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Celebrating the sacred feminine and honoring consecrated motherhood


Motherhood is a unique and sacred experience that nourishes the heart, soul and spirit. At Élhée, as you know, we are convinced that the mother, just as much as her child, must be at the center of emotions and attention. In this article published on the occasion of Mother's Day, we wanted to celebrate the beauty and power of the sacred feminine, the uniqueness and authenticity of motherhood, and to remind you of an importance, yours, as a woman, as a mother.

A journey to motherhood: blessing way and matrescence

Motherhood is an extraordinary journey. A sacred path along which each woman draws on her inner strength to give life and protect it. Synonymous with transformation, this journey combines unconditional love and devotion, joys, challenges and sacrifices . From this journey more and more often called matrescence , each woman emerges different, stronger and more fragile, consecrated mother and sacred woman, ready to awaken to the magic of motherhood:
    • The birth of a baby is a moment when the sacred feminine is embodied in its creative capacity,
    • Motherhood transforms every woman and awakens unsuspected forces in her.
    To accompany her and celebrate the mother who is born within her, the blessing way ritual is gaining popularity. A ritual of passage and blessing , the blessing way places the future mother at the center of all attention. Organized by a doula or a close friend, this honorary ceremony for the pregnant woman takes place around the 7th month of pregnancy. His goal ? Accompany the future mother in her new role thanks to different rituals combining sisterhood, connection, intimacy, kindness and blessing.
    On Mother's Day, let's recognize and celebrate the courage, patience and resilience that comes from this journey.

    Connect deeply with your child

    the mother-child connection, to celebrate for Mother’s Day

    Giving life creates a deep connection between a mother and her child. This unique emotional bond, woven with love, intuition, understanding and compassion, places mothers, fully aware of their empowerment , as spiritual guides, first teachers and protectors of their children. This unconditional connection defines a space for mutual growth, fulfillment and healing.

    • Thus, consecrated motherhood nourishes the development of the child,
    • the close relationship between a mother and her child creates an intimate, unique and deep connection that transcends words.

        On Mother's Day, let us recognize the beauty and power of the sacred feminine that flourishes through motherhood.

        The balance between self-giving and self-care 

        the mother-child connection, to celebrate for Mother’s Day

        Motherhood is a gift of self where mothers devote much of their time and energy to caring for their children. However, taking care of yourself, as a woman, is just as important. Self -care is not a selfish act, but on the contrary, a necessity to maintain balance and nourish the maternal soul :

        • Taking care of yourself and your well-being, protecting your sacred feminine, also means taking better care of your child,
        • Establishing relaxation rituals helps you honor your sacred feminine and consecrated motherhood.

        On the occasion of Mother's Day, take care of yourself, strengthen your connection to the sacred feminine and nourish your capacity to give and fully flourish as a woman & mother.

        The magic of maternal rituals: your body is your temple

        Motherhood rituals honor and celebrate sacred motherhood. In different forms: meditation, baths, support circles, emotional release, rebozo, positive affirmations... they intervene at different times. So many opportunities to connect or reconnect with your deep essence , to recharge your batteries and regenerate your sacred feminine . Motherhood rituals help you refocus, nourish your soul, find serenity and follow your intuition:

        • The maternal instinct, when expressed, guides your choices and decisions as a mother,
        • learn to cultivate and listen to this inner voice for fulfilled motherhood and femininity.

        This Mother's Day, light a candle in honor of your motherhood, start a gratitude journal, or practice your favorite healing rituals. These intimate moments remind you of the beauty and strength that resides within you.

        Let us together honor the extraordinary women and devoted mothers who surround us, who accompany us, who protect us and who raise us out of love.

        • Let us celebrate the sacred feminine and consecrated motherhood , symbols of the precious mother/child bond.
        • Connect to your sacred feminine and take care of yourself.
        • Cultivate love and compassion for yourself.
        • Let's cultivate the magic of motherhood together by creating a gentle and poetic universe, dedicated to all parenting.

        There are a thousand and one ways to please a mother. A smile, a hug, a drawing, flowers, a day off, a tattoo, a treatment, a dinner, a piece of jewelry... or a BibRond Élhée . For the softness, aesthetics and safety of the product, for its durability and for its uniqueness, the BibRond makes a perfect Mother's Day gift. Solo or in a box , wrapped in its organic cotton swaddle or accompanied by the Bubble learning cup , the bottle always conveys emotion.

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