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Olfactory memory and sensory development: the evocative power of perfume for babies

What could be more intimate and powerful than the scent of a memory? Familiar and personal, he is the one who reassures, makes you smile, leaves you nostalgic or even, the one who brings balm to the heart. In each case, the emotion is linked to the smell , to that of the madeleine, to that of the mother: we speak of olfactory memory. Here, Élhée has chosen to call upon the evocative power of baby perfume , in order to weave ever closer the bonds of the mother-child relationship.


Olfactory memory, or the sensation of emotions

Olfactory memory is that which retains each important odor by its power, its recurrence or by its association with a person or a significant event. Olfactory memory is therefore a memory rich in emotions .

It is also undoubtedly the most durable and powerful . The recollection of a happy olfactory memory indeed has a soothing power measurable by slowing down the heartbeat and the rhythm of breathing.

Why this particularity? Perhaps because the olfactory cortex is intertwined with both the region of instinctive emotions (amygdala) and that of memory (hippocampus).

Smells and childhood stories

Particularly stimulated during childhood, olfactory memory records certain smells which will always revive the same memories throughout life. Your grandparents' house, your blanket, the fields around your home, dad's aftershave, mom's perfume... so many indelible emotional scents .

Directly connected to the brain, smell creates a bridge between past and present . Like a true sensory and temporal journey, olfactory memory offers you the possibility of being, through thought, where you would have liked to stay. From your mother's breast to your grandmother's kitchen, smells suspend time for the better .

If smell is a sense that is sometimes underestimated, childhood smells are real gateways to a happy past.

In babies, smell is one of the very first senses acquired . Already in the womb, between the 8th and 11th week of pregnancy, the receptors and the area of ​​the brain linked to odors develop. However, you have to wait until the 7th month for your baby to have his or her first olfactory experiences.

Baby perfume, a sensory delicacy

baby perfume, care water and elhee milky water

The smell of a baby is unique. For her mother, she is undoubtedly the most intoxicating and addictive there is. However, there are other scents, soft and natural, capable of offering a real moment of well-being to your child.

For this, baby perfume should be chosen without alcohol , with a delicate fragrance and to be used in subtle touches . Besides, wouldn't it be a must to use the same perfume for baby and for you, mom?

Élhée care water, a natural fragrance for babies and their mothers

At Élhée, we have always focused on the health and sensoriality of our baby products . Today, anti-colic bottle , training cup and physiological teats echo our new natural milky water .

Made from natural extracts, emulsified water and olive oil , Élhée milky water respects the most sensitive skin and can be used from birth. This unique composition, in accordance with the requirements of Clean Beauty, allowed us to imagine an innovative texture, directly inspired by breast milk.

White musk and clementine , the sweet and fresh notes of our treatment water combine deliciousness, tenderness, emotion and lightness in a baby scented water to share with mom .

Baby perfume and its benefits

The first smell recorded in your baby's sensory catalog is yours, that of your neck, your chest. She reassures him and puts a smile on his little face at each reunion.

Gradually, others join it: the milk he drinks, the cuddly toy with which he sleeps, and also that of his bottle, a transitional and intimate object par excellence.

Because childhood is the period during which olfactory memory is enriched the most, offering a perfume to your baby also helps him create additional memories that will accompany him throughout his life. Like Proust's madeleine , Élhée treatment water acts as a real comfort, directly and forever linked to childhood memories .

On the constancy of smells and childhood

A child's first three years form the foundation of a lifetime. During this period, baby needs benchmarks and stability to grow and flourish with confidence and serenity. Changing perfume, yours or theirs, can then be experienced as a disturbance since this is how — among other things — baby finds his way in his environment.

Used regularly, baby scented water has a real reassuring and soothing emotional impact , even beyond your presence.

The importance of smells in a child's sensory development

The world is made up of smells, each one as different as the next. The smell of your skin, that of your baby, the smells of food, milk, flowers, paper, wind, toys... If, naturally, your child will become familiar with them, it is important to name them as soon as possible and encourage baby in their discovery.

How to awaken baby's sense of smell?

From the moment of birth, guided by the smell of his mother already present in his olfactory memory, baby is able to crawl towards the nourishing breast. We also know that infants orient more easily towards pleasant smells or those that they know.

When you enter the nursery, you may be asked for a cuddly toy or a t-shirt impregnated with your scent. During care time, it will reassure your child.

To accompany your child through his discoveries, each everyday element is a support: from the liniment for his toilet to the puree in his little pot , through his treatment water, his baby perfume just for him.

And because olfaction reaches its full potential around the age of 5, think of the scent lottery: coffee capsules or small yogurt pots, emptied, cleaned, filled and then closed, will help you imagine a round of scents to introduce to your child. baby.

Olfactory communication

“Getting into perfume”, “Not being able to smell someone”, “Having a hollow nose”… so many expressions linked to the nose and sensations. As a good smell reassures, another warns: it's all a question of message.

To measure, the smell of a human, that of your baby, yours, includes thousands of molecules subject to numerous variations. Body odors can therefore play a certain communicative role, just as your environment is full of olfactory signals – cut grass, coffee, rain – often ignored, but nonetheless capable of influencing the way you feel about your day.

The power of maternal perfume

Thus, part of the incredible mother/child bond is due to olfactory memory and its power. Researchers from the journal Science Advances have here demonstrated that babies are more inclined to smile at a strange woman if she bears their mother's scent.

Olfactory memory and baby perfume therefore form unbreakable bonds despite time and the years. Imbued with naturalness, softness and sensitivity, Élhée care water helps you create precious and perpetual memories with your child.


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