably using an organic, fragrance-free product.
3. Rinse them in clean water and dry them in the open air on a clean cloth

When will I receive my order?

Orders are shipped within 24/48 hours, working days. Depending on the shipping method chosen, delivery can take 24 hours for express delivery and up to 5 working days at a Chronopost relay point.

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