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Why buy a baby bottle made in France?

Buying local and in a short circuit represents a generous gesture for our planet, increasingly battered by hyperconsumption and import-export conditions, which are often harmful.

Imported products often travel long distances to reach their destination, which generates significant greenhouse gas emissions and accelerates climate change.

In addition, international transport requires a significant amount of fuel, which increases dependence on fossil fuels and their exploitation.

Among the products concerned, we find the equipment to be provided for the arrival of a child. But think again! You don't have to buy a bottle or pacifier that has traveled halfway around the world before arriving at your home.

A baby bottle made in France, in other words, made in France, will fulfill its mission perfectly and will have the merit of being eco-responsible . The latter has also been gaining popularity in recent years, not only for its quality and the safety it presents, but also for its commitment to our environment and society.



5 good reasons to buy a baby bottle made in France

Buying a baby bottle made in France has several significant advantages. Here are some reasons why it may be beneficial to opt for a baby bottle made in France:

  • Ensure the quality of the bottle

A baby bottle manufactured in France will be subject to strict manufacturing and safety standards. France is in fact a country renowned for imposing strict specifications when it comes to the manufacture of products intended for young children. By choosing a baby bottle made in France, you have the assurance that supervised controls have been carried out throughout the manufacturing process, thus guaranteeing the safety and quality of the product for your baby.

  • Promote the short circuit

The manufacturing of a baby bottle made in France is characterized by the geographical concentration of its different stages, such as production, supply of raw materials and final assembly. By reducing the distance between each site dedicated to these stages, the carbon footprint associated with transport is minimized !

  • Support the local economy

Purchasing a baby bottle made in France supports the local economy by promoting local jobs and encouraging the growth of French businesses. It contributes to maintaining know-how and preserving skills within the national territory.

  • To preserve the environment

A baby bottle made in France is designed with ecological awareness. It integrates environmentally friendly production processes and is designed so that its lifespan is relatively long, or even improveable. By opting for this type of bottle , parents contribute to reducing waste and preserving natural resources.

  • Benefit from better visibility on the origin of the product

By purchasing a baby bottle made in France, you have better visibility on the origin of the materials used and the manufacturing conditions. It is sometimes even possible for certain products, whether or not they are baby bottles, to visit the production sites during open days, for example.

You benefit from clearer traceability and after-sales service that is often more responsive to the extent that time constraints (return times) are less frequent, or even zero (time differences).

What characterizes Elhée's made in France baby bottle?

The manufacturing of Elhée baby bottles is done entirely in France, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region . This baby bottle stands out with its unique and patented design ! It is made from medical grade silicone , guaranteed BPA and phthalate free.

But this innovative bottle also sets the tone for the development of eco-responsible, ethical and more sustainable children's items.

Scalable, the Elhée baby bottle can, for example, be transformed into a training cup as soon as baby is old enough to drink like an adult! This ingenious innovation reduces the need to purchase new products and promotes a sustainable approach to the use of baby items. The quantity of waste is limited and natural resources preserved.

Baby bottle-made-in-france-elhee

Promote the integration of people with disabilities

Elhée's objective is not only to offer fathers and mothers a short-circuit and less “ refilling ” bottle. In addition to offering an effective anti-colic bottle that is wonderfully soft to the touch, Elhée is committed to social inclusion.

The employees responsible for assembling and packaging the baby bottles come from an ESAT (Workplace Assistance Establishment and Service). Thus, employment opportunities are offered to people with disabilities and sometimes in situations of significant precariousness.

By choosing the BibRond Elhée for babies, you are doing much more than becoming parents... You are acting in favor of equal opportunities!

A baby bottle made in France designed for parents… And the planet!

  • A more sustainable baby bottle made in France

In an approach resolutely focused on the circular economy, Elhée's baby bottles are definitely well designed to last! Each element of the bottle can be disassembled and the physiological teat can be replaced individually, thus offering an economical and ecological solution when necessary.

This is also the case for the suction nozzle of your training cup .

The possibility of purchasing spare parts allows you to extend the life of the bottle or cup. In the event of premature wear, generally due to teeth biting, it is no longer necessary to replace the entire bottle, which considerably reduces waste and the ecological footprint.

This approach also saves money in the long term by avoiding frequent purchases of replacement bottles.

  • Eco-design at the heart of Elhée’s philosophy

Baby bottles are designed using sustainable and recyclable materials, which reduces their environmental impact throughout their life cycle. For example, using vegetable ink when printing labels and packaging avoids using chemicals that are harmful to nature.

In addition, the paper we use during the manufacturing processes is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which means that it comes from responsibly managed forests. By opting for recycled paper, we help reduce the demand for raw materials , thus preserving natural resources. In addition, this paper is supplied by a paper manufacturer located just 2 km from our production site!

Did you know ?

The Forest Stewardship Council ensures that timber harvesting meets the highest environmental, social and economic standards. This distinction assures consumers that the products are manufactured with a concern for preserving forest ecosystems and supporting local communities.

  • Partnerships with committed stakeholders

Elhée's approach to responsibility and commitment is not limited to its own company. Indeed, Elhée has established partnerships with industrial players who share the same values ​​as the brand. Sustainable development standards are intended to be demanding.

Among these industrial partners, some are labeled 14001 .

→ This label corresponds to the ISO 14001 standard, which defines the criteria for an efficient environmental management system. Collaborating with 14001-certified partners ensures that activities comply with environmental management standards.

In addition, Elhée collaborates with partners evaluated by Ecovadis .

Ecovadis is an independent platform that evaluates the sustainable development performance of companies around the world.

Free delivery from a certain amount: a good way to reduce Co2 emissions!

In our desire to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, we have implemented a free delivery policy from a certain purchase amount. This strategy aims to minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the delivery of baby bottles.

By consolidating orders and offering free delivery from:

  • 70 € to France,
  • 130 € to the rest of Europe and the USA,


We encourage parents to make bulk purchases rather than placing multiple separate orders. This practice makes it possible to reduce the number of deliveries made, and therefore CO2 emissions linked to transport.


The final word…


Elhée baby bottles are manufactured in France, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region .

But Elhée's objective in its early days was not only to offer parents a short-circuit baby bottle. It was much more than that!

Elhée was founded with a clear and bold vision: to create a product that meets parents' expectations while preserving our planet. By opting for local production , our brand has chosen to support the regional economy and reduce the carbon footprint linked to the transport of raw materials and our finished products.

 But beyond the ecological aspect, Elhée is also committed to offering parents a high quality , safe and durable bottle. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the ergonomics of the design, has been carefully thought out to meet the needs of your babies and yours, as parents.


Favoring short circuits has allowed us to forge strong links with local industrial partners , thus promoting close collaboration and mutual trust.

 This proximity ensures optimal manufacturing conditions and increased traceability of our baby bottles. By choosing BibRond for your child, you are supporting a committed company, resolutely focused on the future and concerned about the impact of its actions on the environment and future generations.

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