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Discover all the bottles in the Élhée range: with your favorite colors among the 12 shades offered! Our medical grade silicone baby bottles offer babies a unique experience without risk to their health.

150 ml baby bottles

The 150 ml bottles are perfect for newborns and babies under 3 months. Their slow flow allows your child to drink safely and at their own pace.

This reduced format is ideal for feeding baby from birth and awakening their senses thanks to its material as soft and supple as the skin of the maternal breast. Take advantage of our range of baby bottles to treat yourself with the color of your choice!

240 ml baby bottles

The 240 ml bottles are perfectly suitable for babies over 3 months and up to 9 months (and even beyond...). You can pair your bottle with a fast-flow nipple if your baby drinks thickened milk or if you add cereal to his bottle.

A larger scale allows you to add cereals to satisfy the stomachs of greedy babies. Here again, the unique colors of our bottles will delight young and old, children or parents!

330 ml baby bottles

From the age of 6 months, babies' nutritional needs begin to increase, and they tend to drink more milk or formula. With a capacity of 330 ml, the 330 ml bottles offer a greater quantity of liquid, which helps satisfy their growing appetite.

The 330 ml bottles can also be very practical for combining breast or infant milk with cereals or purees.

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How do I clean my Élhée bottle?

You don't have to be a cleaning expert to make your bottle sparkling clean after each feeding! Simply take a dab of dishwashing liquid , preferably organic, with your fingers or a bottle brush and lightly clean the inside of your bottle to remove all impurities and traces of milk. You can also use a dish swab when washing by hand, or put it in your dishwasher . Be careful, however, of the risk of coloring your bottle in the dishwasher.

How do I heat the milk in my Élhée baby bottle?

The ideal is to warm your child's milk powder in a bain-marie, in a saucepan of water. Be careful not to burn yourself when removing the bottle from the pan. To be sure that the milk in the bottle is at the right temperature, you can use a food thermometer and stop heating when it reaches around 36.5° .

Be careful, above 37, any liquid present in your bottle will present a risk of burns. So be careful when preparing it.

What are the advantages of a medical grade silicone baby bottle?

Medical grade silicone baby bottles offer several essential benefits for your baby:

  • Medical grade silicone is safe, hypoallergenic and free of BPA , phthalates and other harmful chemicals, ensuring your baby's health. It is free from any endocrine disruptors
  • This material simulates the softness and natural texture of the maternal breast , which can facilitate the transition between breastfeeding and using a bottle, in the case of mixed breastfeeding, for example!
  • They resist high temperatures and do not deform when heated or put in the washing machine.
  • Silicone baby bottles are durable and shock resistant . They will never break if dropped and will not scratch!

How do I choose the right bottle size for my baby?

The choice of bottle size depends on the age and needs of your baby.

For newborns , opt for the 150 ml bottle with slow flow teats.

As your baby grows and increases his milk intake (between 3 and 6 months or even earlier), switch to medium-sized bottles (240 ml) with medium-flow nipples.

For older babies (over 6 months) , large bottles (330 ml) with fast-flow teats will be perfectly appropriate if your baby drinks cereals or is a big foodie.

Is my Elhée bottle compatible with breast pumps from other brands?

Absolutely ! We have developed two specific adapters that make our Elhée bottles compatible with two popular breast pump brands: Avent and Medela . These adapters are designed to make moms' lives easier by giving them more flexibility and freedom.

They allow you to easily connect your Elhée bottle, making it easier to express your breast milk directly into the bottle! In addition, the Avent breast pump adapter can also be used with a portable bottle warmer from the Munchkin , Mini Cupid or Tommee Tipee brands.

How to prevent colic in bottle-fed babies?

Colic is a common problem among infants, but here are some tips to minimize it:

  • Choose a pacifier adapted to the age of your baby. Too rapid a flow can cause air to be swallowed and cause colic. Elhée baby bottles offer a variety of different flow rates to meet the needs of each baby!
  • Make sure the teat is always filled with milk while feeding, tilting the bottle to avoid air entry.
  • Try to feed your baby in a quiet, distraction-free environment so he can concentrate on feeding.
  • If your baby shows signs of colic, take breaks during feeding to allow him to naturally eliminate ingested air.
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